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Harley Benton HBO-600NT


Steel-String Guitar with Pickup

  • Design: Roundback with cutaway
  • Top: Spruce
  • Body: ABS with super shallow bowl
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fretboard: Roseacer (thermally treated maple wood)
  • Fretboard inlays: Snowflakes
  • Scale: 650 mm
  • Nut width: 43 mm
  • 24 Frets
  • Body and neck binding: Cream-coloured
  • Built-in pickup with 3-band EQ
  • Machine heads: Diecast
  • String gauges: 011-052
  • Colour: Natural high-gloss
  • Matching case available under Article Nr 122212 (not included)
Top Spruce
Back and Sides Plastic
Cutaway Yes
Body Depth Super Shallow
Fretboard Roseacer
Nut width in mm 43,00 mm
Frets 21
Pickup System Yes
Colour Natural
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
available since February 2008
Item number 138708
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Available immediately

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High-tech meets old-school craftsmanship

Traditional-looking guitar in front, high-tech instrument in the back: The Harley Benton HBO-600NT combines state-of-the-art materials with the expertise of historic luthiers. Even back then, they knew that a rounded back sounds different from a conventional sounding-box – not louder, admittedly, but softer and more resonant. Round-backed instruments made of wood are of course very costly to manufacture – luckily however, these can be made from modern ABS. Add a pickup, and you get a stage-worthy guitar of a very special kind.

Crisp highs and a compressed tone

With its rounded back and spruce top in a high-gloss finish, the Harley Benton HBO-600NT has its own unique tonal personality. When played acoustically, the shallow bowl delivers a subtle-sounding tone, which is focused through the central sound hole, and the X-braced spruce top adds crisp and slightly compressed highs. The pickup is housed beneath the bridge saddle, and the output can be finely tuned as desired by adjusting the bass, mid, and treble frequencies. The mahogany neck features a dark roseacer fingerboard and, with a nut width of just 43 mm and comfortable C-profile, is shaped to fit the player’s hand perfectly.

For fans both present and future

The characteristics of the Harley Benton HBO-600NT naturally make it ideal for the stage. This type of round-back guitar has a dedicated fan community – and no matter what the style, they use these instruments anywhere and everywhere. The HBO-600NT gives round-back guitar afficionados on a limited budget access to the instrument of their dreams. However, its potential is fully realised when used on stage, where the guitar can easily be amplified to thunderous volume levels and played with unrivalled comfort using a strap thanks to its shallow rounded body.

About Harley Benton

Since 1998, the Harley Benton brand has been catering for the needs of numerous guitarists and bassists. In addition to an extensive range of stringed instruments, Thomann's house brand also offers a wide choice of amplifiers, speakers, effect pedals, and other accessories. In total, the range includes over 1,500 products. Built by established names in the industry, all Harley Benton products combine quality and reliability at attractive and affordable prices. The continuous expansion of the range ensures that Harley Benton always provides new, exciting, and innovative products that keep players perfectly in tune with the musical world, day after day.

Refreshingly different

The Harley Benton HBO-600NT is a real workhorse, designed for the rigours of everyday use – preferably on stage or in the rehearsal room, but it is equally at home at youth club meetings or in the pedestrian precinct. Despite its shallow body, the sound of the HBO-600NT cuts through astonishingly well even when played acoustically. Guitarists will definitely shine with this instrument, which looks distinctly different to run-of-the-mill acoustic guitars.

In the spotlight: Roseacer

Rosewood is a particularly hard wood that has long been popular as a material for making guitar and bass fretboards. This wood is now considered endangered, however, and resources are scarce and expensive – which is why guitar makers have already spent several years searching for alternatives. The wood that Harley Benton has chosen as a fretboard material for its HBO series and many other guitars is a type of thermally treated maple known as “roseacer” (a word coined from “acer”, the name of the genus to which maple belongs). The heat treatment to which the wood is subjected reduces its water content to around three percent, which prevents subsequent shifting or warping and increases the wood’s stability while also giving it a visual appearance similar to that of rosewood.

Roar 07.03.2018
I was searching for affordable acoustic guitar for camping, and as I'm used to play on electric guitar I wanted to have fast and smooth neck, with a cut to higher frets..
Already have Fender CD60, but never liked her neck and playability.

Sound on HB 600 is a little bit high and thin, when compared to full body dreadnought Fender CD60. But it is loud enough, little bit short on lows, which is expected on roundback slim body guitar like this. And of course like any other roundback guitar, it will tend to slide from you if there is no strap around sholders. Back surface is not slippery, but guitar will slide a little, it is just phisycs.
Sound through preamp is kind of "sinthetyc", like in all affordable electro-acoustic guitars. If one needs a good sound for amp, maybe it is better solution to buy decent acoustic pickup like SD Woody or simmilar.
One more thing that needs some attention, are the frets. They need a good and thorough polishing, because they are rough. Also the fretboard needs some oil, as it is very dry out of the box.
But taking in consideration low price of guitar, in my opinion it still worth the money...and even more..

Now the good points. After polishing, oiling, changing strings to 9-46, and some truss rod adjustment, this is completely diferent guitar. Neck is fast and playable, joy to playing. Action is even lower than on some of my electric guitars, octaves are 100% set.

Guitar also looks very nice, and for now guitar stays in tune. There is no point of comparing it to Ovation of course, but in my opinion you will get more than you paid for.


Dragonfly101 16.11.2020
I don’t know how they do this for the price! This guitar is excellent, played beautifully straight out of the box. Deffo recommended.


Not bad but....
Thomas_ancas 26.10.2019
Excellent balance between quality and price ......BUT....
it has an ergonomic design problem.
It can not ''fit'' at your body and stay stand because of the curve of it's back.It slips away when you leave your left hand from the neck because of the right hand's weight and the curve of the synthetic back which touch your leg when you sit. One solution is the strap belt i guess....this is the main con of the instrument (i am not sure if it happens to all synthetic back type guitars, like ovation) .
The main pros is the amazing work of the neck and the perfect action for this cheap guitar.


Harley Benton HBO 600NT roundback
Stuart7862 15.02.2014
1 wanted to get a cheap round back and stumbled across this on the internet. Great looks, great sound, (acoustic and plugged in) that resonates well, and with a little tinkering with the truss rod (loosened about half a turn with the supplied key) got a nice playable action with no buzzing. The only issue I had with it when I received it was a slight string buzz (truss rod adjustment sorted this out) and the decoration around the sound hole was loose (a dab of super glue sorted this)
For £70 + £10 postage, what a deal, it came well packed and only took two days to get from Germany to the UK. A++


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