Gibson Les Paul Custom AW


Electric Guitar

  • Les Paul Custom
  • Arched Maple top (Swietenia macrophylla)
  • Body: Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla)
  • Fretboard: Ebony (Diospyros classiforia)
  • Pearl block inlays
  • Scale: 628 mm
  • 22 Frets
  • Pickups: 490R Humbucker (neck), 498T humbucker (bridge)
  • Hardware: Gold-plated
  • Colour: Alpine White
  • Includes a case
  • Made in the USA
available since January 2005
Item number 177619
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colour White
Body Mahogany
Top Maple
Neck Mahogany
Fretboard Ebony
Frets 22
Scale 628 mm
Pickups HH
Tremolo None
Incl. Case Yes
Incl. Gigbag No
Model Les Paul Custom
Shape LP-Style
Pickup System HH
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Gibson Les Paul Custom AWG
P-Project 17.07.2013
This is a review of a Les Paul Custom Apline White purchased from Thomann.

Firstly the service from Thomann was excellent. Very helpful communication by phone and email and a 4 day delivery time to the UK. The guitar arrived nicely packaged. I have bought from Thomann on 4 occasions now and have always
had excellent service.

Back to the guitar.

The guitar came in a sealed boxed that I think had not be opened since it left the factory in the USA. Inside was the newer Custom tan case and custom shop certificate passport. I think I prefer the older black cases but that just my opinion. The case doesnt include any candy at all. No lead,stickers,cloth etc. I like this though. Just minimal splendour. I love the Apline White finish with Gold Hardware. It's a fine looking instrument.

Build/Fit/Finish Quality:
Having watched how Gibson builds guitars on YouTube and in particular the Les Paul Custom I was impressed with the build quality and finish. I know that a lot of the build is done by hand. The binding in particualr is a highly skilled process. I also know that the white nitro finish is a demanding process as white shows all airbourne impurities when spraying. I couldn't find any flaws at all in the finish. All the hardware was fitted nicely. There is a sense of "by hand" craftsman ship with this guitar. They will all be slighly different and unique. I like that.

The only one minor "flaw" I noticed is that there must be a tiny piece of dust/wood shaving in the chamber cavity. There's a very slight noise of something moving around in there. It's not too audible and doesnt impact playing at all. I will class this as a personality trait.

Setup/Playing experience.
The out of box set-up was suprisingly perfect to my taste. The action was perfect, the fretword immaculate. It was nice to see fine tooling marks where the binding on the end of the frets had been dressed by hand. The guitar has good intonation and is resonant. The pickups were set up with good balance. This guitar plays like butter.

Sound: Im not going to be able to describe this well. Sound is too subjective. To my ears the the Custom has a wide array of sounds in the 3 pickup positions.
All genres of music could be played on this from Jazz to Metal. The tone pots are very usuable and offer a lot of variation. I have 3 Les Pauls. A 2008 Standard and Les Paul Deluxe and now the Custom. They all sound different but fabulous. I would say the Custom has a more varied musical range of tones.

Richlite v Ebony - the big debate: Initially I was a purist Ebony fan. But common sense took over. I've played a few guitars (mainly acoustics) with Richlite and cannot fault it.

My guitar has a Richlite board (calm down its ok) and I think its a fine material. Yes its not organic or as aesthetically pleasing as Ebony but as functioning material I cant fault it. It looks nice, solid, stable and jet black and plays very smoothly.

The Custom is an outstanding instrument. It's a privelege to own and play. I would recommend trying one. Once bitten forever smitten though.


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La mejor guitarra que he tocado jamás
Jose Angel 28.09.2012
La Gibson Les Paul Custom no solo es un instrumento estéticamente bello. Es cómoda de tocar, con una acción estupenda, buena construcción... y, sobre todo, su sonido. Qué sonido!!. Esto es puro rock. Al tocarla te das cuenta de por qué tal o cual canción de tu grupo favorito sonaba como sonaba. Sus pastillas son un cañón, que dispara en la dirección de los sonidos míticos del rock: desde rock clásico a punk, pasando por hard rock o powerpop. Aunque, si lo necesitas, también maneja sonidos limpios con facilidad y potencia.
Tengo muchas guitarras, incluidas dos Gretsch de gama alta (Nashville y SilverJet); son geniales, y cada una se adapta a un estilo. Pero ninguna es como la Gibson Les Paul Custom. Se nota al enchufarla a casi cualquier ampli (la he tocado con Orange, Marshall, Fender, Vox y Mesa Boogie, y con todas es brillante, apenas necesitas toquetear los potenciómetros para lograr un gran tono). Acordes abiertos, con cejilla, solos o palm mute, esta guitarra suena a...lo he dicho antes: puro rock. Excelente.
Como extra, venía con un estuche Gibson de alta calidad. Buen añadido, aunque lógico y esperable, dada la gama y precio de la guitarra.


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Die geilste Gitarre, die ich bisher in der Hand hatte...
Jens971 08.11.2013
... in einem Satz könnte man sagen: "Die spielt sich von selber!"

Die Gitarre ist ein Traum! Fühlt sich geil an, Spielt sich wunderbar leicht und geschmeidig. Klingt hammermäßig. Sehr gutes Sustain und sehr sauber verarbeitet!

Mit meiner Studio bin ich auch sehr zufrieden, aber zwischen ihr und der Custom AW liegen Welten.

Selbst die kyrillischsten [:-)] 7sus2-Akkorde klingen auf dieser Gitarre einfach gut. Das Teil ist jeden Penny wert, ich würde sie wieder kaufen!


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Du rêve à la réalité!
Anonymous 17.11.2014
Tout d'abord un petit mot sur Thomann , le colis ok pas de problème et la hot line est formidable car j'ai eu quelques soucis avec ma commande venant de mon fait et ils ont été très patient donc un grand bravo à eux!
Pour la guitare, ben c'est une Gibson.
Lutherie et fabrication au top et en blanc c'est un plaisir pour les yeux.
Le son bien gras et chaud enfin moi j'aime bien et c'est bien là le principale.
Certes elle fait son poids mais c'est vraiment peut de chose par apport au plaisir qu'elle me procure déjà!
Sinon c'est la guitare qu'il me manquait, un rêve qui devient réalité.
Aller, je retourne gratter car j'ai des fourmis dans les doigts et les oreilles!