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Ibanez AGS73FM-VLS


Electric Guitar

  • Artcore series
  • Build: Semi-Hollow
  • Body: Flamed maple
  • Neck: Nyatoh
  • Fretboard: Walnut
  • 22 Medium frets
  • Nut width: 43 mm
  • Scale: 628 mm
  • Pickup: 2 Classic Elite humbuckers
  • ART-1 bridge
  • Quik Change III tailpiece
  • Chrome hardware
  • Colour: Violin sunburst
  • Suitable optional case: Art.


    (not included)
Colour Sunburst
Body Maple
Top None
Neck Nyatoh
Fretboard Walnut
Frets 22
Scale 628 mm
Pickups HH
Tremolo No
Incl. Case No
Incl. Bag No
Item number 428939
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Great "working musician" semi hollow guitar
mm007emko 25.08.2021
I've had this guitar for more than 6 months. I was looking for a small body semi hollow guitar with a nice jazz and blues sound. Got it.

The body is a bit larger than a body of Les Paul. I find it big enough to play comfortably even in seated position and small enough not to feel like acoustic. It's comparable to an ES-339.

Quality is very good, no blemishes in varnish or other manufacturing deficiencies. Tuning machines are easy to turn, no dead spots, nut and frets OK, other hardware is perfect. This guitar features some nice quality of life improvements - "doors" cover for truss rod so you don't have to unscrew it, tailpiece with slots so you don't have to pull the string through a tiny hole, knobs have rubber rings around them so they are easy to grab and turn even with sweaty hands etc. Definitely feels like "working man's guitar that looks fine on stage".

The photos on Ibanez website unfortunately don't do it much justice, photos are much better however they feel a bit dark. It definitely looks better in person than on a photo. The wood isn't 100% perfect but not bad either, definitely has a character when seen from a close distance. I really like the looks of it.

I find the Ibanez Classic Elite humbuckers quite fine for this guitar. They needed to be put further away from the strings than factory spec otherwise the tone was a bit too powerful for me. I am able to find a tone suitable for me for jazz and blues (or rock ... but it looks a bit out of place to me) however I switch guitars for country.

Speaking of set-up, it was believable and playable from the start. However I wanted to have the action a bit lower which called for deepening nut slots a bit, levelling and re-crowning the frets (one was high). This was the case with every other guitar I've had.

I looked at a couple of semi hollow body guitars at a local shop at prices 500-1000 EUR. I finally tried to order this one with a mindset "I'll give it a try; if I like it I keep it, if not I'll buy a more expensive one locally". This one was comparable to more expensive guitars both sonically and quality-wise.

+ Good build quality
+ Quality of life improvements
+ Good set up when arrived
+ Price

- I miss coil-splitting pickups
- Output jack screwed directly to the body, no plate


Lots of guitar for the money
E.T. From the Netherlands 22.10.2020
I've been searching for a long time for a semi hollow body guitar with centre block in the lower price segment. ( around 500 to 700 € )
The Ibanez meets my expectations.

It's very well build nice and solid. The quality of the finish is very nice.
The bridge is steady the tuners stay in tune very well. ( even with heavier gauge strings 0.12 for the thin E. and all the way down to 0.56) Heavy string bending it stays in tune.
The neck plays very well nice rounding on the sides no rough edges on the fretsides. The thickness of the neck is just right for me not to thin and not too chunky.
The body size is just right and the weight is fine. The acoustic sound is good, just a little more sound than a thinline guitar but not as much and full as a full hollow or a semi hollow from a more expensive segment guitar.

The overall sound from neck to bridge and combined pickups are pretty good for rock funk jazz and overdrive use to higher gains.
I found no feedback when playing with my band on louder volumes . I play in a pop funk rock style band and play the solo's from clean to heavier gain.

Out of the box I needed to adjust the trustrod and bridge a little bit for my gauge of strings and widened the nut holes. ( no big deal just standard adjustments )
I recently changed my neck pick up for an anniversary paf from dimarzio for a more alnico vintage sound but that's my personal taste.
The build and playabilty of the guitar can compete easily with guitars that are far more expensive especially when you tweak it a little bit to your own tasting. In the future I'll change the pots and bridge pickup and wiring but for now they do the job perfect.


From hell to heaven
CCCORNEL 26.09.2019
-very nice finish for this low amount of money
-inside body inspection with a tinny camera shows me that was built very carefully. No debris or dust is present.
-nice and clear articulate sound, very useful for jazz music
-stays in tune very well
-finally I was able to setup the strings very low without any fretbuz
-color, in product pictures is a little red mixed in brown. In reality the product is pure brown color.
-my guitar copy was ridiculously high in 2nd and 3rd fret. I had to lower with a file both frets in order not to have fret buzz. I was very close to send back the product. Anyway this shows me a pour factory leveling process.
-Nut slots too high also for my copy
-changed the pickguard with a hand made from carbon fiber plate. I found the initial one being very ...classical and boring.


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Augenweide und viel Gitarre für das Geld
Henning aus B. 24.11.2018
Bin immer etwas skeptisch und vorsichtig in den Erwartungen an ein Instrument unterhalb der 500 Euro Grenze. Woran wurde gespart? Kurz vorweg: Man bekommt viel Gitarre für das Geld! Ibanez scheint ein gutes Qualitätsmanagement zu haben, bislang habe ich auch nur gute Erfahrungen gemacht.

Die Gitarre kommt aus Indonesien und wurde in Deutschland geprüft. Sie kam gut eingestellt bei mir an. Die Optik/Haptik ist umwerfend und das Instrument wirkt edel und keinesfalls billig.

Schon unplugged hat sie einen beachtlichen akustischen Ton und jede Menge Sustain. Die Größe ist zwischen ES 335 und einer ES 339 anzusiedeln, also liegt gut am Körper ohne wuchtig zu sein. Leicht ist sie ohnehin ohne merkbare Kopflastigkeit.

Die Verarbeitung ist nahezu tadellos. Keine schlecht aufgesetzen Potieknöpfe oder scharfe Kanten an den Bundstäbchen. Habe nur eine minimale leicht fühlbare Lackunreinheit entdeckt - aber das gibt es manchmal auch bei weitaus teureren Instrumenten. Ansonsten wunderschön anzuschauen.

Die Hardware scheint mir wertig. Ebenfalls stimmstabil. Zur Qualität der Elektronikbauteile kann man wahrscheinlich erst in einigen Monaten/Jahren etwas sagen. Nur der Umschalter für die Tonabnehmern ist recht laut (akustisches Klacken, die Elektronik ist OK).

Über den Verstärker (Fender Blues Junior) gespielt klingt die Gitarre gut. Die Humbucker haben nicht so hohen Output, im Vergleich zu einem 57er Gibson. Aber kann nicht sagen, dass sie schlecht klingen. Sie sind nicht zu dumpf, alle Saiten und Frequenzen werden ausgeglichen wiedergegeben. Man kann gut mit den Lautstärke- und Tonreglern arbeiten, ohne hörbare Soundverluste. Allerdings müssen sie sich noch im Praxistest bei höheren Lautstärken beweisen. Es fehlt minimal an Charakter, aber sicher wäre es unfair, mit wesentlich teureren Gitarren oder Tonabnehmern zu vergleichen.

Ich würde diese Gitarre nicht für härtere Musikstile verwenden. Dafür wäre sie ohnehin nicht die erste Wahl. Blues, Jazz und vielleicht moderater Rock steht ihr gut.

Im Großen und Ganzen muss ich sagen, dass sie im Vergleich einer 2-3 mal so teuren Gitarre um nichts nachsteht, was Verarbeitung und Einstellung angeht, teilweise sogar besser da steht. Selbst 200 Euro für wertigere Tonabnehmer wären gut investiert. Muss aber nicht. Bislang habe ich keine negativen Punkte entdecken können.


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