Gator G-PG Bass Guitar Bag


Professional Electric Bass Gig Bag

  • ProGo Ultimate Series
  • 25 mm Padding
  • Carrying handles on the side and front
  • Detachable and adjustable backpack straps
  • Micro-fleece interior
  • Internal block shock absorber
  • Highly robust inner padding
  • Pocket for tablet computer
  • Large outer pocket with cable management and 3 inner pockets
  • Weight: approx. 3.2 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Rain cover included

Internal Dimensions

  • Body length: 533 mm
  • Body height: 89 mm
  • Lower width: 345 mm
  • Centre width: 305 mm
  • Upper width: 330 mm
  • Total length: 1194 mm
available since December 2014
Item number 346371
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Model E-Bass
Surface Material Nylon
Outside Pocket Yes
Backpack Yes
Color Black
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Exactly what I needed
Karl Coogan 15.12.2017
I used to have hardcases all the time for my Ibanez BTB676, and the weight would kill my arms, from travelling to do gigs or practice on public transport to just walking around with it, very bulky, very hard to deal with.

Ever since I got this padded gigbag I couldn't believe how much better it was, I could throw it on my back or carry it by the handle on the side and it has never caused undeserved strain on me, it gives great protection for my bass and has loads of compartments for storing anything, and even has a laptop compartment.

- Very durable, comfortable, and user friendly
- Offers great protection for your instrument
- More storage than I could ever need, but I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it
- Padded straps and handles make it very easy to carry

- I didn't buy it sooner lol
- When doing a lot of walking (30 mins~) the straps can slide ever so slightly over that period of time, causing the bass to move down your back a small bit
- Had problems walking through doors or under low hanging trees as the bass sticks out way over your head

I highly recommend this for the travelling musician with no car or for someone who needs a comfortable and compact case compared to their current hardcase. Couldn't recommend this case enough


Sleek, comfortable and tough
Anonymous 18.02.2015
I owned Gator's older model, the G-Com, and it has served very well for over 3 years of work. It did have some flaws, but the G-PG seems to have solved them.

The old G-Com did not have shock protection on the bottom, so after 3 years of use, a hole was opened at the bottom, where the strap button is. The G-PG has a very good bottom shock protection cushion, looks like it is not going to happen this time.

It now has a very nice feeling micro fleece lining, instead of the regular fabric.

Other new features include a front top pocket - very convenient for picks, Flash storage and small items, and a front handle that I missed so much on the older model. This is pure convenience when boarding a bus, a train or an aircraft. It's a shame that other more expansive bags just don't have it.

The quality of the zipper tabs also improved - on the older model the main zipper tab was lost during the first week of use.

Another major improvement on the G-Com model are the back straps. Their height is adjustable, and the center of gravity of the bass makes more sense now. It is also easier to pick the bass from the floor. On the older one I needed to bend over to do that.

Storage is still very good and better than most bags in its class or higher, but it is a little less than the older model, where I could store complete sheet music binders, now it can only accommodate pages.

The bag also got longer, to give space for the bottom shock absorption, but I've found that the headstock of my bass still has 3 more inches to spare on the top, and it's a long scale bass (Ken Smith). The older model was already very long, and this one is not going to be easier to push inside an ordinary trunk, or an overhead compartment of planes.

The design is sleek and slim, but it makes an almost too tight fit where the upper body horn of the bass is. My bass design is narrow (BSR shape) and the zipper is closing very tight at that point.

I chose this bag because I think it offers the best protection, storage and features in this price range and even above. I would gladly pay more if the more expansive ones had offered these features, and had enough storage.

Turned out I chose Gator again.

Besides the quality of these bags, it looks like Gator put good effort on development, and fixing the design flaws. I wouldn't have bought a Gator case again if it did not have the bottom protection.

Great buy, Great value.


Another Great Gator Bag
brunomaiajazzbass 06.04.2018
Excellent, as usual.
I have another one by Gator, which is rectangular case, but with simialr foam. It looks as robust as the rectangular one, only shaped, and lighter.

Many flights and no damage, so far, neither to the cases, nor to the instruments.
Good handling,
Balanced Weight.
Good Protection.
Might even be used a Flight Bag for the mighty travellers (with some luck of course).
Has Rain Protection Cover
Lots of pockets.
Great looking
The rain Protections could be the very fabric of the case, not a separate nylon jacket. I thought the case were waterproof, but it is not. The extra nylon-like cover seems to handle rain, snow, etc well enough, though.

Conclusion, it is not a crash helmet composite, it is foam. It may bend, has a limit of weight it can hold on top, but I trust this case on flights. Thomann has a good deal here. I recommend it.


Great quality at an amazing price!
Dj Asterix 13.09.2019
Bought this gigbag to carry a Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass, in order to replace an aging Mono M80 that have served me well for the last 6 years. This is my second Gator Pro-Go gigbag, the other one is an electric guitar size being used by my Fender Mustang Bass; and I’m really satisfied with the quality of this products.

Love the attention to detail that Gator put on the construction of this gigbag, and the look and feel of the fábrics. The exterior is very strong nylon and the interior is very soft fabric. The padding around tha bass feels really sturdy. Another great details are the metallic hooks on the straps, and the rain cover that came with the bag.

You have pockets all around the bag, more than you’ll ever need. There is place for cables, pedals, sheet music, and a dedicated pouch for an IPad or Notebook.

Another plus is the price, you can’t believe the quality for such an affordable price tag.