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Gretsch Drums started in 1883, when Friedrich Gretsch founded the company Gretsch Drums. the company is situated in Ridgeland SC, USA. The official German representative is the company GEWA music GmbH in Adorf (D).

At the moment we have 260 Gretsch Drums products - 169 of them are . Gretsch Drums has been a part of our range since 2005.

To inform our customers as best we can about Gretsch Drums products, you will find a total of 4337 media, reviews and test reports on Gretsch Drums products on our website - among them the following 2908 product images, 91 different 360 panoramic views, 349 sound samples, 953 customers' reviews and 36 test reports from magazines (in different languages).

From a total of 260 products 55 products are top sellers at Thomann amongst others in the following categories Drum Shell Sets, 14" Wooden Snare Drums, 10" Toms, Drum Hardware Sets, 14" Floor Toms, 16" Floor Toms and Tom Mounts.

The absolute Gretsch Drums best seller is the following product Gretsch Drums Catalina Club Jazz - SWG. This item has been sold more than 1.000 times.

Among the famous musicians who use Gretsch Drums equipment are the following Vinnie Colaiuta, Charlie Watts, Andrew Marshall and Gerry Margan.

At Thomann you buy Gretsch Drums products cheaper than elsewhere. We have reduced the prices of 24 of this manufacturer's products within the last three months.

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