Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s BB


Electric Guitar

  • Body: Mahogany
  • Top: Maple
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Trapezoid fingerboard inlays
  • Cream body binding
  • Cream fingerboard binding
  • Scale: 628 mm
  • Nut width: 43 mm
  • 22 Medium frets with cryogenic fret treatment
  • Pickups: Burstbucker 61T (bridge) and Burstbucker 61R (neck) humbuckers
  • 2 Volume and 2 tone controls
  • Handwired with Orange Drops capacitors
  • Aluminium Tune-O-Matic bridge
  • Aluminium stop bar
  • Colour: Bourbon Burst
  • Incl. case
  • Made in USA
Available since May 2019
Item number 462510
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Colour Burst
Body Mahogany
Top Maple
Neck Mahogany
Fretboard Rosewood
Frets 22
Scale 628 mm
Pickups HH
Tremolo None
Incl. Case Yes
Incl. Gigbag No
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As classic as it gets

front of the electric guitar Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s BB

There are only a few guitar designs that have decisively influenced generations of players and shaped the course of music history, and there is no question that Gibson's Les Paul is one of those few. Of course, this model has gone through numerous variations in the 70-odd years since it was first introduced, but most players ultimately still want instruments that are as close as possible to those from the late 1950s and early 1960s. That is exactly what they get with this guitar - which of course is manufactured to the highest standards of quality in the USA and is just waiting to continue the Les Paul's illustrious legacy.

humbucking pickups on the flamed maple top of the Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s BB

The Guitar for Rock - and beyond

Explaining the Gibson Les Paul to a guitarist is pretty much like bringing sand to the beach - after all, anyone who is even remotely familiar with the history of the electric guitar or takes an interest in the instruments played by prominent musicians will have heard of this classic model. Rock musicians like Slash and Peter Frampton as well as more modern bands like In Flames are often among the first names to crop up in conjunction with the Les Paul, so many are quick to overlook how flexible it can be and how well it can handle other styles. Thanks to its excellent combination of woods, ingenious and now-legendary design, and top-quality hardware, the Les Paul Standard is quite simply a fantastic guitar. End of story.

red mahogany body of the Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s BB

For guitarists who want to keep growing, year after year

In these times of constant technological change, it is easy to forget that there is an essential, down-to-earth craftsmanship that goes into to playing the guitar. So if you are looking for an instrument that will both challenge you and boost your development while letting you find your very own style, you have come to the right place. There is a very good reason why the Gibson Les Paul has become a classic that is loved by millions of musicians around the world. Quite apart from its tonal characteristics, this guitar also looks stunning. The Bourbon Burst finish shown here, for example, brings out the grain of the guitar's maple top beautifully with its striking colour transition.

Gibson Les Paul Standard headstock

About Gibson

The Gibson Guitar Corporation was founded in 1902 by Orville Gibson and has its headquarters in Nashville, USA. Gibson is world famous and is loved by many musicians for its cult-status instruments. Gibson was responsible for building the world’s first mass-produced electric guitar, the ES-150, in 1936. The “Les Paul”, one of the first solid-body electric guitars, followed in 1952 and remains hugely popular to this day, in great part thanks to the “humbucker” pickups installed from 1957 onwards. The range has expanded over the years to include such well-known guitar models as the SG, the Flying V, and the ES-335, as well as bass guitars and acoustic guitars including the Thunderbird bass and the Hummingbird dreadnought. Well-known artists such as Pete Townshend, Slash, Angus Young, Tony Iommi, B.B. King, Michael Patrick Kelly, and Nikki Sixx, swear by Gibson guitars.

Develop your own unique sound

If you want to improve your guitar playing and find a sound and a style of your very own, you will need a partner that gives you all the necessary tools as well as plenty of flexibility to use them - and the Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s BB gives you both. It is of course also perfect for those who "only" want to unleash rocking riffs and creamy lead tones on the audience, but it is well worth studying this high-quality instrument in greater depth and fully exploring the sounds and possibilities offered by the two Burstbuckers, which are equipped with a dedicated volume and tone control each and governed by a three-way toggle switch. This combination puts the full range of sounds - from Funk and Jazz all the way to Metal - at the player's fingertips, so guitar and player together will form an unbeatable partnership.

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58 Reviews

Very poorly finished guitar, very disappointed
Kevin65 12.11.2021
On inspecting my new guitar I found the following issues:
binding very badly finished with small gouges out of the fretboard, rough frets, bits of dried polishing compound stuck to the lacquer, some fisheye marks in the lacquer, top of headstock poorly finished, control cavity cover plate fitted crooked, a shallow indentation in the wood at the back of the body, some marks on the bridge pickup cover. My 2017 Les Paul Classic T has none of these issues. The guitar is sitting in its box in the hall ready to be returned tomorrow. I was really looking forward to this purchase, to say I am disappointed is an understatement and would not purchase a new Gibson again unless I could inspect it first as Gibson quality control can't be trusted unfortunately.


Gibson les Paul QC issues
James AR 10.12.2021
I received The gibson les paul standard 60s bourbon burst guitar from thomann but it has so many blemishes and defective from factory in so many areas in the guitar which is not acceptable for the guitar in this price range or even in cheap guitars as follw.
(so I am not blaming thomann)
1- the volume knob reflector piece fall off when I take out the guitar from the case.
2- small white spot under the clear coat finish.
3- Fretboard binding has scratches in several places and some of them not finished properly and the frets nips at the upper register frets from the 19th fret up to last fret as you see in the pictures.
4- the paint job is very poor around the neck meets the body and the binding joint it has orange peel feeling and looks ugly as you can see in the pitures.
5- the nut have some parts flaking off the nut under the strings as you can see.
6- the headstock have also bad painting job and orange peel with bubbles.
7- the body over all have some light scratches on several places also.

in conclusion what happened at the end I asked thomann to return it and send me replacement they refused they told me i can return it back for full refund because this is normal quality for gibson guitars finishing will show some blemishes or I can keep it and to send me partial refund 30 euros only for the knobs so I prefer to keep it as It is my dream guitar and this is the third time ordering les paul online the previous times i purchased them from different sellers and i returned because of QC issues and I am really in love gibson les paul so this time will be the last time purchasing gibson guitars specially from online stores so I kept the guitar cause i am afraid to return it back and receive another one with worse QC issues and also because I paid 260 euros for the custom in my country which not returnable and I've taken it to a luthier in my country to fix some of the issues and that also cost me another 260 euros cause and now the guitar in better condition but not perfect.


Excellent quality and fast shipping despite covid-19 situation
Marc78 12.05.2020
My LP was delivered in impeccable condition, I carefully checked every parts of the guitar's body, assembly, finishing etc... No issues to report. The box is sealed out of Gibson's factory.
In my opinion, the guitar was setup optimally out of the factory.

Somehow the Bourbon Burst's colour tones appear lighter in the flesh than in pictures. It is closer to Ice Tea than it is to Tobacco burst, so not straight in the middle of these tones as I expected it to be. But it's not an issue, and depends on the amount and type of light projecting on the guitar.

I took a bit of a gamble ordering the guitar through UPS during this covid-19 situation. Thomann was extremely fast in handling the shipment, UPS was a little slower than usual out of Germany probably due to custom.
Therefore I will say that it is safe to order during this pandemic lock-down, provided that you consult UPS' website pages describing the shipping situation in your country.

I'm not going to comment on the reasons to buy a Gibson LP and a particular model over an another, at this price range you should know what you are doing in your choice of guitar.


43-year old me's gift to 15-year old me
Poxblossom 26.01.2023
This has been my dream guitar since I first started playing but never committed to because of the high price. Instead I played a lot of other guitars over the years, ranging from budget to very nice options from other market-leading brands but realised I was never going to be happy if I didn't scratch my Les Paul itch, even if it turned out to be a disappointment.

Well, I love it. Every time I play this guitar I can feel the value. The factory setup was very good - perfect intonation - and the fretboard is an absolute dream. I honestly believe this guitar has elevated my playing in the two months that I've been breaking it in and would urge anyone agonising over the decision to go for it.

I see a lot of comments about cosmetic issues, so I'll address those briefly. Firstly, the bursts and flaming vary from guitar to guitar and the pictures used on Thomann's site are of a particularly good-looking (to my eye) guitar so take that into consideration if the look is important to you. Secondly, there were some minor finishing issues on my guitar such as a rough nut and some tape not entirely between the body and neck. I also have a small mar in the finish on the body where the pickguard rests, in spite of the small protective patch. Personally, I consider these all to be inconsequential issues when weighed up against the playability and quality of the instrument as a whole.


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