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Joyo Zombie


Electric Guitar Amp Head with Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth feature can play music from external sources in addition to the guitar signal
  • 2 Channels: clean and overdrive
  • Sound characteristics: well defined high-gain amplifier
  • Power: 20W
  • Preamp with 12AX7 tube
  • Class-D amplifier
  • Controls: Gain, Tone and Volume
  • Switch: Clean / OD - Bluetooth - Power
  • Serial FX Loop Send & Return 2 x 6.3 mm jack
  • Bluetooth On / Off Switch (to receive a Bluetooth signal)
  • Speaker output: 1 x 6.3 mm jack min. 8 ohms
  • Headphone output via 3.5 mm stereo mini jack
  • Dimensions: 163 x 110 x 140 mm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Colour: Grey / Black
  • Includes power supply
  • Suitable Gigbag: Art.424836 (not included)
Power 20 W
Channels 2
Reverb No
Sound-Control 2-Band
Effects No
External FX Loop Yes
Line Input No
Recording Output No
MIDI Interface No
Headphone connection Yes
Footswitch connection No
Incl. Footswitch No
Weight 1,2 kg
available since March 2017
Item number 404612
Width 163 mm
Height 110 mm
Depth 140 mm
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103 Customer Reviews

ChristianFer92 05.01.2021
Personal prefference of course, but there is a point that is never described on youtube reviews.
The clean tones of this head are 100% decent.
- Warm and deep bass response?: CHECK.
- Rich mid tones?: Check
- Clear high frequencies?: Check.
- Clean Gain? CHECK.

Obviously, it relates to a MB headand therefor the overdrive distortion channel does what its supposed to. Heavy tones that can be modified with the Tone knob to bring up the treble or the bass. ITS EXTREMELY LOUD (I use it with a Harly benton G112) and it provides more than enough for a 30sqm room. Im using it on the 1, maybe 1,5 on the volume knob otherwise, its just too loud.

I have tried the Meteor on the same order (Orange) and I have decided for this one on every tone possible.
This one has a much more "Presence" on the tones (Clean and OD)

Cannot complain about the missing EQ knobs, as its lunch box head and i knew it didnt have those in advance, but it could be great to use an EQ pedal (yet not necessary at all to be perfectly functional)

- Powerful gain and distortion channel
-Extremely loud.
- Cute to see over the amp.
- Low price for the quality
- More than enough to be used on a practice room and im sure in the open aswell
- Bluetooth connection

"Negatives" that are not really a negatives:
-The clean channel its just a bit less quieter than the overdrive, but that can be fixed by simply turning the volume knob by a millimeter.

- It might be that the Zombie 2 its a bit more practical as its has a double channel with a foot switch and independent knobs, but this could be only preference. This one its just more than enough.



zoMBie miniamp
Suzzzz 20.06.2018
Good and not so good. For home use is very ok, 20w is all what is needed in bedroom. However I have 16 ohm not 8 ohm 1x12" cab and this tiny amplifier is more suitable probably with 8 ohm cab`s. In a rehearsal room 20w with 16 ohm cab is not loud at all.

What I dont like so much: sound is more like solid state, definitely not like tube amp. Is this tube inside only for cosmetic reason or....? Sound from headphones is average. Bluetooth option back tracking sound is also average. Gain is same after 11.00

What I do like, sound for metal or hard rock is quite ok. It IS VERY lightweight and small, can be perfectly used as backup amp if mic`d. Built quality seems quite well also. Clean is quite ok, nobody will probably not use it but it is ok. And with 16 ohm cab, well suitable for home use, even in max volume. Bluetooth option is nice to have. Effects loop. Low cost.

Overall nice home amp, bluetooth is big plus if you like to jam with back track`s- that`s the main reason why I will keep it. But dont expect it sound as tube amp will, there is no depht, sound is not very "live". Can?t explain better, you just have to try it.


Small package & huge tones
Shaun Nelson 06.04.2021
This little Zombie head maybe small but it has lots teeth and produces a deadly bite.
I bought this as a travel head as my band jams are a fair distance away.
So, using public trains to transport a full size head is a no go.
Light in weight and small enough to fit in the gig bag, no dramas.

Clean channel very pristine and useable not much else to say there.
The gain channel in incredible.
I was absolutely blown away with this little head.
Through a 2x12 or 4x12 this little monster can compete with a full band. Retains it's composure well and does not flub out when pushed hard.

I've also used it in my home studio too, from the fx loop send to my interface and using IR's to great effect.

My only gripe is the loud pop it sends through the speaker when you turn it on.
Not sure if this issue has been corrected in the Mk2 version.

Fantastic little head I would highly recomend it.


Cheap amp, great sound
MCid 12.11.2020
I use this amp to practice and record my own music. I was looking for an affordable option that would give a nice tone and I found it.
I'd happily use this amp for gigs, it is very loud for it's small size and super easy to carry, besides it wouldn't hurt my wallet to replace it in case it "went missing".
I've never owned a tube amp before, so my opinion on that might not be very reliable, but I think it sounds great and a lot better than amp sims or digital emulation, that's for sure.
It only has one knob for shaping the tone, which is kind of like a low pass filter, it's not very versatile, obviously, but it gets the job done, as I said, it sounds great.
One of the things that I don't like, is the fact that it doesn't feel sturdy, it's just too light, and it can easily fall if bumped. The metal casing, however, feels like it can certainly take a fall but I don't know about the circuitry.
The bluetooth function is kinda cool to practice, however the sound quality depends entirely on the cabinet. Also I feel like the volume of the track playback is very low compared to the guitar, and it has no way to adjust it besides the phone's volume control


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