Harley Benton ST-62MN VW Vintage Series

Electric Guitar

  • Vintage Series
  • Body: Basswood
  • Bolt-on neck made of Canadian maple
  • Neck profile: "C"
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Fretboard radius: 350 mm
  • 22 Frets
  • Scale: 648 mm
  • Nut width: 42 mm
  • "Double Action" truss rod
  • Pickup: 3 Roswell STA Alnico-5 Vintage ST-Style single coils
  • 5-Way pickup selector switch
  • 1 Volume control and 2 tone controls
  • White pickguard
  • Chrome-plated deluxe hardware
  • Synchronised tremolo system
  • Kluson-Style machine heads
  • Stringing: D'Addario .009 - .042
  • Colour: Vintage white high-gloss
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Audio Examples

  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Rock

Further Information

Colour White
Body Basswood
Top None
Neck Maple
Fretboard Maple
Frets 22
Scale 648 mm
Pickups SSS
Tremolo Vintage
incl. Bag No
incl. Case No

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I can say nothing bad about it
Yhawshkie, 19.02.2021
Ordered this guitar and it came to my post office in Russia in under 2 weeks after the order was confirmed.
The box had a hole from a punch, i guess, but nothing was damaged
(I had ordered the guitar and an audio interface).
About the guitar:
I'd like to thank Thomann for offering good instruments like this one!
The quality of guitar parts is more than good, no flaws are detected.
The instrument was kindly treated with a nice tuning, i like the Action, no need to adjust truss rod, frets dont cut your flesh.
There is no excessive noise going out of single coils, no scratches out of knobs.
The finish of the guitar is excellent.
To say about the tremolo, I personally decided not to use it because it really destroys your tuning. I dont think this is a problem of this exact model, this is a problem of the tremolo.( I may be wrong, i did not try to make it work decent)
What you have to know before buying this guitar is:
Is this pickup configuration u want?
Do you like the Strat type guitar?(including all the knob positioning/spicy sharp screws under your right hand/not ideal tremolo so to say/etc)
And This is it! Theres nothing bad to expect from this guitar, it is only up to your choice.
The thing i'd like to add to description is that the fingerboard is not covered in lacquer/varnished, the fingerboard is flatter than average fender strat, the frets are not polished( i don't think this is a problem, they will be polished after first session of playing with string bending)
Thank you for reading this review! I personally love this guitar, i play both clean and metal, it is good for both if i use bridge and middle pickup( i set the middle one deep down to not affect the sound of the bridge pickup) and no noise is bothering me.
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Surprisingly good
jazzdaz, 06.11.2020
Well recommended for the price!

I am impressed with the following: quick shipping time (I received my Harley Benton ST-62MN VW Vintage Series in Australia within two weeks of ordering it), quality of the guitar straight out of the box, its affordable price.

I am an amateur guitarist of 40 years. I could plug this guitar in and play a gig and sound great. There are no fret buzzes anywhere on the neck! The neck feels nice, the pick ups sound good (I cant test them loud on my amp at the moment, but I think they will be fine for my style).

There are some caveats, which I expected for the price, but again the minor issues are better than expected. The tuners are good. There is some minor out of tune issues (slightly flat) after playing it but remember it just travelled thousands of miles to a hot city. With a silent tuner these are easy resolved between songs at a gig. I expect this will settle down. There are a couple of frets I will get dressed to take a millimetre or two off. Again, nothing to stop taking this guitar to a gig. I will pay for a set up purely because I like the action set for my playing style (jazz and blues) - this is just my personal preference.

I would have given this guitar 5 stars for its price, but the reason I didn't is the whammy bar doesn't do much at all. I can do some chordal whammy with it, but on individual notes it is too stiff.

Regardless, this is an excellent first guitar for anyone who loves the strat style and tone. I bought it to customise it a bit, so I also recommend if for those who like to customise their guitars. Yes this doesn't necessarily mean it is economical in the long run, but I would rather do this and personalise my guitar than spend $800 for a guitar off the shop wall which I still want set up and personalised for my playing.

Well recommended!
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Why pay more?
Firstly lets get the usual out of the way. Thomann delivery. The guitar arrived in the UK within 2 days of ordering, it then sat at DHL for 3 days (Weekend) before delivery. Six days total, who can fault that? Arrived in perfect condition.

Right. Stratocasters, I've always played Gibson copies, big fan of the Epiphone SG, my 2012 Junior was one of my favourites. Was.

Strat-wise I've had mainly superstrat types, Washburn, Jackson etc but kind of steered clear of the pure copies. In 2006 I bought a Fender Highway One, I hated it and sold it on after a week. It sounded flat and felt just wrong.

Feeling the urge to play again after a too long lay off I looked at reviews for ideas. Harley Benton kept coming up, I've played Squire's, so-so, and thought if I disliked the Highway how could a no mark be any good? How wrong was I. This is a honest comment, the HB is better than the Fender. I may have had a bad one but that's the cold hard truth. £85 Vs £675 (I think).

Finish wise, it's perfect. A thick coating but it resonates well. The colour is different to that shown, my monitor shows a beige tint, its a creamy vintage white.
Neck, fantastically playable and chunky. The maple looks aged slightly and the finish is fast and slippery like a hot buttered slug.
Tuners were on my change list. No need. They are smooth enough and hold tune all night.
Pickups were also down for binning if the body was worth keeping. No need. From Blues through Punk to Grunge. They are good. I played through a Peavey Transtube last night and it was in overdrive. I sat with a massive grin on my face. This is an £85 guitar!
Pots are smooth, do what they should, and the 5 way switch is solid & clicks into position well.

I cant comment on Tremolo durability as I keep it locked, never use them, and set up needed a quarter turn to bring it in but who can moan at that. The frets are level but could maybe do with a stone over the edges, I'm talking very very minor here.

The only downside for me is that now I have another 3 HBs in mind but worry that they cannot be as good as this.
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Very Impressed
Stef. P., 06.12.2020
So, the guitar came with a perfect set-up and in tune. I could not believe it honestly... The action wasn't too low but not too high either. No scratches or blemishes... some minor flaws , but those were from the factory, i guess.

I wanted a guitar that resembles the signature YJM fender and i got what i paid. No regrets, the guitars feels amazing. I CANNOT BELIEVE what you can buy these days for 120 euros.

The pickups are a bit noisy but that's to be expected, they are not of the highest quality. For an upgrade i would recommend Dimarzio's HS-3s on neck and bridge.

The most important thing that i would like to mention is the neck. I expected fret edges, un-leveled frets, poor nut option. I got : No frets edges, Perfect leveling and an extremely well cut nut (plastic). I honestly could not believe it.

There is no need to buy something more expensive if you want to try how strat feels. NO NEED. Buy this , it's simply cant be beat for the money.

Congrats Thomann!
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Harley Benton ST-62MN VW Vintage Series
Harley Benton ST-62MN VW Vintage Series

Electric Guitar Vintage Series, Body: Basswood, Bolt-on neck made of Canadian maple, Neck profile: "C", Fretboard: Maple, Fretboard radius: 350 mm, 22 Frets, Scale: 648 mm, Nut width: 42 mm,...

Harley Benton ST-62DLX OW Vintage Series
Harley Benton ST-62DLX OW Vintage Series

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