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Harley Benton BM-75 Trans Red Deluxe Series

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Harley Benton BM-75 Trans Red Deluxe Series
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Ottimo suono ma qualche difetto di elettronica
Emanuele Bastiani 16.05.2020
I was probably unlucky and I got a malfunctioning model.
What a shame, because the guitar has a really nice sound, with the intermediate positions of the pickups
(central-bridge or central-neck) and little gain has an interesting, crystalline, bright and beautiful sounds.
Sad because the model that I got has unsolvable electronics problems:
the central pickup turns off and leaves the central positions unusable.
Obviously I sent the guitar back hoping that Thomann's technicians could solve the problem,
but unfortunately they didn't understand anything.
They returned the guitar after replacing the 5-position selector of the pickups,
but the guitar keeps having the same defect.
These incompetents and superficials technicians did not understand that the problem,
instead of staying in the pickup selector, it is caused by the 3 switches of the counter-phase which are defective.
A very unsatisfying customer service: in my opinion it is unacceptable to return the guitar
with the same defect, with the same unsolved problem!
I hope you have the courage to publish this review, but I think you'll probably censure it.
If so, you should know that you'll lose a customer. Forever.


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Harley Benton BM-75 Trans Red Deluxe Series