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Göldo TV13N


Vintage Lugs

  • With M3 thread
  • 11 mm Wide
  • Material: Nickel
  • For Strats
Colour Nickel
Design ST-Style Saddle, Vintage
Single Rider Yes
String Holder No
Item number 171647
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Madman 01.11.2017
I used these as replacement for my American Standard ones.

The ones on the American Standard are cool, but not very classy (to me), so I decided to give these a try, instead of changing the whole bridge.

It didn't fit perfectly though. But after a little sanding one the sides, they are in, and working very well. They are very well built! Very strong material.

As for the sound, it didn't make a difference to me.

I recommend. Really good...


Essential to the true Strat tone, in my opinion
Benjamin I. 19.07.2014
Resonant steel sounds way better than zinc alloy, and these thin saddles are lighter. I polish the top, where the string touches it, like you have to polish frets. Supernice tone.

Edit: after some experiments, I noticed you have to narrow down the saddles so they don't touch each other. They are 10.8mm wide, they need to be sanded down to 9.9mm or 10mm. That's because if they touch each other, when you hit a string the energy is spread into the five other strings, so the note you play is weaker and a bit dull.

Obviously, the energy of a single pick strike on one string is not enough to vibrate six strings. So now I separate the saddles - it takes about an hour to sand them down to the proper width - and notes are better articulated, clearer and more powerful. Sympathic resonance is still there, but with no muddiness.

When you play a chord each note rings cleaner, and the whole chord is more shimmering. It's easy to see if you have a bass because the saddles have lateral play (at least with traditional Fender-type bridges), just push them aside. Strike a note, it's clear. Now reunite the saddles so they touch each other, hit a string, it will sound a little dull and weaker.

I have installed the Göldo saddles on six guitars, three have the narrowed-down saddles, three have the regular width. Those with a gap between the saddles ring with more clarity, the others have some mudiness; I will do the same job on them; it's tedious to rub metal on sand paper (60-grit because that's hard steel), but it's worth it, and the improvement will last forever.


Nice items but...
Leftygaucher 04.05.2018
No question, these are quality items. However they are a different size (larger and wider) than the standard import units found on almost all Asian-made beginner level guitars.
There is one trick these are good for though. You can replace every third saddle on your guitar with one of these (two total for a six string) and obtain a slightly wider string spacing that's more like a vintage Fender.
Or just use them on a standard Fender or Squier.
The quality is there.


Short screws
Anonymous 14.04.2016
It is perfect for vintage tremolo bridge but height adjustment screws are short (some of them short, some of them long)

. Good quality
. It works

.Height adjustment screws are short


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