Harley Benton HB-40R


Combo Amplifier for Electric Guitar

  • 2 Channels: Clean and Overdrive
  • Power: 40 watts
  • Equipped with: 10" Custom Voiced Speaker
  • TEC tube-emulating circuit
  • Switch for channel selection - Overdrive / Boost channel
  • Gain control
  • Volume controls for overdrive and clean channel
  • 3-Band EQ with controls for bass, mids, treble
  • Reverb control (Spring type)
  • Headphone jack
  • Aux input
  • Line output
  • Footswitch connector for channel switching and reverb (matching footswitch: Art. 198735- not included)
  • Output for external speaker
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 425 x 420 x 220 mm
  • Weight: 10 kg
Available since May 2001
Item number 147168
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power 40 W
Speaker 1x 10"
Channels 2
Reverb Yes
Effects Processor No
External FX Loop No
Line Input No
Recording Output Yes
MIDI Interface No
Connection for External Speaker Yes
Headphone Output Yes
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch No
Weight in kg 10,0 kg
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Compact two-channel combo with reverb

Harley Benton's guitar amps, which come in many sizes, have long been known for their quality and bargain prices. The compact HB-40R guitar combo is no exception. Its two foot-switchable channels, integrated spring reverb, high-performance 40-watt power stage, and 10-inch speaker as well as a host of useful connection options make it an ideal and cost-effective option not only for home use but also for rehearsal studios and gigs. The power cable is hardwired flush to the rear of the chassis and can be securely stowed inside the amp’s open back during transport.

Harley Benton HB-40R Combo Amplifier for Electric Guitar

Robust and easy to operate

A sturdy enclosure with reinforced corners fully protects the HB-20R and its four rubber feet ensure it remains stable at all times. The HB-40R’s front panel features a very clear control layout for both channels, which have separate volume controls and a share both the three-band EQ and the reverb, which provides a pleasant ambiance to the sound. An output for an external 8-Ohm speaker, a headphone output, a Line Out, and an AUX input for integrating external signals complete this neatly designed compact guitar combo – which is easily loud enough to be used in many different settings.

Power switch and connectors on the Harley Benton HB-40R

Universal guitar combo

Thanks to its tube-emulating circuit, the sound spectrum of the HB-40R ranges from crystal-clear and punchy on the clean channel to distorted crunch and high-gain thunder on the overdrive channel. Together, the high-performance 40-watt power stage and 10-inch speaker provide a surprisingly high output volume. Don’t let looks fool you: This compact amp can be used without hesitation on stage. And should more power still be required, the rear panel includes an output for an external speaker. Practice comes before gigging however – and for that the AUX input allows you to play along to your favourite tracks. And you can do so discreetly, if you so wish, using the integrated headphone output. Finally, the dedicated Line Out mini-jack provides a practical way of recording your HB-40R without the need for a microphone.

Harley Benton logo

About Harley Benton

Since 1998, the Harley Benton brand has been catering for the needs of numerous guitarists and bassists. In addition to an extensive range of stringed instruments, Thomann's house brand also offers a wide choice of amplifiers, speakers, effect pedals, and other accessories. In total, the range includes over 1,500 products. Built by established names in the industry, all Harley Benton products combine quality and reliability at attractive and affordable prices. The continuous expansion of the range ensures that Harley Benton always provides new, exciting, and innovative products that keep players perfectly in tune with the musical world, day after day.

EQ and controls on the Harley Benton HB-40R guitar amp

A compact amplifier with many applications

Its compact yet robust design, 40 watts of power, and 10-inch speaker certainly make the Harley Benton HB-40R guitar combo a very versatile and reliable companion for every situation – from the rehearsal studio to the stage, anywhere in the world. On the rear of the amplifier is an input for connecting an external footswitch, which can be used to switch between clean and lead sounds. Users who do not have a footswitch at their disposal can of course change channels using the dedicated switch on the amp's front control panel. The additional speaker output will come in handy as the stages get bigger and more power is needed. In short, the Harley Benton HB-40R is a well-equipped and versatile amp that comes at an unbeatable price!

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388 Reviews

A good beginner amp - but a bit too much for bedroom play?
Mr D 11.05.2017
40 watts is, quite simply, a lot of power; I've never been able to set the volume to this thing above 6 without fear of deafening myself.
Build quality is 4/5 , as plugging anything in to the dedicated AUX IN port for backing track play results in horrible buzzing and insanely loud popping noises. This was tested across several different aux cables and portable devices.
Other than that, the amp itself is very solidly built, and can definitely take a few knocks. The overdrive channel feature is a bit rubbish, but the clean channel is great. EQ controls are good.

Another note : This is very useful to bring to parties as a speaker. Simply make sure you're set to the clean channel, set the volume low (1 or 2 out of 10), and use an adapter to connect the 3.5mm jack from your phone to the regular guitar input jack. Many friends have commented on how great the sound is playing back party playlists, and the best part is that you can go from listening to music to playing it, with just an electric guitar and an aux, with the same amp. Very versatile.


More than i exprected
Kai555 15.06.2014
The sound quality is really good and it is even loud enough to play in a band! Assuming the drum machine is not that machine like ;)
The equalizer is sensitive and can be adjusted precisely. The overdrive channel ranges from crunch to distortion.
The built in reverb is also a nice feature, witch thickens the sound. Good for surf music.
This amp is also very good for playing at home. It has an extra audio jacket for headphones. You can also plug in another box, good for monitoring or whatever you want to do. All in all i would strongly recommend this one for beginners.


Its decent for a solid state amp
yomamaizPHAT 28.07.2021
Using in a small indoor setting. The clean sounds are really good, reverb is good as well. Overdrive channel sounds muddy, can get good rock sounds out of this, maybe even thrash, but metal and heavy metal sounds will need pedals. Tweaking around with the settings did not give a high quality sounding metal tone, but it is way better than the average 10w sh**box amp tone that you're probably used to from your beginner amp.

Personally, i would never buy this as a long term amp, tube amps are the way to go for that, the sound is unmatched. But if you are a beginner or someone who needs an amp for practice in an emergency situation, this is a good choice.


Not bad,nor lasting
Anonymous 16.02.2016
Only been used at home,except for 1-2 garage practice instances at friend's house and used only rarely in the past three years,as it is a bit bigger (wattage-wise) than I had expected.The sound was not too shabby,although,if dialed poorly,it can be pretty muddy.Even the reverb is decent,given the price of the amp.The thing is,some of the pots are now scratchy.The volume pot for the overdrive/distortion channel is pretty much broken,it is extremely scratchy and,somewhere between 0 and 1,it suddenly sounds like I turned it to 11.

A good starter amp if "loud" is your kind of music,although it is definitely not suitable for an appartment and it probably will be the first thing you will need to upgrade from your beginner gear.