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Thomann Fret File


Fret File

  • For filing and reshaping of frets
  • 3 mm fine cut on both sides
  • Dimensions without handle (L x W x D): 150 x 16 x 4 mm
Available since January 2004
Item number 166645
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416 Reviews

Inexpensive and effective
Anonymous 27.10.2016
I bought this file thinking that I would buy some cheap option to get started on fretwork and then buy a proper one when I got good at it... Actually, I've done many setups by now and this file is withstanding the test of time with no issues whatsoever

It does the job pretty well and works fine on any Medium to Jumbo frets, and will last for a long time.

- Quality file that fits 80 to 90% of frets sizes out there
- I like the cable a lot and find it really comfortable for the task. Considering that you shouldn't get too comfortable while you crown the frets (so you stop and don't file away too much), this provides you with the right amount of comfort.
- Being double-sided, it ensures that the file will really last for a long time
- The file is very long, which means you can cover the whole fret surface while crowning, without hitting the guitar neck with the file's cable

Nothing that I can think of...

In sum, I would much rather buy another one of these when this one reaches its end-of-life, than getting a very expensive one that maybe will last for the same amount of time.


ATTENTION it's not for ALL Jumbo Frets!
Kostaaa 18.03.2021
The inner groove is 2.70mm wide!

I read in the reviews that most people recommend it for Jumbo frets (or Jumbo and Medium/most fret sizes). The Jumbo Frets on my guitars are around 2.9mm wide (Ibanez RGs). The file can't fit vertically and need to be angled. The inner edge got dull after 2-3 frets. It took me a LOT of effort (hours) to finish all 24 frets (twisting for the edges/moving under high angle on Ibanez RG - 2.92mm).
On the next day I tried on Medium frets (2.1mm) and the file was working just fine.
The Jumbo frets are anywhere from 2.49 to 2.99mm wide.
3" doesn't mean up to 3mm.
I sent a message to Thomann. They must update the description.

It's my 1st Fret File, so I can't compare it to something else.
Measure the Fret width before order.


Briano 09.12.2014
I bought this file to crown the Stainless Steel frets on the guitar I was working on. I assumed I might get one or two guitars done before the file wore down, but about 10 guitars later I am still using it and there is plenty of guitars left in it. Buyers should know that working with stainless steel frets, will shorten the lifespan of any file but this has served me very well. I only use it after I level the frets , to file the sides of the frets to remove the flat surface. which it does very well. It takes only from the sides of the fretwire which is exactly what you want! If you are working on regular nickel frets this file will last in you toolbox for a long long time. Its double sided which is great... It a good solid build... not to heavy and very comfortable to hold. Highly recommended!


Miguelast98 10.01.2022
I love em, simply great quality for price, durable and crown the frets really nicely, wish they had more sizes to choose from, did a couple of crowning on strats and perfect but when it comes to jumbo from ibanez Rg’s etc you can get the job done but will take a lot more time and you really need to be careful, but other than that it’s an amazing product, didn’t have to look for stew Max super expensive ones to get a good job done