Gotoh GE103B-T-C TOM-Style Bridge


Bridge for Electric Guitar

  • Tune-O-Matic style
  • For guitars with a fretboard radius of 300 mm (12")
  • Fits many Fernost guitars with large metric bolts (M8 thread)
  • Pin spacing: 74 mm
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 84.5 x 14 x 12.6 mm
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Includes M8 x 33.5 mm bolts & drive-in sleeves
  • Made in Japan
Available since February 2009
Item number 224297
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Chrome
Design Tune-O-Matic
Single Rider Yes
String Holder No
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In stock

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126 Reviews

Van Portogal 10.12.2015
I have bought a Kramer assault 220 plus from here that is a killer guitar for the price, the only thing that was cheap and malfunctioning was the bridge, because I was unable to get intonation of octaves because the adjustment screws was very tight, I had to use force, remove the bridge and then apply extreme force, that caused scratches on the chrome finish of the bridge and still the saddle wasn't moving backward enough!
So I ordered this bridge that at first sight seemed to be a drop in replacement... and it was.
I positioned it with the adjustment screw facing opposite to the pickups so I could adjust intonation without lowering the bridge pup and take full advantage of the adjustment range, because in this bridge all the saddles have the slope in the same direction and if you want to have full 3rd string backward movement you need to have the slope facing the bridge pickup! The only trouble making so is that this way you wouldn't have the string perfectly sitting on the cut of the saddle, but when in tension the strings wouldn't move because there will be enough friction between the string and the metal of the saddle to keep the string from moving.
It is made of much better metal, that is lighter of the original and gives the guitar a more deep and woody tone, that make the brigde pickup sound less shrill.
Definitely a mandatory upgrade for epiphone-kramer les paul, you don't need to file deeper cuts in the saddles, because when in tension the strings wouldn't move because of friction.
Gotoh should upgrade this product with a deeper saddle cut so it can be positioned both ways without worries.


Redgrave 24.09.2019
Perfect bridge for single cut guitars, every my Harley Benton's have this bridge. and the intonation stays perfect... but its needed to the done.



Great product with good value and great compatibility! Plug and Play
Anonymous 05.01.2017
Bought this to upgrade my Epiphone Les Paul Studio.
Even though in its description it is mentioned that it can only be used with American Single Cut les paul models I've tried it and it's a perfect match.
Intonation took me not more then 10 minutes, its easy to set up and it is a sturdy fine made tune-o-matic bridge.
The blades are pre-notched and work fine with 0.10 - 0.46 string set, they do not need to be filled if you use the same gauge as I do, but might be necessary if you intend to go with thicker gauges, I will test that when the current set needs changing.
The studs fit Epiphone's cavity studs which is great, no need to start finding solutions on how to safely remove them, just plug and play.
The chrome finish looks great and really shines adding more value from Gotoh's products.

Plug and play when upgrading Asian LP models
It's easy to install and fast
Pre-notched so no need to take a ride at a luthier
Good material and nice looking finish
Comes in 3 different finishes (unlike some other brands)


It really is a upgrade, I have tried a GIbson bridge before buying this and I could barely get it intonated, but this one fixed the problem for me, intonated on my first try and still have a long way to move the blades.

It is a must buy for tuning problems and tuning stability.


Fits well on my SG 400
GrungeyGarden 21.12.2022
I ordered this Gotoh bridge brand new, since the stock Tune-o-matic bridge on my Epiphone SG 400 was very old, rusty and was beyond saving.

I don´t notice that much difference in terms of "tone", but i do notice how much the difference is in terms of quality, and how better it feels whenever I rest my hand on the bridge.
For 32 dollars I´m very happy with this!