Hipshot Freerange Upright Bass XTender


Upright Bass Xtender

  • For mounting between tailpiece and bridge of double basses with steel strings
  • Allows easy and quick drop tuning of a string by turning a lever
Single tuner Yes
Set for 4-string Double Bass Yes
Set for 5-string Double Bass Yes
Size 4/4 - 3/4
Type Upright Bass XTender
With ebony knob? No
With ebony knob? No
available since July 2015
Item number 367753
sales unit 1 piece(s)
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Hipshot Epright Bass Xtender
Anonymous 15.11.2015
I bought the Hipshot Upright Bass XTender for my classical bass to get the low Ds in a Mendelsshon concert without the hassle of detuning my E string. Easy to fit and tune, less than 20 minutes. Works quickly in orchestral setting where there is a need to quickly go from E to D tuning, and none of the noise associated with switching in an extension. It gives me almost the same range as a C extension without the high cost of the extension and the special string.


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