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Harley Benton DC-Junior Pelham Blue

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Electric Guitar

  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Neck attachment: Set-in
  • Fretboard: Amaranth
  • Fretboard inlays: White dots
  • Neck profile: C
  • Scale: 628 mm (24.72")
  • Fretboard radius: 305 mm (12.01")
  • Nut width: 43 mm (1.69")
  • Nut: Graphite
  • Frets: 22 Medium jumbo
  • Pickup system: Roswell P90D Alnico-5 Dog Ear single coil (bridge)
  • Controls: Volume & Tone
  • Pickguard: 3-Ply black
  • Bridge: WSC Wrap Around
  • Machine heads: Wilkinson vintage style with 15:1 gear ratio
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • String gauges: .010 - .046
  • Colour: Pelham Blue
Available since February 2020
Item number 480984
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Blue
Soundboard Mahogany
Top None
Neck Mahogany
Fretboard Amarant
Frets 22
Scale 628 mm
Pickup System P90
Tremolo Nej
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
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In stock
In stock

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79 Customer ratings

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67 Reviews

Great little LP DC Jr.
Dr.M. 12.02.2022
Summary: This guitar is great value for the money ‘as is’ and does not call for immediate major surgery, as long as you can accept it will not have the lowest of actions.

I had been playing rock music from the mid seventies until the nineties and picked up playing guitar again in 2013. Since then I’ve been adding to my ‘collection’ every now and then and I do some of the modifying myself as well when I think that’s necessary. A couple of years ago I got two Harley Bentons in exchange for a bass guitar I hadn’t been using for years (a TE-40 TBK deluxe and a JA-60 SB). The previous owner had spent some time on them; polished the frets and had given them good general set up.
I was pleasantly surprised. As a Les Paul DC with P90 had been on my wish list for a long time (but not the price they come at) I thought that by now I should try the HarleyBenton DC Junior in Pelham Blue. At this price I will judge it at ‘value for money’ standards. And by that ‘value for money’-standard it is a great little guitar but one that might benefit from some extra attention to detail. First impressions were very positive; it looks the part, good paint finish (+++++), no blemishes. Intonation was spot on straight out of the box (QC by John!). Fret board is of a beautifull pure-chocolate–bar brown (+++++). Not at all like the dried-out or pale-and-open-grain-with-purple-streaks kind of fretboards offered by some ‘other manufacturers’ these days. Frets have been finished nicely but some of the polishing/rubbing compound has been left behind because the first two days of playing , my fingertips were blackened. So out came the Axe-wax and the cotton cloth to clean that. The sides of the fret board have no binding but have been given a clear coat that also covers the fret slots, so in practice it feels very smooth; almost like the fretboard was bound (++++). The tuners are of the ‘white-bean’ style that’s correct for a Junior but not 3-on-a-strip. They do the job properly and you do not really need to replace them but even though they are ‘Wilkinson’ they feel a bit ‘toy-like’ to me. I will replace them with locking tuners with keystones. But that’s my personal taste. Looking into the pot-cavity shows conductive shielding paint and the cover has been given shielding foil. (+++++) The pots are (Korean made) Alpha so there too is no immediate need for modifying (++++). The cap is a tiny little dark-red ‘chicklet’ but I must say that the tone pot functions wonderfully (as does the volume pot) So: no immediate urge to heat up the soldering iron. Coming to the Roswell P90: the distance between the P90 and the strings is more than one would expect; usually bridge-P90’s are set quite close to the strings; here it is not. I may fit a shim under it. Having said that: at this set up it does sound very nice, clear, chiming and articulated (with a lot of ‘high’ and less ‘mids’) when played ‘clean’ with some reverb and echo. But there is less ‘bite’ (or call it ‘agression’) than one would expect (++++). Turn down the tone pot a bit (to about 6/7) and it mellows nicely. Meaning: you really do not need a neck pickup as well to get a usable palate of sounds. So what’s bugging me? It’s the action that could have been lower and more comfortable. Main cause is that wraparound adjustable bridge/tailpiece. It is of a design that has been around since the early seventies (Gibson has this very same design on their Tony Iommi SG’s these days!) but it is just a tad too highly-built for use on these DC juniors that obviously share the original design flaw Gibson built into their first series of Les Pauls in the early fifties: no neck angle. So you cannot crank the bridge down enough to set the action really low. It’s not the end of the world and many players these days do not crave the ultimate low-action I’m after but fitting a wrapround bridge/tailpiece that builds a few millimetres lower (may I be forgiven: like the one by Wilkinson.... of all things..) should do ‘the trick’ and should not have a huge averse impact on the consumer price of these guitars. But then the next issue may lie in the top nut. The string-slots have been cut to a ‘safe’ depth, meaning ‘not too deep’ and therefore are doing well enough with that slightly too high bridge settings. Unfortunately, once you have managed to get the action lowered at the bridge (i.e. after fitting a lower wraparound), the notes might go sharp in the lower positions and chords will be out of tune. Needing a luthier to cut the slots a little deeper. Conclusion: this guitar is great value for the money ‘as is’ and does not call for immediate major surgery, as long as you can accept it will not have the lowest of actions. If low action is what you want, you can easily find an affordable replacement wraparound bridge/tailpiece but then also be ready for a nut job by a luthier because if you are not versed at that you will only fall out of the frying pan and into the fire. Four stars out of five because I cannot give 4.5! Down half a star because of that wraparound bridge that's keeping it from full score. Cheers!


Best Harley Benton I've bought
Curt R 08.12.2020
I'm very critical about guitars. I often find guitar setups to be less than average, out of the box. The first thing I normally do, when getting a new guitar, is get it over to the local guitar tech and get a professional setup - nut cutting and fretwork, if needed. This happens for about 90% of guitars, even high end ones.

I'm genuinely gob smacked how well this guitar has been built for the money.
- The fretwork is very good. Shiny frets, almost perfectly level. There is one high fret, but I'll take it to the tech to sort that out.
- The bridge doesn't have to be decked to the wood to get a low action, which can be common on this style of guitar.
- Amazingly clean fretboard (none of that usual black stuff that comes on on your fingers when playing)
- The nut is cut perfectly, no binding and cut properly to not give you out of tune cowboy chords, and even the dreaded F bar chord.
- Pickup is usable. Very much like a mellow tele pickup. I won't be swapping it
- The machine heads are very good quality, for the price
- A lovely, sparkly finish.
- Very smooth volume and tone controls
- Solid jack socket.

The only real con is that there is a slight ding on the top side of the neck, just near the fretboard, in the clear coat. You don't feel this, when playing, so I'm not too fussed about it.

On arrival, the neck had a bit of a forward bow, but the truss rod is good and it straightened up perfectly. I imagine this may be due to temperature fluctuations, or maybe the QC set it up this way as forward bow is better than back bow.

It may be that because this guitar was on pre-order, it hasn't been sat in a warehouse for ages and hasn't had time to develop any major faults. Either than, or Harley Benton have really up'ed their game on these newer models.

If this guitar was your first purchase, you would be very happy with the setup. I can't recommend this guitar enough. This is by far the best Harley Benton I've had my hands on. This guitar is the best is the best value for money guitar that I've ever purchased.

Very happy.


I now get why so many people love this style of guitar 👍
Spetsnave 31.07.2021
Since it arrived last Thursday I haven’t stopped playing it.
Build quality paint finish frets intonation out of the box is excellent.
I haven’t even bothered to change the strings yet.
The only things I will change are the two knobs because my fingers slide on them because of there finish.They are fine if you use a finger and thumb but I like to just slide with one finger.
£169 gets you one outstanding really fun playable great looking guitar .
It’s already one of my favourite Harley Benton guitars and I have a lot of them.
This Pelham Blue model is a limited edition 250 run.
Wonder how many Thomann have left ?


Plays Very Nicely
Bobanovich 13.11.2021
Nice playable light weight guitar.

I like the pelham blue colour with the black headstock and chrome hardware.

Unfortunately there were two screws that were loose in the scratch plate caused by over-tightened screws in manufacturing. This was also the case with the bottom strap button, and that could be potentially disastrous! Because the guitar looks and plays nicely I fixed the loose screws by fitting longer screws. This should not be necessary on a new guitar and suggests poor manufacturing and marginal quality control.

The Wilkinson tuners and bridge are good quality and perfectly functional and look good too. The volume and tone controls are smooth and progressive in their range. They are not noisey in use at all, which is commendable.

Neck is great for me and the painted neck is surprisingly smooth to play on. However there was a very small blue paint chip on the back of the headstock. The black paint around the tuning posts is patchy but you have to look close to see this.

Nice smooth fret ends with the no fret sprouting but the fret facings are a bit scratchy.

The guitar plays and sounds very good. It is of good value for money but the QC in production and pre shipping could be better.