Innovative Percussion Vibraphone Mallets AA25H


Vibraphone mallets

  • AA25H heavy medium
  • Orange cord
  • Rattan stick
  • Orange ribbon
  • Pair
available since May 2013
Item number 315307
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Head Material Yarn
Stick Material Rattan
Hardness Medium Hard
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These mallets are heavy and awesome!!
MoGreen 06.11.2019
In my search for mallets that produce cutting edge without the sound getting too clanky, and mallets that have the weight and power to carry the fundamental tone of my bars, I have experimented with a lot of different mallet types and brands.
The mallets I've played from Vic Firth (Gary Burton, Stefon Harris), ABC, Malletech (Mike Mainieri, David Friedman, David Samuels [R.I.P.]), Musser (Mike Mainieri, Gary Burton Good Vibes), Mike Balter and even old Deagans all seemed to get close to ideal but lacking the last bit of bite, power and depth.
Now I've discovered these mallets from Innovative Percussion, designed - I believe - by Anders Åstrand, and I absolutely love the entire range (well I've only bought the three softest sets) but they all sound fantastic on my old Deagan bars.
I will say that the softest of the lot are very muffled which makes it quite difficult to hear the attack - especially in a live setting with a drummer. They are however great for ballads and solo work.
All the mallets are very heavy, so it takes a lot of muscle power to play four-mallet style, but the sound is huge and fat, and I totally recommend these mallets.

Best Vibes, Mo'.


László Demeter 05.12.2021
This mallet produces a very warm and full sound, but I don’t really find it very versatile, which would be important for me.

With my style of playing, this mallet can overpower the vibraphone I use these on quite easily.

They sound lovely for soft and slow playing. The weight feels good in the hands, even for for mallet playing.