Harley Benton Security Locks CH


Security Locks

  • Strap-lock system for guitar or bass
  • Rotates 360°
  • Secure hold
  • Set with 2 pieces
  • Colour: Chrome
available since January 2010
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Type Security Locks
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They work
røde2nowhere 24.06.2020
These were bought to use with a Harley Benton ST-20 BK Standard Series. The expectation was that they would be a simple installation, and I supposed that even if the screws that came with it weren't suitable, perhaps we could just use the old screws. However...

The screws that came with these strap locks are smaller, and shorter than the existing ones. And the old screws have bigger heads, which don't fit these strap lock buttons, so weren't usable.

Regardless, they look good, and are a nice upgrade for the cheapest HB guitar. For the price, there isn't much to complain about.

- Low cost
- simple operation
- feel secure

- supplied screws are slightly smaller than the existing ones, but that will depend on the model of guitar

Overall, I think these are good strap locks for the money. And if you have a €79 guitar, and paying €20+ for strap locks just doesn't seem to make sense, then value is probably the most important consideration.


An excellent guitar strap safety system
Domenicaccio 29.11.2021
The guitar strap security locks by Harley Benton is an inexpensive but excellent solution to stop worrying about dropping your guitar or bass if your strap belt detaches.

I previously had a more expensive famous brand locks mounted on my guitar, but I lost the strap belt, and with it the actual parts of the locks attached to it. I decided to give the cheaper Harley Benton locks a try, and I did not notice any difference with the more expensive brand ones. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised that the Harley Benton locks were perfectly compatible with the guitar-side parts of the locks of the more famous brand which I still had screwed to the guitar body, so I didn't need to replace them, and could use the new ones for a second guitar.

I have been using these Harley Benton security strap locks for over half a year now, and they never failed, so I feel confident enough to recommend them. Mounting them was fairly easy, although I had to very slightly cut (maybe 1mm) the leather around the upper hole in my strap belt to be able to tighten the lock properly. Once mounted, they can be attached/removed pretty much on the fly, and while they aren't perfectly noiseless, the clicking sound is very minimal.

Overall, thoroughly recommended, and looking forward to add these to more guitars and basses in the future: 5/5


Works great, just as good at “the other” strap locks
Jazz.man 19.02.2022
I have used the fender Grolsch style strap “locks” for a while on my bass, but with the purchase of a guitar (harley benton te-20), I wanted to use my favorite strap with both. The rubber Grolsch style ones keep your strap on but are a pain in the butt to take off.

I bought 2 sets of these, one in chrome and one in black. They both work perfectly together.

I trust my instruments with these. Installation was easy. On my bass (Harley Benton PB-20), I used the screws that came with the strap locks, and on my guitar (Harley Benton TE-20), I reused the screws from the guitar.

You can get 2 sets of these for the price of on set of “the other brand’s) replacement buttons (not even with the strap attachments! what the heck)

Overall, i am super impressed with thomann’s ability to make amazing products at prices the average musician can afford.

p.s. - I put this review on the black and the chrome strap locks, just thought i would put this here.


Looks and feels good, but could be better.
Arturo B. Martín 08.04.2022
I needed security locks on my guitar so I bought these ones. I'm happy with them, but I feel they aren't as solid and safe as I think. I haven't had any accidents so far but the feeling is there.

I recommend them unless you want to invest more to have better ones.