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Ibanez Signature Tim Henson TOD10N

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Classical Guitar with Pickup

  • Tim Henson (Polyphia) Signature Model
  • Type: FRH with cutaway
  • Top: Solid Sitka Spruce
  • Body: Sapele
  • Set-in neck: Nyatoh
  • Fingerboard: Walnut
  • Tree of Death fingerboard inlays
  • Neck Profile: C
  • Pearloid body binding
  • Scale: 648 mm
  • Fingerboard radius: 15.75"
  • Nut width: 46 mm
  • Bone nut
  • 22 Frets
  • Pickup: Fishman Sonicore
  • Preamp: Ibanez AEQ210TF with built-in tuner
  • Walnut bridge
  • Gold-plated classic machine heads
  • Strings: D'Addario XTC45 (.028/.032/.040/.028W/.035W/.044W) (Art.471377)
  • Finish: Matt polyurethane lacquer
  • Colour: Transparent Black Flat
Available since January 2023
Item number 553424
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Cutaway Yes
Top Spruce, Solid
Back and Sides Sapele
Pickups Yes
Fretboard Walnut
Nut width in mm 46,00 mm
Scale 648 mm
Colour Black
Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
Pickup System 1
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In stock within 5-7 weeks

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24 Reviews

Solid craftsmanship and a gorgeous finish
Rhyeth 03.04.2023
Out of the box, it is a fantastic sounding guitar. Easily capable of more intimate and softer textures as it is snappy and resonant styles of playing. The tuning holds without much issues in my climate, and the neck - slightly slimmer than most other classical guitars - is comfortable and ergonomic. Despite playing primarily electric guitar, I found that the TOD10N was easy to adjust to after spending about an hour or two noodling around.

The tuner feels a step above the standard onboard tuners found on electro-acoustics; accurate and reliable. It also features simple controls for monitoring the output, namely an overall volume control pot and basic Treble & Bass pots to shape the tone accordingly. The phase of the signal can also be inverted from here if required.

The Fishman pickup is crisp and fairly versatile considering the single position and basic controls. Running the TOD10N through a chain or directly into a DAW or amp produces immediate results without much need for tinkering beyond basic matters of taste.

Aesthetically, the TOD10N is gorgeous. Simple matt black topped finish wherein the wood grain is allowed to bleed through just enough to give it an interesting texture. A thick pearloid trim around the body and up along the edge of the neck gives the overall look some depth, and the ornate gold-plated machine heads are a nice touch.

The standout feature, besides the lack of front-facing sound chamber (found to the left of the onboard tuner instead), is the Tree of Death intricately winding up along the neck. Dot markers can still be found on the frets themselves among the vines, and are also featured on the edge of the fretboard for clarity.

All in all, a beautiful looking and sounding guitar. Very easy to transition to from playing electric guitar, and an absolute treat to play once accustomed to. Playing God has never been made more accessible.


A Sophisticated Blend of Artistry, Performance, and Comfort
YavanC4 09.07.2023
It's rare to come across an instrument that exudes such a harmonious blend of visual allure, user-friendly design and unusual acoustic qualities, but the Ibanez Signature Tim Henson TOD10N does just that.

First impressions count, and the TOD10N makes a stunning one. The black finish is a classic yet striking choice, beautifully complemented by the Tree of Life inlays that run the length of the fretboard. It's a subtly dramatic design that will appeal to the eyes of musicians and admirers alike.

Beneath the surface, the build quality is nothing short of impressive. It's a solidly constructed instrument that feels sturdy and well made, hinting at the high standards you can expect from an Ibanez signature model. The guitar is surprisingly light, a testament to the craftsmanship involved, which makes long sessions a breeze.

In terms of playability, the TOD10N really comes into its own. It's incredibly easy to get used to, whether you're an experienced player or a newcomer to the world of classical guitars. The comfort factor is paramount, providing a smooth and easy-to-navigate playing experience that encourages long, effortless sessions. This is a commendable quality that we can only recommend.

The acoustic voice of the TOD10N is fascinating. Most classical guitars are known for their warm, mellow tone, but the TOD10N manages to break the mould with a hint of metallic edge. While this may surprise some, it does not detract from the overall sound quality, but rather adds an interesting texture to the guitar's tone. If anything, this unique aural aspect sets the TOD10N apart in a saturated market of traditional-sounding classical guitars.

In conclusion, the Ibanez Signature Tim Henson TOD10N is a fantastic guitar that combines looks, comfort and an unusual yet appealing tonal palette. It's an instrument that doesn't just play music - it adds to the music, and we wholeheartedly recommend this guitar to those looking for something different.


Beyond Incredible
Bar N 19.04.2023
After a long (6 months) wait, I finally got it and it's brilliant!
The outer package looked beaten to death, and after reading some Reddit posts about the bridge falling off I was scared that a return was incoming, but the inner box was unharmed and it had no flaws whatsoever.
The body isn't heavy or thick, allowing comfortable play
The neck is slim (compared to other classical / acoustics I have tried before) , feeling smooth and fast
I LOVE how it sounds unplugged, which was a big factor for me.
It definetly doesn't have the same volume as your ordinary classical / acoustic, but it is enough for playing in my bedroom which is all that matters to me.
Pickup sounds fantastic, and tuner works as intended (nothing special here)
and of course - IT IS BEAUTIFUL! The matt finish with pearl binding and TOD inlays make this guitar look unique and have a special aura to it.

The only cons I can think about are the long waiting time and the fact that the sound-hole has a strong glue smell (might fade away with time)

Get this one!


Good guitar but crappy quality control
thisfieldisrequired 11.08.2023
Out of the box the guitar sounded like trash - most notes played at reasonable volume were accompanied by annoying buzzing, not from the neck/frets but from the body. To investigate I took out the electronics, and the buzzing stopped. After a few experiments I figured out that the cable connecting the jack and battery to the preamp was the cause. This cable is routed through a cable tie on the bottom of the body, and was fixed in a way that caused it to press against the top with the battery case inserted.
This could be resolved by simply pulling a bit more of the cable through the cable tie (in the direction of the preamp) so that it doesn't reach the top anymore, and now the guitar sounds great.

Playability and optics are great. The built-in tuner is cool as well, but could be a bit more accurate - the interval below/above the actual pitch where it shows the string as being in tune is rather large. I've not tested the pickup yet (except for a very quick check to see if I get any signal) so I don't have an opinion on the pickup and preamp for now.

All in all it's a good guitar, almost ruined by garbage quality control. I'm glad I decided to investigate the buzzing instead of sending it back as it was easy enough to fix, but that should not be neccessary for a 700€ guitar. So 1 star for quality as I had to open it up to make it playable, and -1 star total.

As an aside, I have two guitars from Japan (Fender JagStang, Fender FFXIV Strat) and three from Korea (PRS SE 24, Strandberg Boden OS, Cort Viva 7) which were all fine out of the box. But all three "made in Indonesia" guitars I own came with really bad QC issues. First a Strandberg Boden NT where the wood was improperly dried so the fretboard shrunk to the point of being unplayable due to heavily protruding frets in a few months (SB support said it was my fault due to too low humidity, my hygrometer and 5 other guitars in the same room say otherwise. Guitar tech commented it was the most f'ed up neck they've ever seen). Then the Ibanez ICHI10-VWM Ichika Nito signature, which is great except for the fact that it arrived dirty - grease on the strings, some sort of glue on top of the neck pickup, and the back looks like it's been dragged through mud prior to clear-coating (the front is pristine, otherwise this would have gone back immediately). Now the TOD10N with buzzing from the factory. The next time I see "made in Indonesia" on an instrument I want to buy, I'll be asking Thomann to double check it before sending it out, as it seems I can't expect the manufacturer to do so.


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