Harley Benton PB-20BK LH Standard Series


Electric Bass

  • Left hand model
  • Body: Poplar
  • Bolt-on neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Amaranth
  • Dot fretboard inlays
  • Neck profile: Modern C
  • 20 Frets
  • Scale: 864 mm
  • Nut width: 42 mm
  • Dual action truss rod
  • Pickups: 1 PB style split coil
  • 1 Volume knob and 1 tone knob
  • Chrome-plated hardware
  • Classic PB-Style machine heads
  • Ex-factory string thickness: .045" - .105"
  • Colour: Black high gloss
available since October 2011
Item number 266353
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Soundboard Hard Wood
Neck Canadian Maple
Fretboard Amaranth
Frets 20
Scale Longscale
Pickup System P
Elektronic Passive
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
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Available at short notice (usually 2-5 days)

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Harley Benton P-Bass Copy.
Cian Mullane 19.01.2020
I was more than pleasantly surprised by this bass. I bought it on a whim as I had loved their jazz bass copy which I bought second hand for practically nothing and gigged into the ground. For such inexpensive instruments Harley Benton seriously know how to produce a bass that is worth atleast 5 times what you pay for them. I have used their jazz bass copy for over 2 years and their P-bass copy since I received it a month ago and I have never had a singly problem with them despite gigging with them regularly and having them thrown under busses, planes and on the floor on occasion.

Frets are all level and neck is smooth with no marks or dents
Tuning pegs are smooth and surprisingly strong and sturdy
The single P-bass pickup is hotter and much better than anticipated
Looks really cool too

It's considerably lighter than my other basses and the wiring of the pots and pickup are fairly thin but they're easily replaceable so this isn't really much of a con.

Overall this is a fantastic inexpensive bass that it worth it's weight in gold, it's hard to find a reasonably priced lefty P Bass and this ticks all the boxes for me as a fantastic instrument, cheers!


Much better than expected
Florian Bosilcov 22.05.2018
I've owned and played extensively this bass for more than 2 years now. I wanted to wait for some time to pass before doing the review, as my main concern was that the neck wood would be of low quality and bend/skew with time. It hasn't! The neck is still straight as an arrow and plays perfectly.
Sure, right out of the box you can see some imperfections, but only on the non-essential stuff, like scratch plate trimming imperfections, unequal length on the saddle screws etc. but really, who cares, given the low price? The important thing is that there are no compromises on the stuff that matters.
I gave it a 5 star rating on the sound, but I have ordered an original Fender pick-up with it and fitted it immediately, so really, hadn't had the chance to play it with the original one. However, there are plenty of YouTube videos of people playing this bass unaltered and it sounds pretty good. As many wise bassists have stated, "the tone is in your fingers" :)
If you're just starting out, or planning to experiment with the P bass sound, it's the perfect starting axe. Do the proper adjustments (intonation, string action, truss rod) and that's it! It'll sound and play as good as any P bass does!


Great bass for all level bass players
vovkabass 25.10.2020
I need a P for session playing and recording. I recieved bass quickly. do fretwork job, intonation, action and change the pup to alnico "Fokin PB" (its our russian custom shop pickup's maker) and now i have sound similar to a precision '62 for 130 euro-bass+shipping+new pickup)! absolutely love! highly recommended!!! thx thomann.de!


First impressions of Harley Benton bad. First impressions of Thomann ok.
TwinkleTone 22.01.2020
I was not expecting champagne for beer money. But this bass had serious faults.

CONS: Truss rod unworkable/broken.
Fretjob poor, fretwire popping out of the board, mostly uneven frets and very sharp fret sprout.
The bass had other issues, and was very dirty.
Electronics, PUP and hardware worked ok.
Paint and Lacquer finish fine.

For ANY pricetag, unworkable trussrods and very poor fretjobs are unacceptable. I would have done the required work on the frets at a push, followed by a setup. But since the trussrod was unworkable this would have been pointless. Neck relief needed adjustment and was not possible. QC is clearly an issue (other reviews make this clear). Respect to Thomann for recognizing this and sorting it out promptly. I returned the bass and Thomann refunded me without quibbling. First impressions of HB guitars are poor but of Thomann customer service are good. I may try again with another purchase from Thomann.