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Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-12 Pro


Multi power supply for effect pedals

  • 12 Isolated, filtered & short-circuit-protected outputs eliminate noise and hum
  • High-amperage for modern digital effects
  • LED monitoring at each output
  • Power supply with a 12V @ 3A DC power supply (included)
  • Output 1-9: 9V DC @ max. 300 mA (individually isolated)
  • Output A-B-C: 9/12/18V DC @ max. 500 mA (individually isolated)
  • The total output load must not exceed 27 W
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 192 x 70 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 356 g
  • Included cables: 12 Pieces from 5.5 x 2.1 mm coaxial plug to 5.5 x 2.1 mm coaxial plug, length 60 cm each
Available since November 2019
Item number 468587
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
DC/AC current DC
Output current in mA 3000 mA
9 V Yes
12 V Yes
18 V Yes
Secondary voltage No
Multi-output power supply Yes
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In stock

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347 Reviews

Power Issues Outside Europe
Lloyd Borrett 21.09.2021
The Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-12 Pro Power Supply is a good product. Just the thing for keeping noise out of your pedal board setup.

However, beware that it comes with a wall wart style power supply with a European input plug. While the box it comes in says there are USA, Europe, UK and AU plug choices, there aren't. The other plug choices are not available, and you don't get a power plug choice when you add the product to your cart. It would be nice if the product came with a wall wart that let you use the power plug type you need, as do many other products these days, but it doesn't. If you're in the USA, UK or AU, you'll need to use a plug adapter, or buy a suitable wall wart locally.

The other thing you may need to consider is that the 12 supplied power connection cables to go from the PowerPlant to your pedals are 60 cm long. On a pedal board for 12 pedals it wouldt be useful if some of the power connection cables supplied were longer (e.g. 90 cm).


Problem-free power brick
RichardBR 08.11.2020
I have a few power bricks for guitar pedal boards, One-Spot CS-7, Tone City Substation, as well as smaller power devices such as the 1-Spot daisychain. I've had quality devices, such as the CS-7, and not so perfect things like the Substation, which is quite noisy.

Thomann's Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-12 sits comfortably with the One-Spot CS-7 in that "zero noise/plenty of options/good overall power rating" category - but at about half the price! It's also a great deal less bulky, which allows it to fit below even small pedalboards with ease.

All the power cables are supplied, and with 12 outlets that is a lot of cables. The ratings of individual outputs also permits some degree of daisychaining since there is enough juice for at least a couple of pedals per output unless they're digital monster-pedals. You'll need to find your own daisychain cables though, if you go that route. With 12 outputs it is unlikely you'll need to daisychain anyway.

Three outputs are switchable voltages, 9/12/18, 9 for typical pedals, 12v for things like Boss pedals, and 18v for anything that can handle it, such as my Xotic SL Drive Red, which gains a lot of headroom when it runs at 18v. Outputs can be combined with a suitable 3rd party splitter cable used to join the two outputs and feed the current to the pedal.

For me, using this on a pedalboard with mixed CPU pedals (Empress Echosystem) and normal cuircuit pedals, everything plays nicely together with no extraneous noise, every bit as good as my 1-Spot CS7. I'm very happy with the unit so far, and a friend tested the isolation aspect and gave it the thumbs up with regard to the isolation, since some power supplies, including some older Harley Benton models, are basically just daisy-chains in a box.

I like the simplicity of use, and also the separate transformer/plug, I like the LED indicators that would highlight circult probems nd, with the transformer elsewhere, the slim profile works very well on low-profile boards.

It's a winner.


Absolutely great, here is a suggestion though
ts987 14.12.2021
Great price point, it does what it promises to do, it delivers. One suggestion would be that instead of / along with the "normal" power cables that are included with the power supply, power cables with flat angled pedals should be included as well, so pedalboard management would be a bit easier. I understand that doing such a thing might cause thomann to lose sales from people who buy angled power cables individually, although such a move would definitely set apart even further (as if the afforable price point hasn't already), Harley Benton from the competitors. Of course the pricepoint would be higher then (hopefully not by much), but I think it's worth giving such an idea a thought.


Afordable Power Supply and silent
Rui Gaspar 01.06.2023
Really good value for your money.
Solid build with plenty of power to support all my BOSS pedals (11 pedals) and silent. Does not create or add noise.