Icon Platform M+


USB DAW-Controller

  • 9 Touch-sensitive motorized channel faders (8 x channel, 1x master)
  • 8 Continuous rotary knobs
  • Jog wheel
  • Illuminated transport buttons
  • 2 Illuminated track buttons
  • 2 Illuminated bank buttons
  • Integrated iCon Quick Setup driver for easy Plug & Play installation in Cubase, Nuendo, Reason and Bitwig
  • Mackie Control protocol for almost every DAW
  • Mackie HUI protocol for controlling Pro Tools
  • iMap software for assigning keys and for firmware updates
  • Solid aluminium housing with Kensington lock
  • Class-compliant with Windows XP, Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 10 (64 bit) and Mac OS X (Intel Mac)
  • Includes power supply (12V/2.5A) and USB cable
  • Matching display Icon Platform D2: Article Nr 421056 (not included)
  • Suitable protective cover: Article Nr. 516107 (not included)
available since August 2017
Item number 420251
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Bluetooth No
5-pole DIN MIDI No
Ethernet No
Fader 9
Rotary Encoders 8
Audio I/O No
Transport Function Yes
Footswitch connection No
Foot Controller Connection No
Bus-Powered Yes
Jog Yes
Joystick No
Additional Features Mackie HUI
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Nice, Good for price, but with some niggles.
BxGardiner 18.02.2020
I bought this for using with Cubase and Logic ProX as a volume controller for balancing tracks and writing some automation.

The setup with either program was simple and worked nicely. I did not want to control plugin or EQs with this soI did not test how that works with the knobs.

I really liked the unit, the rubber feel of the buttons and the fader action was ok, but not as good as the Presonous Faderport in my view.

Also, despite calibrating the fader speed and sensitivity I still had to fight with the fader sometimes when adjusting levels. This was on tracks that sis not have automation, so there really was no reason for this to happen!

Also, sometimes when the faders were turned all the way down, there would be some fader chattering going on. I tried to make sure the device was level, but the noise persisted on and off.

+ Cheap,
+ Looks great
+ Feels Solid
+ Lots of features and nice buttons
+ Easy setup with DAW and easy fader calibration process

- Some unexplained fader resistance and
- occasional fader chattering noise when idle.


Good home studio use but maybe not professionally.
DiscountEdSheeran 20.04.2020
I bought this a while back for mixing at home as I didn't want to move smaller sessions into the studio.

The initial product I received was faulty and returned.
Manufacturer support wasn't great but Thomann as usual were outstanding and I got a new one within a week or two of my return.

Physically :
-Its a good size
-Metal chassis feels good
-Buttons feel a bit squishy
-Faders aren't amazing. Noisy and a jumpy compared to higher-end controllers.

The setup instructions aren't very clear and there is a general lack of info online about the product but there are some YouTube videos to help.
At the time of writing there is also an issue with USB driver recognition on the mobo USB ports of certain systems running AMD Ryzen chipsets - so take note AMD users.

I use of a mix of Pro Tools (commercial/post production) and Reaper/Ableton Live 10 (composition & beats) . The integration for the latter two is very good but some transport control is lacking for Pro Tools.
That being said, I have been able to do all my work remotely using the desk during this pandemic so its worth looking at.


Excellent value for money. Good build quality
Simon_M 26.10.2017
This device does what I wanted and has a lot of extra features I did not expect.

Never having used motorised faders before, but realising I wanted them (based on using a Korg nanControl - which is an excellent piece of kit) I bought this. It is excellent.

Being able to mix tracks and jump back and forth along the row of tracks while having the faders follow and match the DAW faders is so awesome! Them being touch sensitive is a major part of that. Being able to easily adjust multiple track levels with just my fingertips is fantastic. Having the pan pots right there is great, and their 'return to 0 centre' feature when pressed is more useful that I could have imagined.

Having the transport controls right there is great. The jog wheel is, again, more useful that I would even have believed.

The built quality is great, and mine has no wobble. The buttons all work as expected. Having all the mute/solo/record buttons right there is great.

Two small things: the lights under the buttons are very bright. I would welcome a way to dim them. And, in Logic I have swapped the 'mixer' and 'write' buttons as I didn't want to lose 'latch' (which is what the 'mixer' button actually defaults to.

Overall, excellent value for money. I have adapted so quickly to using the device for mix navigation that I will certainly buy the D2 display panel, and will seriously consider expanding this device to have more physical faders.


Exponentially speeds up your workflow
Andy Fereday 20.05.2022
I have one of these permanently on my desk. It synchronizes with my DAW (Reaper) almost perfectly. The one issue I have is that I cannot get the zoom buttons to work. That's not really a problem for me, as I have set one of my extra mouse buttons to function as a "ctrl" button so I can zoom both horizontally and vertically with my mouse. I mention it here as it may annoy other users who don't have that mouse configuration. (I've deducted one star on handling to reflect this).

The faders have a really nice quality feel to them, and have just the right amount of sensitivity for me. The rotary encoders have a good feel to them and make it easy to position tracks in a stereo mix or hard-panning duplicate guitar tracks. The record arm / solo / mute / track select buttons are really handy, and backlit so you can quickly see which set of controls relates to an active track. It can get a bit confusing when using 2nd and 3rd banks (I've not needed to go as far as the 4th yet!) so being able to keep track of things is important.
The transport buttons are brilliant, it's really useful to have them at your fingertips. I've recently started taking audio samples from news stories to use in my music, and having these transports has made it much easier to navigate through a sound sample to snip out the exact part I want. The addition of the "mixer" button, whose function depends on your DAW, is really helpful here - in the case of Reaper, the mixer button places down a marker.

The jog wheel has a sturdy feel to it and is useful for scrubbing through tracks. Combined with the mixer button you can easily lay down accurate placement markers.

I've not used the "read" or "write" functions on the unit yet, so I won't comment on those.

My desk setup includes a ShuttlePRO v2 with some common shortcuts assigned to it. Combined with the Platform M+, I have all the common DAW controls under my fingertips. I can definitely recommend the Platform M+ for a mixing desk setup.