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Harley Benton PA-100 Power Attenuator


Power Attenuator

  • Useful tool for rehearsal room, live and recording applocations
  • Tube amplifiers as they sound best - high output level with reduced and controlled volume
  • Can also be used as a dummy load
  • Input power up to 100W
  • LED with overload indicator
  • Quiet fan
  • Controls: Speaker Level and Line Level
  • Inputs: 4/8/16 Ohm
  • Balanced speaker output
  • XLR DI output with speaker simulation
  • Dimensions: 19 x 14 x 11 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
Impedance 4, 8, 16
Noise Supression No
DI Interface Yes
Speaker Simulation Yes
Dummy Load (usable without cabinet) Yes
Item number 406679
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Alone and with Helix
Boddumblues 05.03.2018
I got this unit and hoped it would work for me, and it does.
I wanted the mic sim and line out to be before the the dampening,
and thankfully it was easy to convert it to this.
I did not want the line out and mic sim to follow the dampening.
I added a 25 k pot on the mic sim out to add more control. Now I use it with my Marshall 6100 head and a VOX AC-10 (with a speaker in mod), and am quite pleased. I do find that mic micsim signal kind of collapses. But when using the linesignal through a Behringer Ultra-G Di. box I have a beautiful full signal. Of course it would be nice to have the micsim do it, but the Behringer just sounds better in every way. For the price of the PA-100 and the Ultra-G and my mods, you have a package that is hard to beat. ;-)
I do run presence on 100% on the 6100, and raise the treble on the AC-10 but it's fine.

What this unit allows for also, is use of the lineout in different ways;
1: Load your amp into a Helix.
I have patches in my Helix based on a VOX AC-15, but if I want to have my real AC-10 replacing the modelling amp, i can patch it in via one of the loops (line level) and it works like a charm.
I hear my amp in real life, the FOH gets a lineout from the Helix with the real amp through the Helix, and then I play with IR's, mainly Celestion Blues and Golds - sweet!
2: Lineout + IR's
The lineout without the micmod can have IR's added (Moer Radar etc.) to add flexibility and quality to the sound. Even using my Digitech RP-155 just as a cabinet simulator opens up a lot of sounds.
So there are a lot of sounds waiting to be heard.
Also in a DAW. Cheers ;-)
03-07-2018 Update
I tested running a JOYO JDI-01 from the line out, and man what a difference to the mic-mod out it is, it really works now, the cab sim on the JOYO is sooo much better in fidelity, the AC-10 really shines through the mixer now. It also beats the Behringer in clarity (the Behringer only has 1 cab sim, a 4x12, the JOYO has a 2x12 combo sim and a 4x 12 sim), I am very very pleased with this new dicovery!


Fantastic for recording
SvBvBvBvBvB 27.08.2021
Like the majority of people who buy this, I wanted a way to record my amp silently. I didn't want to pay over 200 euros for a "reactive" load which isn't really reactive (to get reactive you have to pay a lot more than 200, the closest popular "reactive" competing product is actually not properly reactive but uses it more as a marketing tool). It turns out this HB attenuator does a fantastic job at providing a clear line out signal. Running a Laney Ironheart at 60 watts at high volume, the attenuator doesn't seem to heat up at all. It's completely silent. Also, the actual attenuation (which for most people is just a side bonus feature) is great! Now I can have my master volume cranked up, my channel volumes cranked up, and the overall speaker output down at 0.5/10. I was afraid this might change the tone too much, i.e. remove a lot of high end, but no, it is minimal - it sounds a LOT better than just having the master volume turned down. The amp now sings. A great purchase.


Attenuates more than the volume
sixstringslinger 08.08.2020
For the price I wasn't looking for an amazing sounding attenuator, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Starting with the Pros:
- Inexpensive,
- Not impedance specific as other models are. The attenuator has 4, 8 & 16 ohm inputs.
- Sounds good

- It attenuates the lows of an amp quite a bit, which could be a good thing if you have an overly boomy amplifier.
- It is a little brighter than the unattenuated sound of the amplifier.
- When the attenuator is turned all the way up, it's not nearly as loud as the unattenuated volume and there is no bypass switch to switch to full output.

I have not used and don't foresee a need for me to use the direct out option so I cannot attest to the effectiveness or sound quality of that part of the device.

All in all, It's a great solution to bring the volume of your amp down to bedroom volumes for practice, but I'm still on the fence as to whether or not this attenuator is gigable.


Very good attenuator
James Findice 02.10.2021
So if you want a simple device to reduce the output of your favourite cranked tube amp, you can not go wrong with this. It even has a Cab sim XLR out and line out. The cab sim is not the best in the world, but i guess you will use your own Impulse response in the DAW anyways.

At lowest volumes it does affect the tone, but this will be the case with ALL attenuators. So no worries, this one is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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