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Harley Benton CTG-20 BK USB Clip Tuner


Chromatic Clip-On Tuner

  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Quick response
  • Bright colour LCD display
  • Rotated 360 degrees
  • Tuning modes: chromatic / guitar / bass / violin, ukulele
  • Calibration: 430-450 Hz
  • Highly sensitive piezoelectric sensor
  • Detection range from A0 to C8
  • Accuracy: / - 0.50 cents
  • Battery: 3.7 V, 110 mAh
  • Size: 35 x 34 x 13.5 mm
  • Weight: 27 g
  • Including USB cable
Available since April 2016
Item number 376279
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Chromatic Yes
Display LCD
Integrated Microphone No
Integrated Metronome No
PSU Connector Yes
Design Clip On
Special Features USB
Dimensions 35 x 34 x 13
Weight 27 g
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516 Reviews

Really a good one!
Ernestor 05.08.2020
Really good quality. I use it everyday for study and rehearsal and of course for concerts. It never abandoned me. After more than an year of intense use it still goes great!
From the construction side it's made of plastic, and at first it made me think it would breack easily but now I can say it's really well made and the plastic is of good quality, I don't think it's going to abandone me that easy.
It has several instruments specific settings but I just use the guitar setting and it work fine.
The real plus is the cable for charge and it also has a long life battery. This is the real thing! Even if I have a tuner on board of my guitar and one more and very precise in my pedalboard, when it comes to acoustic concerts the clip has something more usefull that I always go for it, and I never have the nightmare to see the light shut of. When you play in front pf people as a job these are the little things that stats to count.
The only cons i can consider is the front glass that's actually made of thin pvc and one day I forgot the clip on, during the transport inside the guitar bag, I found a breack on the glass. It doesn't affect the use but you know, it was better without. So my 2cent is to put just a little more attention holding it in some safer place.
All in all: really good product!


Solid tuner
Boris Filipovic 29.12.2020
I bought this tuner for ease of use when I dont have access to my tuner pedal.

It is solid tuner and great value for the money. Granted, it does have some problem with lower B string on 7 string guitar but that can be solved by tuning to pinch harmonic on 12th fret.
I have this tuner for couple of years now and battery is still very good. Because I dont use it that often it can hold charge up to 6 months, incredible.

- solid tuning for 6 or even 7 string
- great value for the price
- battery last forever

- sometimes it has trouble finding correct pitch


You get what you pay for...
Che Runn 09.01.2024
I bought this tuner because of it's rechargable battery, since my previous clip tuner is showing humidity and temperature when it's "off" which means that when I need it every now and then, the battery is drained and the CR2032's are a bit expensive to use for only a single tuning. Also the environmental issues...

Got the tuner, charged the battery and tuned my guitar - so far so good. But when I came back to it some time later (I mostly use a pedal tuner, so the clip is for backup) the battery was drained again. I recharged it, used once and the next time I picked it up it was empty again. So after a bit of testing I found that the battery doesn't hold any charge. I reported it to Thomann and they sent me a new one, but this one is really struggling to tune the 6-th string and is absolutely unusable for bass. The chromatic mode shows you the whole alphabet when tuning a string so you have to use the designated guitar tuning mode to the job done.

I really like the swivel design and the coloured screen is amazing. Also I like that in addition to the rotary dial it shows in numbers how far off you are which makes finetuning a lot easyer but unfortunately the tuner part being incompetent ruins the good idea. Also you can accidentally change the tuning from 440 to 441, 442 etc. without noticing or change the tuning mode which is done by pushing the power button, so when turning the device off and not pressing the button long enough you change the tuning mode to say ukulele or violin and the next time you use it starts up in this mode and can cause some confusion.

Since it's so cheap I'm going to keep it for tuning at home but I wouldn't take it to band practice an certainly wouldn't go on stage with it.


H. Gabor 03.09.2020
This is my first clip-on tuner. I bought it as an alternative to my multi effect's built in tuner and to my accoustic guitar tuning app, I especially need it for setting intonation.

I think it's pretty good for the price. The design is fine, it's easy to handle; up to now it does the job well. The USB charging possibility is a great feature.

The only con for me is that the display should be a bit brighter.

It arrived with some scratches on the screen. Fortunately they are so light, that they are invisible when the display is on. Anyway I think it would be good to provide some protection for the display as part of the packaging.