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Harley Benton Feeler Gauges


Guitar Assembly Tool

  • An indispensable universal tool
  • Suitable for precision guitar set-up and saddle slot making
  • 32-Piece blade feeler gauges with metric and imperial measurements: 0.038 - 0.889 mm (0.0015" - 0.035")
  • Multiple functions for measuring fret spacing, fingerboard spacing, hardware installation and precise nut depth
  • Easy to transport and measure
  • Durable and smooth stainless steel
Available since August 2020
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203 Reviews

Good quality at a great price.
TrEr 24.04.2021
This product is good quality and MUCH cheaper than getting feeler gauges from a luthier shop.

I like that fact that they show measurements in both inches and mm, which is something you don't get with feeler gauges from US luthier shops.

My only complaint is that there's simply too many feeler gauges in the set! I could easily get by with half as many thicknesses and some of the thinnest ones aren't really useful for guitars. This set doesn't really feel like a guitar specific product. But I guess it's kinda silly to complain about getting too much for the money!

Actually, there one more thing. I wish they were a little longer. But they work fine, just slightly fiddly in some situations so it's not really a big deal.

Highly recommended!


It does what it says
AGuitarPlayer 11.09.2022
I've bought two of these; one for the measuring purposes and the other to make DIY nut files (the real nut files are terribly expensive and shamelessly overpriced, especially if you're only planning to use them once in a blue moon and there are a couple of videos on YouTube explaining how you can make them yourself out of the feeler gauges).

They come in a sort of a nylon/plastic sheath and as some of the other reviewers mentioned; they are drenched in some kind of oil, possibly to serve as a lubricant and/or to keep them from rust, so you'll likely need to keep a tissue at hand when taking them out, at least for the first several times of use, because it seems impossible to wipe it all just in one attempt.

I've used them several times now for measuring, they don't feel too flimsy and seem like they'll gonna last.They do seem a bit sharp on the edges, so be careful when handling them.


Product properly priced
Lum1r 05.06.2023
It may not be the highest shelf of luthier tools, but for this price everything is in place. Edges properly sanded, do not hook. slightly too much preserved with oil, you need to spend a while to unpreserve :)


What do you mean too oily?
Small Shed Luthier 16.01.2022
Some say they are very oily. Better that than rusty ones, believe me. Keep them oily and stored in the case they come with and they will last.

Good quality set of feeler gauges, there are more gauges than you'll probably use, and for this price it's a bargain (in Portugal they are ridiculously expensive, rust prone -Ah, the oil...- and the quantity of gauges available is usually less.

If you think "I don't need this!" just give this set a try and you will use it more often than you think.