Gator GC-ELEC-XL Guitar ABS Case


Moulded Guitar Case

  • For ST/T-style guitars
  • Made of plastic
  • With aluminium lock profile
  • Interior with EPS foam padding, neck support and accessory pocket
  • Lockable fastener
  • Weight: 4.72 kg

Inner Dimensions:

  • Body length: 472 mm
  • Body height: 61 mm
  • Body width (upper/middle/lower): 323 / 323 / 323 mm
  • Total length: 1064 mm

Outer Dimensions:

  • Length: 1110 mm
  • Width: 417 mm
  • Height: 157 mm
Available since September 2008
Item number 212516
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Cases For ST-Style Guitars Yes
Cases For T-Style Models Yes
for double cut models No
foe semi-hollowbody models No
Cases For V-Style Guitars No
for single cut models No
Cases For Jazzguitars No
For Other Models Yes
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Sturdy guitar case for ST and T-type guitars

Granted, a gig bag is usually perfectly adequate for transporting a guitar, but sometimes you need a bit more protection. For instance, when the instrument vanishes into the bottomless abyss of the tour bus among boxes and cases on the way to the gig, or if it needs to be stored under optimum protective conditions over a long period of time. The Gator GC-ELEC-XL ABS guitar case, with its shell made of impact-resistant ABS plastic, robust aluminium strips, and firmly locking latches, offers the optimum solution for transporting or storing your favourite instrument safely, at an extremely attractive price!

Opened Gator GC-ELEC-XL Moulded Guitar Case

For ST- and T-style guitars

The Gator product range offers a huge selection of custom-made cases for almost every type of guitar. The GC-ELEC-XL ABS was developed specifically for the legendary ST- and T-style models and is made to accommodate instruments of these and similar designs. The instrument should have a body length of approximately 47.6cm, a height of approximately 9cm, a width of approximately 32.4cm, and a total length of approximately 106.7cm. A solid handle is attached in an offset position and ensures that the case and its valuable contents can be carried horizontally. Thanks to the aluminium strip around the entire rim of the case, you can also accidentally bump into obstacles without causing any damage. The interior contains an EPS foam core covered with velvety-soft plush. Besides offering the perfect fit complete with neck support, the soft material also protects the instrument perfectly from scratches. In addition, two storage compartments are provided for keeping important accessories, such as cables or tuners.

Handle on the Gator GC-ELEC-XL Moulded Guitar Case

Affordable case with a hard shell and soft core

The Gator GC-ELEC-XL ABS guitar case is suitable for all musicians with a ST- or T-style guitars, or an electric guitar of a similar design who travel a lot and attach great importance to transporting their delicate equipment as safely as possible. Although hardly more expensive than a decent gig bag, this case offers considerably better protection and is the ideal companion for beginners on their way to the rehearsal room as well as for professionals whose instruments tend to vanish underneath a mountain of band equipment on the tour bus. The sturdy handle allows the case to be carried in an optimally balanced position. The neck support on the inside combined with the precise fit of the EPS foam used virtually pulls the instrument right in.

Gator logo on the GC-ELEC-XL Moulded Guitar Case

About Gator

Gator, or Gator Cases, is an American firm founded in 2000 by father-daughter team Jerry Freed and Crystal Morris in Tampa, Florida. Initially, Gator began with a modest range of moulded plastic guitar cases. From there, they expanded the product line to include case and bag solutions for the whole field of instruments and equipment. A wide variety is covered: Instruments, microphones, and all aspects of live performance, including lighting equipment. At the same time, products for other media areas such as photo and video are also available. All products are made of high-quality plastics, wood, textiles, and EVA materials. The Gator companies also include flight case manufacturer Viking Cases and guitar strap manufacturer Levy's Leathers Ltd., as well as Gator Rackworks and Gator Frameworks.

Ideal for the road or for safe storage

The GC-ELEC-XL ABS guitar case shows its potential mainly when transport requires a bit of rough handling. The hard and shock-resistant ABS plastic shell can easily withstand even the hardest knocks, and the robust aluminium strip fitted around the rim ensures that the three latches are perfectly aligned. If, on the other hand, the instrument is to be stored for extended periods in the cellar or the rehearsal room where conditions are not ideal, the case also rises effortlessly to the occasion. In this way, a guitar can be kept safe and protected from external influences over a longer period of time, embedded in soft plush. Naturally, the GC-ELEC-XL ABS guitar case is also equipped with a lock to prevent unauthorised access.

Gator GC-ELEC-XL Moulded Guitar Case

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309 Reviews

Quite good for the price
Anonymous 29.07.2015
I've had 2 of these cases for around 3 years now. I've had them in and out of cars/ vans/ houses/ venues over 500 times and theyre still working.
The latches are getting a bit shook but thats to be expected with all the use they
Inside, the cases fit my strats/tele quite well, theres only a tiny bit of movement around the neck slot, nothing I'm worried about.
I've had these cases shipped by courier a few times and they've come back in the same condition they went out in.
The lock works well too, I feel safe enough locking the guitars in there overnight in a van.
I'm not sure if I would ship this in the cargo hold of a flight as I don't think it would stand up to baggage handlers.
Overall, for the price I'm very happy, when my cases finally break I'll be ordering more of these.


Comfy Case
Dev W. 25.12.2013
This is a great case for the price. I bought this case for my baritone 7 string electric guitar and my long scale bass. The instruments fit perfectly in the case. The inner plush lining and protective foam makes my guitars really comfortable and safe.

It has an accessory compartment which is really useful to keep your guitar accessories such as picks, tuner, guitar cables, etc. One feature that I like is the key lock which is vital to secure my guitars from curious people at a show.

Until now the case has been holding quite well, except for some cracks on the outer plastic body which has been due to heavy gigging.

You can also modify the inner shape of the case if your guitar can't fit well. This has been the case for my Ibanez BTB bass guitar which has a long upper horn. This can easily be done with a cutter.

An awesome product for the price, especially for gigging musicians. However, is you're thinking to travel with your guitar I'll recommend an aluminum case.


Not for all Stratocaster guitar models
Cesar_Bandeira 29.10.2016
This case has an excellent construction quality at a reasonable price, considering other alternatives in the market.

I bought it because the case description says "For ST/T-style guitars".

Well... not for my stratocaster model...!!!

I have a SQUIER Stratocaster Vintage Modified and this Gator GC-ELEC-XL case did not fit correctly to my guitar.
The body space is great. In fact,it is perfect, because it is completely adjusted to the body, so it it doesn't moves.

But the neck support is longer than the guitar neck. That means the headstock rests in the top end of the neck support. That makes impossible to close the case without forcing the guitar neck, which is not a good idea.

I recommend especial attention to this detail, because being Squier a Fender brand, and being Fender the original standard of Stratocaster guitar type, I can imagine a lot of issues with Strat guitar types of the other brands.

I will have to return this case, or I have to make some adaptation works so it can fits my guitar. And probably I would make those adaptation, because the rest of the case details and quality are just great.


Exactly What I Expected
Mountain Tiger 03.03.2022
I own many Gator products because they are rugged and well made.