Harley Benton Bass Guitar Kit P-Style

Electric Bass Construction Kit P-style

  • Complete DIY (Do it yourself) kit
  • Bolt-on neck
  • Solid wood body (wood colour may vary)
  • Neck: Maple
  • Double action truss rod
  • Amaranth fretboard
  • Dot fretboard inlays
  • 21 Frets
  • Scale: 864 mm
  • Nut width: 42 mm
  • Truss rod
  • Pickup: 1 P-Style split coil
  • 1 Volume knob and 1 tone knob
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Die-cast machine heads
  • Stringing: .045" - .105"
  • Colour: Natural

Note: A certain amount of craftsmanship is required for successful assembly.

Further Information

Colour Natural
Soundboard Solid Wood
Neck Maple
Fretboard Amaranth
Frets 21
Scale Long Scale
Pickup System P
Elektronic Passive
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No

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Harley Benton Bass Guitar Kit P-Style
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Harley Benton Bass Guitar Kit P-Style
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Perfect beginners bass
Gerhardbassplayer, 05.05.2020
As soon as I received my P-Bass kit I began to re-shape the neck top. I used a jig saw and after grinding it, it looked cool already. At first I assembled the complete guitar, so that I was able to make alterations if needed. And it was needed. Many pre drilled holes did not correspond. I didn't see this as a problem as I dare to say that I am rather handy working with wood. Especially the holes at the neck, where the tuning knobs are to be placed, didn't all match. So I used cocktail sticks with wood glue. After drying, I grinded it with the machine using graduation 400. This went smoothly and I drilled new holes of 2mm. As the tuning knobs would cover the old holes there was no further problem. Than I had to drill another hole when mounting the pick ups. I found that the black earth lead was too short, so I connected a longer lead with the initial one. It is a personal choice to spray the body or to use oil or varnish. In both cases it needs a very good grinding starting with 240 than 400 and 600. I decided to spray the body glossy black. I started to spray 3 layers of primer (Motip 1 spray can) and when it was dry I grinded it again with 600. Than I was able to spray the body black. I used a (1) Motip spray can. I am not a regular sprayer, so I would advice to take your time and using a flat piece of carton on the ground and make sure the body is placed on 2 or three little objects (like egg cups). This makes spraying easier when starting with the side of the body. When the front was done, (it dries quite quickly) after an hour I could turn the body to do the rear side. Don't spray to fat! Better is to spray several times smoothly. If you would get a drip no problem; DON'T try to wipe it away or using a paint brush - just let it dry and with 600 sandpaper grind it away and spray that part again. After three times spraying the body looked fine to me. Although it might be so that not every part is as glossy as other part of the body. Don't be let down! After drying for three or more days you use some car polish and smoothly rub this in. It will be shining all over. Now it is time to assemble the bass. Make sure not to damage the body when using screws etc. This is why I advice to assemble the guitar at first, so screws go easier.... After tuning the bass I am very pleased with it and it is great fun making your own P-bass. Of course keep in mind that a guitar of this price should not be compared with a real Fender P-Bass. But it sure is a good instrument and also the sound is okay!
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Fantastic DIY Kit
krevzilla , 19.03.2020
The first thing I noticed was how well the neck was fretted. Incredible job, zero complaints. Perfect fret ends and perfectly level across the board.
Next, the body - you'll always need to do a bit of sanding whenever you get a DIY kit and this is no exception. It's not the prettiest wood, but I wasn't expecting a beautifully grained swamp ash body - and if you are expecting that, do yourself a favor and be realistic.
All the pieces fit perfectly - there's no need to adjust even any of the holes on the pickguard.

Very solid hardware. Everything works, the tuners tune, the bridge saddles move forwards and back, up and down... Nothing to complain about whatsoever.

The kit comes with a prewired split-coil P-bass pickup that sounds incredibly decent and plugs right into the wiring.
I'm not thrilled about the pots used, but that's my personal preference - the stock pots work perfectly fine.

Price, build and very decent quality components.

Not a fan of the potentiometers that come stock. The shielding on the pickguard could cover a larger area - but really isn't necessary.

All in all - a fantastic DIY kit I highly recommend and will be buying more of for myself. The pros outweigh the negligible cons, and the value is incredible. 5 stars.
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Marley Schmentonn, 24.04.2020
Wasn't out to get the P of my life, just wanted to get a P width rosewood neck in the house, also not bad to have some fun putting it together with my son. the package came fast, all there as expected, easy to assemble, the screws are bad and most of the holes are off, that could be better. the neck and the frets are nice, the body has a protective coating which is great, there's a neck dive but it's easily fixed with a good strap. For the money invested it's a lot of bass, i've put on a set of heavy flatwounds, using it unplugged at night to get some muscles working. doesn't sound bad plugged in either, but doesn't get a chance, since there's so many others for the stage and studio... All in i think it's fun and for the amount of money you guys are asking it's unbeatable.
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Perfect for a first build
I decided to purchase this kit because it was reasonably priced and I wasn´t sure I could get a good result for I haven´t done anything compared to this before. So to say - not a big loss if I screwed it up and decided to burn it afterwards.

Looked for reviews on it on the net and found satisfied builders. Took on the challenge and this is my review:

The neck: it was straight as an arrow, no nicks anywhere but the frets needed leveling quite a bit. I bought the Thomann fret file, Göldo fretboard guard and ordered a few Euro´s fret rocker from the net. Did my first fret job ever, took a couple of hours and voila - nice result. Fits the neck pocket very well.

The body: in very good condition and smooth surface. took some splinters away with sanding paper from the grinded parts (neck pocket and pickup/pot holes). Other than that it was ready for paintjob.

Painted the body with acrylic sanding primer, painted with acrylic paint and put some acrylic laquer on the surface - all in garage and with spraypaint. Also put acrylic laquer on the neck. Sanded between different paints and polished.

Pickguard: two plastic covers on the surface and no scratches on it. It would have been aligned well on the screwholes of the body, but the jack was about a 1mm too close to the end of the pothole. A very tight fit and could damage the jack on the long run. These don´t cost much though - so... Had to file a tiny bit of plastic away from the neck end of it to fit well (took about 5 seconds).

The pickups: easy to install ( no soldering needed) and work fine. Surprisingly good tone for cheap pickups.

Pots: they are a bit too "loose" and turn a bit too easily. They work though.

Strings: the set that came along was poorly wound and I decided not to use those. Bought the HB valuestrings and they work well.

Tuning pegs: Look nice, a small loose "gap" when turning to both ways. But they hold the tuning nicely. Easy to install on the neck.

Putting it together after painting: everything went to place ok. Putting all together with tuning the strings and adjusting the trussrod took about 4 hours.

Now I´m using it to play in our band and it performs very well. I´m already looking for a new project and would like to find a Musicman-style kit ( Thomann??) Thank you.
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Available immediately

This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately.

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