Highwood Guitar Parts HG-10,50 Vintage Saddles


Guitar saddles

  • These innovative Highwood Contoured Vintage S-Style guitar saddles have recessed height-adjustable screws
  • Prevents the age-old uncomfortable hand injury problem when strumming or palm muting near or on your dock
  • From the same pure original steel as the best Leo F saddles
  • They also improve the sound and sustain
  • With stainless steel screws and stainless steel springs
  • Set of 6 saddles
  • Vintage relic version
  • Version with 10.50 mm / 0.413" width
  • Includes allen key
available since September 2017
Item number 421858
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Color Nickel
Design Single Saddle
Single Rider Yes
String Holder No
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Perfect in any way possible
himura84 11.05.2018
I bought these saddles to replace the ones in my Fender American Strat.

The issue I had is the most common one... when your guitar is very good and allows you to lower the action a lot, you get the saddle screws protruding from the saddle... which causes immediate discomfort when playing with palm mutes.

Another common issue with traditional Fender bent saddles, is that the saddles have no notch for the strings to stay exactly on the same place... after some time, you start getting overtones and strange pinging and vibration sounds on the unwound strings.

Highwood guitars bring you a lot of advantages:
- Saddles have two points where each screw passes through, meaning that the screws can be MUCH shorter than the traditional ones without risking no contact with the saddle.
- Each saddle has a notch that keeps the string in place, so no more overtones or having to lubricate the saddle point of contact
- Saddles seem to be much more sturdy, as well as the screws... this results in a much bigger and more stable contact surface between the saddles and the bridge itself (they don't move around anymore)

One of the best upgrades you can make on a Standard/Pro American Fender (as well as Mexican and even other brands. Just make sure you select the correct spacing for your guitar. (BTW, modern Fenders, both mexican and american, use the 10.50 spacing)


Daly 24.09.2018
Installed this on my Fender stratocaster custom shop 60, Mexico made. Perfect match. Much better look than original vintage ones. Not to mention no more palm hurt.
But thats not all.
I didn't change strings at the same time because I wanted to see if there is any improvement in sound comparing to original fender ones. THERE IS a change in sound. Subtle one but to me very positive and audible. There are no more piercing high sounds as with originals. It's like there is more definition in tone, clarity. But when I used tremolo this saddles start to shine. I never ever heard sound like this on my strat when I was using tremolo. I hear all strings, every tone, so many harmonics. I was so thrilled. It's hard for me to explain the sound so I will tell you something you all can understand "I was blind now I can see". That sound. :)
If I buy more fender type guitars this saddles will instantly be installed on them.


Good product for what it is
Jernej V. 25.03.2021
I use this product on my Fender Player Strat and it is a drop in replacement.

The product itself is crafted well and delivers what it promises. I made a mistake in building up this product after reading all the raging reviews.

Is it a good product? Yes it is. The saddles are crafted well and they look good, but most of all they feel very, very comfortable.

Will it transform your guitar tonally? Not so much. Yes there might be some subtle changes but be aware that we are talking about nuances. I think my ears are average and yours might be too, so don't expect a huge difference.

Pro: Great product that delivers on its promise and looks good.
Con: It's easy to get carried away by raging reviews. While it has nothing to do with the product as such, it can cause dissapointment considering the price.

I recommend this product to players who are looking for more comfort or have saddles which cause discomfort and to players looking for aesthetic upgrade.


Fits MIM strat bridge
Machineboy 12.12.2021
I've never been a fan of the Fender bent bridge saddles, the screws are uncomfortable when palm muting and they have little in the way of a groove for the string. I was concerned that the Highwood saddles would be too wide for my MIM strat (ca 2010), but they were a perfect drop in fit and easy to install and intonate.
They are more comfortable than the Fender originals, but still not as comfortable as block saddles (like the one on the PRS Custom 24), but a worthy upgrade if you like the vintage look and are annoyed by the standard height adjustment screws. I could not detect any change in tone or sustain but they are a step up in comfort levels, so 4 stars.