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Göldo Pot 500K Lin


Potentiometer for Guitar and Bass

  • Resistance: 500 kOhm
  • Resistance curve: Linear
  • Knurled shaft
  • Thread length: 10 mm / 0.393"
  • Thread diameter (bore): 8 mm / 0.305"
  • Housing diameter: 24 mm / 0.95"
  • Durable
  • Tin-plated case for very easy soldering
Design Volume
Resistance Value 500 kOhms
Characteristic Curve Linear
Tandem Poti No
Push/Push No
Solderless No
shaft type grooved
available since February 2006
Item number 189746
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Fine pots
LargePotato4455 12.09.2021
Good potentiometers, wanted to replace them because my guitar had mini-pots that worked badly.

The main problem was that the holes in the guitar body where potentiometers are inserted were too small, I had to expand them a little with a file.
After this I soldered them, installed, and I think that they slightly changed the sound.

I'm happy that now I can normally change the volume of the guitar, on the previous pots the volume changed only if I roll them to 0. But with these all is fine.

Don't have any complaints, recommend them!


The best yet.
Edgar Blackdagger 03.12.2019
I've tried a lot of the pot options available, from cheap brands to American AllParts, Fender and DiMarzio but there's nothing like these Goldos.

No-name brand pots are basically on-off switches, Fender ones turn way too easily so most of the times they get turned accidentally, DiMarzio ones are extremely stiff so you just can't do volume and tone swells + I had a DiMarzio push-pull on a guitar once and after 2 years of light use, it just fell off when I pulled it (plus the price is ridiculous) and the AllParts ones are just mediocre and a bit overpriced.

I've bought exclusively Goldo Made In Japan pots for the last 4-5 years for my main 3 electrics and they are just perfect. Perfect feel, perfect functionality, perfect durability.
No scratchy pots since 2015!!!


Very good replacement
Benjamin I. 14.07.2020
One of the volume pots and the tone pot broke on my Stagg jazz-type bass when I decided to make them tighter. To be prudent I changed both volume pots using these Göldo units. Tone and hum didn't change at all but the new knobs are much slicker than the old ones.

Soldering them was easy and the assembly is solid, I only had to add a washer on the underside so the new volume knobs would reach the same height as the tone pot which is another type.

Unlike the worn-out Stagg units that broke when tightening them a little more, these are built tough and can be tightened firmly without breaking. Affordable are satisfying so I can recommend them.


Still working after 9 years
sidvics 24.06.2021
Along with other pot (Goldo EL500), this was bought back in 2013 for a DIY guitar project. And like the other Goldo EL500, it is still working perfectly like day 1. No issues, no fall-out. Note that the guitar is used only for room practice and not for show/gig, so the experience might be different for heavy usage.


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