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Harley Benton SpaceShip 80



  • Adjustable and light
  • Strong powder coated frame
  • Covered in a carpet like material
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • Simple power supply installation underneath the frame
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 70-85 x 800 x 390 mm
  • Weight: 2.48 kg
  • Includes Padded gig bag with accessory bag and shoulder strap, 4.8 m hook and loop fastener tape (male), and 2 elastic bands for installing the power supply
Number Of Effects 16
Incl. power supply No
Effect Send/Return No
Incl. Gigbag Yes
Incl. Case No
Item number 368161
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Available immediately

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Wow, excellent pedalboard!
Daniel G. 770 13.03.2017
So i needed a new pedalboard and the typical options are usually PedalTrain or similar companies. I would've needed the PedalTrain Pro model which isn't exactly cheap.. So before buying one i decided to see what Thomann could offer as an alternative...

And what dya know?... Thomann have their own range of pedal boards to rival the others on the market! For just a fraction of the price too.

I ordered the SpaceShip 80 on a Friday evening and took delivery on the Monday morning. Super fast delivery! As always, Thomann's service and shipping is excellent.

Opened up the box and was thoroughly impressed with the overall quality and build of the board and carry bag. I'll be totally honest... I expected it to be lesser quality than the other boards out there because of the low price tag. I'll put my hands up on this one.... I was very wrong!

It's rock solid, it's sturdy and doesn't wobble or move. The adjustable legs work great although i left them alone as the incline was already adjusted fine for me.

The velcro actually holds the pedals in place AND it was already very cleanly installed onto the rails which is a time saver. They provide tons of velcro for your pedals too, i have loads left over which i can use for other pedals in future.

You can move the rails and change position of them which is a nice option. I didn't need to, but i'm sure this will be beneficial to anyone using lots of different sized pedals.

I wired mine up with custom cables and did it all underneath the board, using adhesive cable tie hooks and cable ties.

Carry bag is very sturdy, the zips work smoothly and the handles are comfortable to hold when carrying it too.

Honestly, i can't say there are any cons with this board, especially for the price tag. Maybe if Thomann would offer a hard case version too, obviously at a higher price tag than this, then that would be awesome to have the choice.

If you're looking for a reliable, well built pedalboard that'll handle anything from home use to pub/club shows to larger theatre and pro stages... Check these out!


Bag not durable
Alex Cat 04.07.2019
The board itself did not give me any issues, bug the quality of the bag is questionable — the feet of the board tore holes through the bag on the edges after less than a year of use..
Took me almost 2 year to request repair of the bag, but, unfortunately, Thomann responded that the holes in the bag are signs of normal use, which I do not agree to. The bag has always been handled with maximum care by me and only occasionally taken to gigs, spending most of the time standing next to a wall. If holes appear in the material from this kind of use, I believe that the bag just was not designed with its purpose in mind.
I suppose, that is what one should expect from a product in this price range, though.


Absolute unit. Really impressed by the size of this lad.
Jonathan Killstring 27.11.2020
Sturdy, already carpeted in velcro (nice!), and big enough to fit pedals brilliantly.

It's a h*ckin' chonker, and I mean that in the best possible way. The bag is a must, but handily transports the beast. If you - like me - run a big ampless rig with lots of pedals, this should sort you out. Even with a massive Victory V4 preamp pedal as part of the rig, it's still got room for the rest of the kit.

Seems quite sturdy. Very pleased with the purchase.


Huge board for a low price
stillcoldair 18.06.2019
I wanted to build a larger pedal board for studio and live use and the price difference between this board and comparably sized other boards was huge. Really the price difference is ridiculous since you are getting essentially the same thing with a different logo.

Plenty of room for a huge collection of pedals
Sturdy metal construction
The movable center bars make organizing pedals much easier
Plenty of included velcro to mount as many pedals as you could possibly want

It might be a bit too big for live use on smaller stages.
The mounts underneath for power supplies seem a bit badly designed and may not work for all power supplies, I use a harley benton power plant along with a Strymon Ojai r30 and I couldn't find a way to securely mount them using the included elastic so I instead used some velcro tape.

In summary it is a fantastic budget pedalboard that is as good in quality as boards 3 or 4 times the cost.


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