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Fun Generation Micscreen Black


Mobile Absorber and Diffuser

  • Reduces the pick up of unwanted noise such as room reflections and echoes
  • Thanks to its design, the Mic screen can be quickly set up and dismantled both in the studio and in live applications
  • Fits on almost any standard microphone stand (up to max. diameter 35 mm)
  • 5/8" Threads for microphone clamps or suspensions
  • Dimensions (L x W): 295 x 160 mm
  • Consists of 5 pieces
  • Colour: Black
Available since October 2020
Item number 491678
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Type Mic Stand Absorber
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79 Reviews

Not for all rooms
Razlogram 11.08.2021
I found I got a better sound just playing my guitar out into my living room. I have built panels for it and I have bass traps, so depending on your own room setup and your desired sound this will be more or less useful. It did make the sound more concentrated and louder when the mic was placed further into the absorber.


Usefull novelty
Jimis Noir 12.04.2022
Sturdy and well constructed. A bit heavy though, needs a sturdy stand, and probably without the use of a boom arm, at least not in a very open angle.
One of the clips that keeps it open was not in the right place to lock with the screw in mine (about 2mm off), easy to fix with a steel cutter, but had I not the powertool and the knowledge to use it would render that lock unscrewable, hence the whole contraption a little less well-locked, but by no means problematic. Same goes for some pre-drilled holes on the part that attaches to the mic stand, bit out of place.
Had not time to test it yet, but the foam is thick and dense, don't know which frequencies are absorbed and which are reflected (maybe some super highs are reflected, that's how dense it seems to me). Consider buying some foam panels of various density, shape and thickness to experiment with.
Obviously, a bit hard to have a score or a lyrics sheet right in front of you, I must train my customers (and myself) to strategically place the music stand above, below or around the thing.
I would love if there was a top and bottom part to absorb reflections from floor and ceiling, I think it can be achieved with minor design mods on the existing model.
All in all, it's built to last, the option of easily replacing the foam makes it usefull for a variety of situations, and it probably saves you from tampering with your room acoustics and the use of de-reverbing software.


Very good value for money!!
Tourick 11.07.2021
Easy to assemble! Stands good! Very nice tool for amateurs with non treated rooms. I've tested it on my AT2020 with and without it and it makes the difference! The built quality is very good and the quality of the foam is really nice!! It helps a lot at recordings!


Shaundel 16.06.2021
ik am so happy with this micscreen. its doing what is expected