Thomann Europe Dulcimer D1211



  • Laminated spruce top
  • Laminated lime back
  • Neck and sides made of maple
  • Nut width: about 3.2 cm
  • Scale: about 61.5 cm
  • Bottom width: about 15.8 cm
  • Body length: about 67.3 cm
  • Total length: approximately 76.5 cm
  • Height including Bridge: approx. 7 cm
  • Body height: about 4.8 cm
  • Tuning: d, a, d ', d'
  • Dimensions: 78 x 16 x 7 cm
  • Incl. bag
Instrument Dulcimer
number of strings 4
Tuning d a d´d´
comes with tuning-key No
comes with bag Yes
incl. Feets No
incl. Stand No
available since December 2007
Item number 138895
sales unit 1 piece(s)
tuning d, a, d', d'
scale-length 615 mm
top laminated spruce
back laminated basswood
gigbag included 1
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Perfect for someone curious!
Brendogfox 29.12.2020
This is an instrument I've wanted to try for years, but it was hard to find a mountain dulcimer that was low enough in price that I was willing to go in on it as a hobbyist. With this, it's been so worth it!

This dulcimer has a bright lovely sound, the finish is clean, the strings stay in tune and the chords stay in tune all the way to the upper frets - which surprised me for such a low price. This feels and sounds like a good instrument. But more importantly, it's all I need to have some fun!

If you were serious about learning the dulcimer, I feel pretty confident in saying this would be perfectly decent to begin your lessons.... like with any instrument, if you decide later you've grown out of it and want better quality, you can always upgrade once you're ready.


Dulcimer D1211
David3411 30.12.2013
For the price, it lived up to my expectations, which were, a beginners instrument, something on which a basic taste would be given and if the promise showed in the playing a more expensive model could be purchased. Well put together, and a good sound. The bottom end (bass part) played well, the higher notes did not ring out clearly, but the sense of the drone was overall good. Basically a nice instrument not for the experienced Dulcimer player, however, the price reflects that. I was satisfied with the product.


First go at playing a Dulcimer
Mark2784 13.02.2015
I'm not too sure what to expect when playing a Dulcimer as this is my first one, and I haven't played any others since.

But it's fun to play and quite easy to put together some interesting sounds. Takes a bit of getting used to frets that are just for the notes in a scale, but that difference is part of it's appeal.

For the price I could not expect an incredibly high quality level, but at it's price level it seems excellent value. It's solid enough and plays in tune. It did benefit from new strings, but that's the case with so many stringed musical instruments when bought.

Certainly a good choice for testing the waters and trying out a Dulcimer at a beginners level.


Get what you pay for.
Anonymous 02.05.2015
The low price got the best of my curiosity. I love the sound of the dulcimer and wanted to have a dabble without breaking the pocket. When I saw this on the Thomann website I thought it was worth investigating. I imagine for those who are good with setting up their own instruments its a great deal - but it could have been set up a little better. There didn't seem to be much of a set up at factory and the action is quite high. The instrument is very light and the quality of the instrument is decent for the price.
In conclusion: This can be a good buy,its playable but may be worth saving up a little for next model up.