Guild F-1512 Nat Westerly


Steel String Guitar

  • 12-string guitar
  • Body shape: jumbo
  • Body top: solid spruce
  • "Westerly Scalloped" X-Bracing made of sitka spruce
  • Sides and back: solid rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia)
  • Neck: mahogany
  • Neck profile: C
  • Scale: 628 mm
  • Nut width: 47.6 mm
  • Fretboard: rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia)
  • Radius: 16"
  • 20 Frets
  • Saddle and nut: Bone
  • Guild machine heads
  • Finish: Natural high-gloss
  • Incl. Gig Bag
Design Jumbo
Top Spruce, Solid
Cutaway No
Fretboard Rosewood
Nut width in mm 47,60 mm
Frets 20
Pickup System No
Colour Natural
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag Yes
available since May 2015
Item number 362304
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Anonymous 21.02.2016
This is an excellent 12 string guitar. It is sturdily built and quite heavy but this is good: with a thick but comfortable neck that includes a twin truss rod arrangement, further increasing it strength. Those with small hands will find difficulty putting a thumb over the bottom string for playing chords, but on the other hand it is the easiest 12 string I have used for playing barre chords, all the way up the neck. The fingerboard is a nice piece of rosewood and is fairly flat which enhances accurate intonation fingering and good for using a capo. Both Shubbs and G7 capos work fine with careful setting up (but strangely I couldn't get Shubbs 12 string one to work as the fingerboard is too flat for that one.) One tip with a capo is to place on the 2nd fret leaving the bottom string uncapoed which leaves you with dropped D but you can play G chord etc. in the normal way which saves stress on your fretting hand. On that note one has to be careful fretting up the fingerboard and not to overdo your strength which can cause tendinitis and tennis elbow.

If you find playing too sore you can drop tuning a full step to D-d. The intonation on this guitar can take this: though if you have tuning problems with the 2nd pair you can up a gauge to 15's which sorts the problem.
You really need a good quality headstock tuner like Boss Tu10 as tuning any 12 string is not easy. A good idea is to put graphite in the nut slot after you decide to keep this guitar to aid smooth tuning. The tuners themselves are fine and accurate. If you want to go down to C you will need different strings or you can try a silk and steel set. You will need a good luthier to set these up for you.
The sound of this guitar is balanced with pleasing piano like sound, loud but not booming, and with a very long sustain which suggests that the tone will get much better as it gets played in. It is fine for strumming but really good for finger picking, also good for fake Nashville tuning. I would suggest that you replace the uncovered octave A string with a wound 18 to give a more balanced, less jangle, treble sound. Also a good idea to get two .08's for the G octave as spares - it always breaks!

The matched back panels and rims are very attractive - dark and milk chocolate colour - while the top is fine with a couple of small blemishes but importantly has tight grain lines behind the bridge for strength, and there is also an extra layer of wood under the sound hole.

As you can see from the length of this review I am very enthusiastic and satisfied with this guitar. The Chinese are making some really good instruments at the moment and at less than a third of the price of the American version this is a real bargain and will give you a lifetime of playing: a great tone and when played in will likely match the sound from the American one. I am using a tone enhancing gizmo (Tonerite) and have noticed a marked improvement in tone following the sustain.

Finally, I might suggest that you try a strap that ties at the headstock and would recommend the Minotaur strap AAD1 and the strap shortener unless you are a very big person. This is because the neck and tuners make this guitar very neck heavy and a strap like this will mean your fretting hand is carrying less weight and strain.
You should seriously consider buying this guitar.


Very good guitar!
Anonymous 30.03.2016
I love this guitar!
It has an eccellent sound and it's very easy to play, for sure the easiest 12-string I've ever tried.
Barre chords are very simple to play all along the neck due to the low action and also fingerpicking is not as hard as I've found on other guitars. Obviously the neck is thick, but has a very nice playability. The sound is very well balanced with a long sustain because of the jumbo body. I find it perfect for DADGAD tuning.
The only minus is about the production: it's manufactered in China and, even if the quality of the product is very good and you can't really see big differences between made in China and made in Usa, it's still not ethic.
But if you don't care about the made in China, then I advise you to buy or at least give a try to this beautiful guitar.


DonalMcN 09.04.2020
I recieved my Guild F-1512 from Thomann last week. I never played a 12 string before I find this guitar easy to play. The workmanship in the making of this guitar is very good. The action is nice and low and the fretboard is smooth to move around. Holds tuning very well and has a great sound. There was a nice gig bag that came with the guitar. Very happy with my purchase from Thomann.


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Tolles Instrument mit Abstrichen
PrairieSong 30.09.2020
Vorweg: Ich mag diese Gitarre sehr.
ABER: Es hat den Anschein, als würde hier scheibchenweise weggespart.
Das Instrument, das ich erhalten habe weicht im Detail von den Abbildungen ab.
Das für mich wohl schmerzlichste ist eine gewisse strukturelle Schwäche, die man gerade von Guild, und dann noch von der "Westerly Edition" nicht erwartet.
Wer schon einmal eine Guild aus Westerly besessen hat, wird bei diesem Instrument vom haptischen Eindruck her wenig wiedererkennen, die F-1512 wirkt richtig leicht und filigran.
Auf den Bildern sieht man noch 2 Stahlstäbe (im Original mit zwei properen Muttern von der Kopfplatte aus einzustellen), bei meiner Gitarre ist einer übriggeblieben, einzustellen mit einem Inbusschlüssel mit 4mm Schlüsselweite (bei einer Schenkellänge von 12cm, sonst kommt man nicht hin). Schon bei normalem Kraftaufwand tordiert der Schlüssel, bei meinem Instrument scheint zudem auch der mechanische Anschlag des Stahlstabes nach kurzem Drehen erreicht zu sein, so etwas habe ich noch bei keiner anderen Gitarre erlebt.
Der Hals ist sehr schlank, beim Ansatz am Korpus fast beängstigend dünn.
Vielleicht liegt es an den Mechaniken, vielleicht am gesparten Material, jedenfalls ist die Gitarre nicht besonders stimmstabil, zumindest im Vergleich mit dem Original.
Was den Klang angeht ist das Instrument über jeden Zweifel erhaben, ich habe meine allerdings aus mehreren ausgesucht.
Und da war die Streuung enorm, die Hölzer werden bei dieser Serie eben nicht so genau ausgewählt wie bei Guild USA.
Das wirkt sich auch auf die Optik aus; daher sei jedem (der sich's leisten kann) empfohlen, nicht gleich die erstbeste zu nehmen, sondern mehrere zu bestellen oder vor Ort auszuprobieren.
Zuletzt noch der Gigbag.
Auf den Produktbildern ist ein schwarzes Softcase abgebildet, mittlerweile wird die Gitarre jedoch in einem Gigbag ausgeliefert.
Das sollte man wissen, manche mögen's, manche nicht