Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic Series

12-String Electric Guitar

  • Build: Semi-hollow
  • Body: Sapele
  • Set-in neck: Maple
  • Roseacer fretboard
  • DOT fretboard inlays
  • C neck profile
  • Body and neck bindings
  • 22 Frets
  • Scale: 628 mm
  • Nut width: 48 mm
  • Dual action truss rod
  • Pickup: 2 Artec Classic Mini humbuckers
  • 2 Volume knobs and 2 tone knobs
  • 3-Way toggle switch
  • Tune-O-Matic bridge
  • Casino tailpiece
  • Chrome hardware
  • Die-cast machine heads
  • Strings: D'Addario
  • Colour: Cherry sunburst high gloss
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Audio Examples

  • Ballad
  • Indie
  • Rock

Further Information

Colour Sunburst
Soundboard Mahogany
Neck Maple
Fretboard Amaranth
Frets 22
Scale 628 mm
Pickup System HH
Tremolo No
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No

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Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic Series
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Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic Series
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In stock within about one week

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Some New Things To Know About This 12-String Guitar You May Not Have Read About, Yet.
George Roger Petty, 21.09.2020
This guitar exceeds all my expectations and sounds/ functions - even better than it looks!
I’m a relative beginner to guitar playing, but can play and know obvious differences, issues and problems. There are no problems I can detect.
I do notice it’s better than any 12-string I’ve tried from friends and in the Music Shops. This excludes Ricky, but includes1,000 dollar guitars, down to 500 dollars.

Most of the very positive reviews mention many details for their positive reviews Believe them. . I’ll mention some things that I haven’t seen highlighted.

1 Body is Sapele Wood; I’ve learned this Wood is used for Taylor Guitars. It’s been described this way by experts:
Sapele’s tonal output is consistent and balanced across the tonal spectrum, making it compatible with a diverse range of playing styles. It’s comparable to mahogany but its higher density tends to produce a slightly brighter sound with more top-end shimmer.”
2. The headstock is very close to that of The Hagstrom Viking 12-string.
3.The body is totally functional, but a bit smaller, but NOT weirdly small or affecting playing or sound. Think Les Paul body size. If that’s not a problem for you.........
4. Maple Neck is awesome.
5. The F-hole DOES have a history with Rickenbacker. We usually see them with no hole, or a slash one. The Who’s Pete Townshend used a Rose Morris model, which features an F-hole. The HB has an F-Hole
6. The Mini Humbuckers have a unique jangly sound and sound way better than any pick-ups I’ve heard on non Ricky 12- strings.

Mucho Happy with purchase!
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Outstanding value for money
Ted D , 13.09.2020
At over £3000 for a 'Rick' 12 String, this (just over) £200 guitar severely challenges justifying a £2800 price gap. Depending on your taste, this is a fine looking instrument & although purists would give this no chance at all, if you don’t do brand snobbery & do function over style, give this guitar a try: I don’t think you’ll be disappointed... Take time to read some more product reviews or check out you-tube video’s people have done.
It’s a little too early to comment on reliability of electrics & hardware, but initial impressions are that this really does represent outstanding value for your money. … Straight out of the box & like many new (& expensive) guitars, it was obvious the standard factory set-up would not personally suit myself & so … Using the Allen keys provided, I significantly lowered the action (& also bridge pickup height) plus a small tweak to the intonation of the D strings & it was ‘good to go’ … Frets all dressed nicely, with no choking or buzzing & good job on the binding. A small amount of excess glue just visible on the internal bracing through the ‘F’ hole is the only minor issue on finish that I found & this is very easily remedied….
In summary, I’ve owned several high end twin 6/12 guitars & mainly used the 12 string for a few songs, but as seems the norm, due to weight issues when gigging, lack of use & just leaving them in their case, I’ve always sold them. This little gem is the perfect light weight & very affordable alternative, giving a solid & pretty authentic impression of a ‘Rick’. … If you take the plunge & decide to buy, you’ll save yourself a small fortune & I truly believe you won’t be disappointed.
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Don't expect to play it right out of the box
VH1 , 01.07.2020
I received this guitar around 2? years ago, so this is a "test of time" review as well.

Starting from The price - very attractive.
I was looking for an electric 12 string guitar and given that it's a niche guitar, the other options available would cost 10 times as much as this one.

Looks - Great, the paint, finish and hardware (looks only) look great.

Sound - pickups are ok, but a 12 string guitar has its own sound, and an electric 12 string - even more, so if you're looking for that familiar sound - you'll get it from this guitar.

So far so good... until the setup and playability:

fretwork - one of the worst fret jobs I've ever seen. buzzing everywhere, uneven frets, untreated frets (no polishing so the frets does not feel smooth) - overall very very sloppy job. I spent a lot of time on leveling, recrowning and polishing the frets in order for this guitar to be playable. luckily - I'm well experienced in that field so I saved myself a lot of money. bear that in mind in case you need someone else to do your setups for you.

setup (out of the box) - terrible and unplayable. the one good thing I can say is that the guitar has a double action truss rod, which means the neck could be adjusted both ways (back bow vs. relief).
the nut also needed serious work, but I chose to replace it with my own custom brass nut.

Tuners - bad quality, they slip sometimes and generally do not hold tuning very well.

Electronics - so far, working great after 2? years. no noises, nothing falling apart (pots, jack etc.) so good job in that area.

The main reason for this lengthy review is because when I ordered this guitar, I was told that the delivery is delayed because my guitar is being inspected and set-up... so this is either a lie or the inspector doesn't know how to do his job...

Overall - for the price and sound - worth it, just keep in mind that you might have to spend more money on setup and tuners if you really intend to play this guitar on a regular basis.
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The good, the bad and the ugly
Anthony3472, 10.04.2014
I bought this knowing it was a budget 12 string guitar. It was half the price of the closest electric 12 string and less than a Tenth of the price of a Rickenbacker, so you get what you pay for right?
The good - The construction of this is very good. It's slightly neck heavy as you'd expect but not any problem. There are a few flaws on the finish but you'd have to look hard to find them. My nightmare would be if there were would be buzzes or rattles with the strings due to the budget nature. On mine though, there's not. It's nice and straight, the nut fitting is good. The neck is really playable, the tuning is very stable and I find myself picking it up to play it all the time.
The Bad - The pickup wiring failed almost straightaway. On inspecting behind the scratchplate, the soldering was really poor, the wiring was bad and the quality of the pots was terrible, even for a cheap guitar.
I kind of expected this though and I ended up replacing all the pots for CTS ones, tidied up the wiring and resoldered etc.
It was easy enough to do and the resulting jump in sound quality made it more than worthwhile. I had thought of replacing the Pickups too but actually they're not too bad for now and I can always do that in the future if necessary.
The ugly - In copying the Rickenbacker style control panel. The makers stuck two bits of plasticcy looking scratchplate material together roughly. It had sharp edges and looked bad. As I had the scratchplate off to fix the wiring anyway, I made an attempt to replace the scratchplate with a piece of white Pearliod material I had left over from a hobby project. The result turned out great and really improves the look of the guitar. It was easy to do and the guitar now looks and plays so well that people comment on it all the time.

I would recommend this guitar but would just put a warning that the wiring and quality of the pots is poor and you may have to rectify that.
Overall though, I'd buy one again. Even with the cost of parts etc this guitar is €150 cheaper than the nearest 12 string electric I've seen and I'm really happy with it.
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Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic Series
Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic Series

12-String Electric Guitar Build: Semi-hollow, Body: Sapele, Set-in neck: Maple, Roseacer fretboard, DOT fretboard inlays, C neck profile, Body and neck bindings, 22 Frets, Scale: 628 mm, Nut width:...

Harley Benton RB-612BK Classic Series
Harley Benton RB-612BK Classic Series

12-String Electric Guitar Build: Semi-hollow body, Body: Sapele, Set-in neck: Maple, Roseacer fretboard, Dot fretboard inlays, Fretboard binding, Body binding, Neck profile: C, Scale: 628 mm, Nut...

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