Harley Benton Slider II Lap Steel w/Stand


6-String Lap Steel Guitar with Stand

  • Vintage series
  • Body: Basswood
  • Composite fretboard
  • Scale: 530 mm
  • Pickups: 1 Single coil
  • Volume knob and tone knob
  • Stand height adjustable from 55 - 95 cm
  • Colour: Metallic black
  • Includes tonebar, gigbag and stand with adjustable feet
available since May 2013
Item number 305023
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Excellent instrument to get started
LeonardS 02.07.2020
At this price do not hesitate. If you want to get started with a lap steel this is the one or two to get. Why two? Well then you can have multiple open tunings to play with.
Might in the future change the electronics, bridge and tuners, but for now it works well.

Update August 2, 2020 - Upgrades:
I knew I was going to upgrade the lap steel so for those interested here is what I did and love the results:
1) Tuners: I selected a set from MPG - Magic Guitar Parts (Germany) which are the Der Jung DJ103BN with the EB28 shafts option. High quality tuners and a perfect fit. Day and night difference!
2) Pickup: After some research I selected the Bare Knuckle Boot Camp True Grit ST NB (neck - black) from the Thomann site as for the price you get a hand wound pickup of great quality and the sound is simply full and very warm. This pickup is simply outstanding.
3) Electronics: I selected two of the Fender 250K Control Solid Shaft potentiometers and an Allparts Switchcraft 1/4" Mono Jack. All this items I got from the Thomann site.
4) Knobs: I selected the "Fender Potiknob Set Jazz Bass" for the knobs where I use the large one for Volume and the small one for Tone.

I now love this lap steel as I am sure it can compete with the best now.


Great, cheap Lap Steel
Staggerin' Jon 13.11.2018
Many people are sniffy about these Lap Steels, but you really can't beat them for price and at the end of the day this is a perfectly usable instrument.
I've toured with one of these and had no problems at all; just make sure you buy the correct strings for the tuning you want to use.
The thing stayed in tune, the pick up is ok (actually stronger than my vintage lap steel) and it's well put-together and the finish has a pretty sparkle.
The legs are a bit flimsy and I'm not too keen on the fender strat-style bridge, but have never got round to replacing it with a fixed right-angle bridge because it works just fine.
At £90.00 if you want to upgrade to better pickups, it's cheaper than building a steel yourself; I'm tempted to buy a matching pair and build a double-neck...
Please though Thomann, bring back the Slider 8!


Value for money!
Edward4387 11.08.2015
I have played, for more years than I care to remember,all types of guitar-but never a lap steel slider type.Recent circumstances mean that my fingers are no longer"flexible" enough to play my guitars,so it has given me the opportunity to take the"leap"to a lap type.As I had no idea as to ideal brands or types I decided to buy a"entry level"make.Having dealt with Thomann(and being very impressed by their help and courtesy)I decided to buy this unit.It arrived promptly,well protected with no damage.Once I had tuned it and begun to use the provided slide bar I was delighted by the end result and wide tonal width when played through my Marshall amp.It will be a new learning curve for me but one I am looking forward to.
As with all reviews there are some areas of query and this item is no different-but minor only.
1.It would as a "first timer"have been helpful to have known the"tuning"of this unit.
2.A"leaflet"indicating what strings for what tunings,how many tunings could be obtained and
3.How best to hold the tone bar etc.
Yes I know this can be found from available literature-but it would be an added "bonus" if included.
I hope this review is helpful but Thomann provide such a good service I am sure you can buy with safety


Wow and Bow Wow
Waterst 10.05.2020
I bought two of these and have joined them together to form a double-neck with two different tunings - so, a double neck for under £180. Perhaps Thomann / HB could consider marketing a double neck ?? perhaps they could also consider marketing a string bender mechanism as an add on product.
The positives - the Slider II can produce a pretty good set of sounds from Hawaiian to country to overdriven blues rock
and is fabulous value for money.
The 'opportunities' - well, a lap steel is a pretty simple instrument, 6 strings held taut from a raised nut to a flat bridge over a decent pick up, there's not much more to it other than aesthetics. So, a few extra pounds spent on a decent set of heavyweight strings and a better set of tuners and you would have a pro level product that is still half the price of an Epiphone or a Gretsch.
Overall, very pleased