Hughes&Kettner ERA 2 Wood


Acoustic Amplifier

  • 400 watts amplifier output
  • For steel string guitar, classical guitar, accordion, strings, keyboard, zither etc.
  • High resolution
  • Direct and unadulterated sound reproduction
  • Large headroom for a dynamic feel
  • Exact mapping of the entire frequency spectrum through 2 x 8'' custom made speaker+ 1'' dome tweeter
  • Channel 1 and 2 identically and equally usable for two instruments or instrument and vocals or two voices
  • Channel 1 and 2 each equipped with high resolution mic and instrument input (XLR/jack combo jack - phantom power switchable)
  • Switches: -10 dB / Shape / Mute Gain control 3-band EQ with two modes (e.g. for steel string and nylon string)
  • Channel-specific FX engine with 16 programs - Reverbs, Chorus, Flanger etc.
  • Channel 3: AUX In 3.5 mm stereo input, adjustable, for an external audio source
  • Channel 4: FX-Return 6.3 mm stereo input, adjustable, usable for devices with line level
  • Master section with volume and notch filters for suppression of resonance
  • 5 Outputs: DI, Line, Tuner, Headphones, Digital Out S / PDIF Toslink
  • FX loop: 6.3 mm FX send
  • 35 mm tripod flange
  • Weight: 14.1 kg
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 350 x 475 x 290 mm
  • Colour: Natural glazed
  • Incl. tilt stand (25°/35°) and padded protective cover
  • Made in Germany
  • Recommended accessories: Hughes & Kettner FS-2 footswitch (Article Nr: 548114, not included)
Available since January 2018
Item number 431184
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power in Watts 400
Speaker size 2x 8", 1x 1"
Channels 4
Reverb Yes
Effects Processor Yes
External FX Loop Yes
Microphone Input Yes
Line Input Yes
Battery Operation No
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch No
Weight 14,1 kg
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In stock
In stock

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The dawn of a new acoustic era

Does the world really need yet another acoustic amplifier? “Yes” is the simple answer - after all, someone has to do the job properly, and the manufacturer now taking up the gauntlet is Saarland-based Hughes & Kettner. Present one of the most renowned amp designers in Germany with a highly pragmatic requirement profile and the result will be of the highest quality. The Hughes & Kettner era 2 is already the second amp to emerge from this collaboration and is larger, more powerful, and louder than its sibling, the era 1. Four channels, a 400-watt output, and a weight of just 14 kilograms are features that simply cannot be ignored, particularly when the resulting sound is also something special.

Features, features, features ...

The Hughes & Kettner era 2 is a 400-watt amp which features two 8" speakers together with a 1" dome tweeter and has been specially designed for acoustic instruments. It offers two identical, extensively equipped channels as well as two further inputs with a level adjustment facility, with one acting as an effects return. Signal processing takes place on an entirely digital basis, with the result that when the three-band equaliser is adjusted, for example, a whole host of complex processes, which are all optimised for acoustic instruments, are carried out undetected. The effects section is also optimally integrated, delivering well-known spatial and modulation effects, and lavishing a beautiful sound quality on acoustics and vocals alike. Since an amp of this calibre should not be placed directly on the floor (that much is obvious!), the era 2 also features a stand-mounting flange on the underside as well as a tilting stand built into the classic, dark-stained wooden housing.

The perfect complement for piezo pickups

With the era 1, Hughes & Kettner has created a thoroughly professional product which is lightweight, compact, and extremely powerful, and is compatible with all manner of acoustic instruments. In contrast to the era 1, however, it also delivers an impressive output when used with instruments which operate at low frequencies such as the upright or acoustic bass. Boasting a clear, natural, and powerful tone, the era 2 can also hold its own in louder environments, and will prove a suitable companion for even the most discerning professionals. Unlike many other amps, which fall by the wayside in this respect, a striking feature of the era 2 is just how well it works with piezo pickups, delivering a surprisingly natural sound from appropriately equipped instruments, even if the guitar does not come with a preamp.

About Hughes & Kettner

Hughes & Kettner is one of the largest German suppliers of guitar and bass amplifiers. Founded in 1984 by Hans and Lothar Stamer under the name Stamer Musikanlagen GmbH, the manufacturer from St. Wendel in the Saarland can boast of its numerous innovations. For example, its first venture into the field of guitar amplifiers, the ASR64 from 1986, was the first programmable amplifier in the world. Thanks to its compact format, the Cream Machine of 1987 can be counted among the very first mini tube amplifiers. Equally influential were the Red Box analogue speaker simulation, the first six-channel amplifier (the Triamp), and the ZenTera, which used modelling technology in an integrated amplifier even before Line 6.

Flying high

An inherent feature of an acoustic amplifier is that it amplifies acoustic instruments when they are too quiet, for example when used in combination with other instruments or when filling a larger room with sound, and this makes the era 2 the proverbial stage hog. However, to make sure the sound of the amp is projected at sufficient height for the band and audience to hear it properly, it will need to be adequately elevated using the integrated stand-mounting flange, where it can then be used as the sole amp for a singer/guitarist in smaller locations while still keeping a further two inputs free for samples and playback tracks. Any concerns about a lack of power or punch are also rendered completely unwarranted.

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8 Reviews

Best Acoustic Amp I've ever heard.
Waade 10.07.2019
Great amp. Maybe a bit pricey, but in my opinion worth every euro.
Sounds awesome for both vocals and all kinds of stringed instruments. I use acoustic guitars, mandolin, ukulele, ukulele-bass and more on it.
For solo gigging it has all i need.
I use a stand to get the sound out to the back, and then it can be a bit difficult to adjust the settings. The pegs for adjusting is pointing up, and the markings are written to be read when you lean over it. But that's the only drawback I can come up with.
I love it, and so does everyone who has heard me use it.


Great sound
The Aussie ???????????? 10.07.2022
Hi from Australia 👍 l open the box and my first impressions was well packed then i took the unit out and it felt solid , quality
And it comes with a very well put together cover good quality and then I plugged it in and it sounded really nice good effects to and very loud
So thumbs up I say for Hughes & kettner and thumbs up for Thomann 🇦🇺👍
And also it's very nice to look at and the colour of the wood is very pleasant


Speare 04.05.2023
Lovely, so much better than my Behringer


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Hughes&Kettner ERA 2 - Sehr authentisch mit Durchsetzungsvermögen
Martin aus Eichenau 26.05.2019
Nun hatte ich den Hughes&Kettner ERA 2 sowie den Schertler Roy für ein paar Tage zuhause und ausgiebig mit meiner Steelstring Lakewood M-52 Premium sowie Nylonstring Hanika 58 EF-N (Mikrofon Shure KSM141) in verschiedenen Situationen (leise im Homestudio, mittlere Lautstärke im 50m2 Wohnzimmer, hohe Leistung im Freien) getestet und verglichen.
Eins vorweg: Sowohl der ERA 2 als auch der Roy sind super Akustik-Amps!
Es war eine schwere Entscheidung, die am Ende jedoch bei mir für den ERA 2 ausfiel, da er für mich hinsichtlich der authentischen Wiedergabe der Gitarren sowie dem Durchsetzungsvermögen bei höheren Lautstärken die Nase etwas vorne hatte - ohne Einbußen bei geringer Lautstärke. Das ist aber dem persönlichen Sound-Geschmack und Einsatzzweck geschuldet. Für den audiophilen Studioeinsatz würde ich den Roy nehmen.
Wenn man nach der Stecknadel im Heuhaufen suchen würde, wäre für mich das Einzige, dass der Chorus des ERA 2 nicht in jeder Situation homogen klingt - wenn man einen High-End-Chorus benötigt, würde ich den als externen Effekt einschleifen.


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