Fun Generation USB PartyPar 6 RGB


LED Deco-LED Spotlight with RGB Colour Mixing

  • Can be used anywhere to easily set colour accents
  • USB powered - micro USB connection for power supply
  • Small and light - ideal for the party cellar
  • Can be easily powered with a power bank or the supplied mains adapter
  • 3 Operating modes: Music control, fade programmes or automatic programme sequence

Technical specifications:

  • LEDs: 6x 3 W RGB
  • Power supply PAR: 5V / 1A
  • Power supply power pack: 100 - 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: Approximately 7 W
  • Dimensions: 160 x 130 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 0.2 kg

The price cracker in the party cellar

With the USB PartyPar 6 RGB, the Thomann house brand Fun Generation has an LED spotlight on offer that comes with an extremely favourable price. The small PAR light sets light accents that work all the better the darker the room is. The USB PartyPAR 6 RGB has some amazingly practical features on board. Gentle fade programmes provide a gradually changing background light, automatic chasers bring variety. And with music, the sound-to-light function is recommended, where the built-in microphone changes the light to match the beat in the room. The PAR can even be used wirelessly with a standard power bank. Alternatively, the included power supply unit provides the small spotlight with power.

Wirelessly happy

The Fun Generation USB PartyPAR 6 RGB casts coloured cones of light onto surfaces and objects with six RGB LEDs of 3 watts each. At only 200 grams, the spotlight is extremely light and at 160 mm wide, 130 mm high and 50 mm deep, it is also visually inconspicuous. The luminaire is designed so that the bracket is suitable for standing on the ground. With a switch on the back, one chooses between the operating modes Auto, Sound and Fade. In automatic mode, a colour change takes place every 25 seconds and a fade every 15 seconds. The Sound mode sets colour accents to match the beat in the room. And in the Fade programme, you can watch the stepless colour transitions. With protection class IP 20, the USB PartyPAR 6 RGB is made for use in dry indoor rooms.

Easy to operate lightweight

Why not surprise your friends at a gaming evening in a living room whose walls shine in a colour that matches your favourite game? Simply place a few spots on the floor along the longest wall and let them shine upwards in static colours of your choice. The hobby cellar is transformed into a party room within minutes when colourful chaser programmes groove in sound-to-light mode. The Fun Generation USB PartyPAR 6 RGB is a decorative light for all those who like to party. Placed on the hanger, your home shines in a completely new light. The effect can be used just like that, no accessories are required. The Deco-PAR weighs very little, and you can carry several with one hand, meaning the private event location can be tidied up again in no time - until the next weekend.

About Fun Generation

Since 1999, the products of the Fun Generation house brand have been an integral part of the Thomann range. Manufactured by well-known manufacturers who also produce for many other well-known brands, the products convince with a combination of quality and reliability at a reasonable price. The product range extends from stands and other hardware to Bluetooth speakers, LED spotlights, moving heads, active PA complete sets and LED effects to pick-up systems, cables and splitters. Price-conscious customers in the lighting and stage technology sector are sure to find what they are looking for in the extensive product range of more than 160 items.

Colour effects for the birthday party

If you would like to celebrate your next birthday at home, the USB PartyPAR 6 RGB offers many possibilities to skilfully set the scene for the party. In the hallway, place two decorative spots on the shoe rack. They shine in the wall colour in a V-shape towards the ceiling. For example, a yellow-painted hallway illuminated in this colour could shine particularly intensively. In the party room, the music control system throws varied circles of light onto the dance floor. For room lighting, dimmed indirect light can be used; it fits well behind the seating area and bar. To do this, spread a few luminaires on the floor. Now you need a few eye-catchers. The foosball table gets a rich grass green from above and the huge whiskey bottle an orange accent. So that there are no cables in the way of the two spotlights, you can supply them with power from power banks.

available since February 2019
Item number 448953
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Construction Type Flat PAR
Number of LEDs 6
power of the single LED 3 W
Color mixing RGB
LED Type x-in-1
Floor housing No
Fanless Yes
remote control not supported
wireless DMX No
Housing Color Black
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Killer light for it's size
Dankec 19.09.2022
I bought this light to serve as my main stage light. As solo guitarist/singer I don't need anything big or fancy to play in restaurants. I did one house party with the light, and it was a complete delight. I didn't need any other lighting thank to the wide throw of the PAR I could see where my fingers go when I play. I use 4x18650 battery powerbank to power the light and it stayed on for more than 2 hours. The only downside is the lack of power switch, so in order to save the battery, I need to unplug the light. For it's price it's a real party maker.
colour mix
illuminating power


basic, but very cheap
Pak-Lee 14.02.2022
Great for 30-50m2 room on b-days, house parties, or even great little lights for amateur rock band.
colour mix
illuminating power


Convenient and affordable
Ziggy Adam 14.07.2021
If you're not looking for high end, you just want some ambience light this works well. I bought two and will buy more, I'm not interested in the DMX ones. I feel like the music sensitive setting is just an extra which I do not use. Using USB power makes it extremely convenient for places where you cant pull some power.
colour mix
illuminating power


A great price for a bit of colour
AccordionMatt 18.09.2019
I bought two of these to add a bit of colour for a two piece that I'm in.
I just leave them on auto mode and they do a great job considering they're usb powered. I'm definitely going to buy more in the future for my four piece ceilidh band. Even cheep lights like these make such a difference to how professional we look.

I'm know that there are brighter lights around but if we're playing somewhere where lights aren't provided these seem to just fine.

Especially good if people are taking pictures on their phones or wedding photographers!

A good, pragmatic choice that would suffice for most.
colour mix
illuminating power