Harley Benton UK-L100 BK Soprano Ukulele


Soprano Ukulele

  • Body shape: Single cut
  • Body: Basswood
  • Neck: Nanmu
  • Fretboard: Roseacer
  • 19 Frets
  • Trapezium inlays
  • Scale: 350 mm
  • Nut width: 35 mm
  • Body and neck bindings
  • Vintage-style machine heads
  • Colour: Black
  • Finish: High-gloss
Body Basswood
Top Basswood
Frets 19
Neck Nammu
Pickup No
available since November 2012
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Quite okay
Nikita Sor. 26.08.2020
This is my first ukulele and for the beginners it isn't bad choice.
It looks nice, but cutaway is pretty useless.
Ukulele pegs aren't good quality and bridge has a little wood chip, however frets i personally find comfortable.
Sound isn't good but also it isn't that bad, probably there is a case when it would perfectly fit the song but in general sound is quite poor. After all it is a budget option .
Probably experienced musicians wouldn't find it as a good for song producing.
I would recommend it as a present for the beginner.


nicely styled uke that sounds great
Anonymous 23.07.2016
I picked this colour scheme to fit with my black and cream Les Paul copy, as it looks amusingly like a baby brother! It is quite a classy look, a change from most ukuleles, although perhaps resembling closer some electro-acoustics.

As for playability, I was pleased straight away with the tone and the response. Tuning to GCEA by ear was relatively straightforward with proper worm gears in the tuning keys. The strings are fine.

I'm not an expert on uke (yet), but I was very pleased with this purchase. It has a cheerful sound and is very pick-up-able for a quick strum. Also great value if you are just starting out. Thumbs up!


Harley Benton standard
OrtonE 11.08.2014
Everything about this instrument is average or slightly below. I bought it for my daughter as a playable toy so she could get familiar with notes and tones. To be honest this seems to me like the only purpose for this instrument as it sounds flat and easily getting out of tune. However it does looks nice and the build quality is OK. But that's the only good things I can say about it. Don't expect too much from it.


As good as a toy
VIvianC 23.04.2020
I'm a singer and songwriter and I wanted to get a ukulele to add something else to my performances. My husband has a Harley Benton acoustic guitar that looks exactly like this ukulele so I decided to get this one. Huge mistake. It gets out of tune so fast that I have to tune again between songs. I changed strings, I waited for them to settle down (sometimes new strings take time to adjust), I adjusted the tuners as Thomman advised me to do... the sound is really really awful. It's like I'm playing with a toy. I don't recommend this instrument not even for beginners, because they might get frustrated for not getting a nice sound when it's not their fault.