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Harley Benton Flight Case Wood Bass


Flight Case

  • For electric bass
  • Material: Plywood, covered
  • Edges: Aluminium
  • Rounded chrome corners
  • Nickel-plated steel spring handle with transparent PVC cover
  • Five butterfly latches
  • Padded inside cover with convoluted foam
  • Foam inserts with double-sided tape to accurately adjust the instrument
  • Inside dimensions (L x W x H): 1185 x 360 x 75 mm
  • External dimensions: 125 x 45 x 15 cm
  • Weight: 9.8 kg
  • Made in Germany

Delivery without instrument

Depth 75 mm
Locks and Catches 5x Butterfly
Strap Handles 1
Material Plywood
available since February 2006
Item number 186963
Model Universal
Width (inside) 1185 mm
Height (inside) 75 mm
Depth (inside) 360 mm
Weight 10,0 kg
Options Foam Padding, Chrome Knuckle Corners
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You get what you pay for... a functional case.
Christopher9009 28.04.2014
I was slightly disappointed with this product when I received it.

Firstly, there was what appeared to be mud in between the locks, which I didn't mind cleaning myself. There was slight damage to the sides, the locks covered in scratches, and a dent on the aluminium - even though this damage will inevitably happen with use, it was still disheartening as it should had passed a QA Inspection. The foam inserts were an absolute mess inside as the tape had stuck to other bits of foam, making it a nightmare to prise apart without causing much damage, furthermore there was no 'hook and line strap' inside to secure the instrument.
Despite the disappointment, overall it is still a decent product and serves its function. Its better to have it than not.
EDIT - I contacted Thomann about this and they were more than willing to resolve the matter, by offering a full refund if I returned the product... However, it's services were urgently required and so I chose to keep it... Thomann offered me a small refund as a good will gesture for this, of which I was greatly impressed as it was unexpected. This unfortuante incident highlighted Thomann's quality customer service .

As a final note, I will be ordering from Thomann again safe in the knowledge that if anything should go wrong, it will be corrected quickly and efficiently by the Thomann customer service team.


Superior protection at a reasonable price.
Bassmanandyt 21.01.2021
A solidly constructed Bass Guitar Case.

I've used it for the last 8 years with no problems. I prefer Hard Cases to gig bags for instruments, there's just no substitute for the protection they provide. I made a custom fit lining, which cradles my Geddy Lee Jazz perfectly.

I like the big blobby rounded corners, they make it really easy to slide the case into the back of my car without damaging the interior, a better solution to the rubber feet on one of my other cases.

I never liked the original handle, it was a coil spring with thick plastic tubing over, it didn't fail, but I replaced it for somewhing more comfortable to hold - just personal choice.

The catches hinge and lid stay have all worked faultlessly. All in all, gret protection for little outlay.


Perfect for 6 string basses with large bodies
Anonymous 10.03.2017
I am absolutley blown away by the quality of this case for such little money! It fits my Yamaha TRB-JP 6 string bass absolutley perfectly and that is a very large bass.
These cases are basically the same as a Warwick Rockcase but for much less money. Some of the fittings even have 'Rockcase' printed on them!
I had no problems with the packaging that Thomann used to ship my case in - it arrived in perfect condition.
I will definitely be buying another of these when the nee arises! :-)


Decent but definitely not a purchase for life
Otto H 28.06.2019
I purchased this case originally for my 6 string bass, however it has received the most use carrying an electric guitar and bass recorder (I make weird music) for a recent US tour.

This thing looked sturdy upon purchase, however an intensive run of flights has definitely given it a beating. After a few weeks to a month on the road bits of the black finish have scraped off and some of the metal work looks out of place - a little concerning for future flying.

HOWEVER. One of my least favourite things about visiting the USA is satan's army themselves, TSA. My case was opened by TSA in between flights, no doubtly the case was flung about and subject to every imaginable form of battering. So in some respects this case has done amazingly well so far.

All in all a decent purchase, but I'm sure I will have to replace within a year or so.


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