FOMOfx Virtual Jeff Pro


Digital Tremolo for Guitar

  • Digital tremolo set consisting of whammy bar, special mounting system & PRO controller
  • Fits most electric and acoustic guitars as well as basses
  • Easy to install without tools - no holes or milling necessary
  • The special adhesive of the mount does not damage the finish - also suitable for nitro finishes
  • If brackets are installed on several guitars, the system can be switched from one instrument to another in seconds
  • 2.4 GHz MiniLink for wireless and wired operation
  • Individual up and down pitch settings for Whammy A and Whammy B with automatic saving of settings and silent switching between the two
  • Virtual capo for drop-tuning or up-shifts
  • HOLD freezes the pitch during a bend
  • BLEND mixes the original guitar signal with the pitched signal (with balance control) for chorus, metal sub-octaves, parallel harmonies and more
  • Studio-quality analogue buffer and next-generation DSP for transparent sound
  • Excellent tracking and extremely low latency
  • LED: Effect On
  • Footswitch: Effect Bypass
  • Input: 6.3 mm jack
  • Output: 6.3 mm jack
  • Power supply connection: Barrel connector 5.5 x 2.1 mm, negative polarity inside
  • Power consumption: 300 mA
  • Power supply with a 9 V DC mains adapter
  • Dimensions Whammy & Mount (W x D): 85 x 40 mm
  • Weight Whammy & Mount: 110 g
  • Controller dimensions (W x D x H): 154 x 99 x 36 mm
  • Weight controller: 510 g
  • Includes power supply, carrying case, 2 mounts and adhesive, 1 mounting adapter & belt clip, 0.6m MiniLink cable and 4m cable for wired operation
  • Made in Australia

Note: Hold & Blend are only accessible via an external foot switch: Art.494439 (not included)

available since January 2022
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Effect Types Digital Whammy
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A digital vibrato system to fit any guitar

The FOMOfx Virtual Jeff Pro is a smart solution that allows any electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or even bass guitar to be fitted with a precise vibrato system that maintains pitch perfectly - provided that the instrument has an output jack. The set comprises a Whammy Bar Controller that can be mounted on the instrument's top without modifications having to be made and a Mini-Link module to wirelessly transmit the signal to the central component of the system - the Pro Controller, which is also included. The latter features a studio-quality analogue buffer that receives the original signal, as well as a DSP which ensures that the whammy effect is applied with zero latency. The Pro Controller features two channels (Whammy A and Whammy B), so the player can store two separate settings with different pitch ranges, and the settings can be combined in order to create some interesting special effects. The Virtual Jeff Pro's features also include MIDI connectivity as well as expression pedal connections to further expand the system's range of functions.

Stratocaster electric guitar with Virtual Jeff digital whammy unit

Ready in no time

Players need have no concerns about their instrument's finish when mounting the Whammy Bar Controller, since the adhesive surface of the brackets is extremely kind even to sensitive nitrocellulose lacquer, and the latter can be removed without leaving any traces or residue behind. The virtual "wang bar" can be mounted in a matter of seconds, ready to be wirelessly coupled with the Pro Controller via the Mini-Link module. Alternatively, the connection can be made using the mini-jack cable included in the scope of delivery, which at four metres is easily long enough for practical use. Finally, the output socket of the instrument is connected to the FOMOfx Virtual Jeff Pro's input, and the signal is sent to the player's amplifier or pedalboard via the Guitar Out socket - and that's it!

Foot controller for Virtual Jeff digital vibrato

Lightning-fast tracking

The Pro Controller features an LED display that ranges from two octaves below to one octave above the original pitch and can be used to set the pitch spectrum of each channel. The centre footswitch can then be used to go back and forth between two different settings, which in turn can be permanently stored. What is more, the Blend function can be used in conjunction with an expression pedal to combine the two settings in order to create striking chorus and pitch shifting effects, and the effective operating principle of the DSP means that there is no latency between the whammy bar movement and the affected signal output. A useful extra feature of the FOMOfx Virtual Jeff Pro is its "V-Capo" function, which applies a fixed change of pitch to the signal that can even be far lower than the instrument's original tuning.

For virtually everything that has strings

Electric guitars with vintage-style vibrato systems are not exactly known for returning to pitch correctly, which those who play these guitars have probably found out the hard way. The FOMOfx Virtual Jeff Pro now offers the perfect solution: Since the signal is controlled in an entirely digital manner and the string tension is not physically altered when the whammy bar is used, the problem of returning to pitch correctly is eliminated completely. The Virtual Jeff Pro can also be a useful tool for musicians who don't have any kind of vibrato system but still want to have the extra options for musical expression available, so this system provides an uncomplicated solution for those who don't want to make complicated and irreversible modifications to their instrument. The system is equally suited to acoustic guitars that have a pickup/jack output socket, and bassists looking to explore new creative avenues should also take a closer look.

Rear side of the foot controller with Virtual Jeff logo
The Virtual Jeff digital vibrato arm

About FOMOfx

FOMOfx is an Australian firm that was founded by two guitarists. The company presented its first product, the “Virtual Jeff”, a revolutionary development in the field of vibrato systems, at the 2016 NAMM show. This is a digital whammy system whose controller is equipped with a vibrato bar and can be fixed to the top of an electric, electro-acoustic, or bass guitar. The system made a convincing case thanks to its rapid tracking and high signal quality as well as its remarkably easy installation. Spurred on by the success of the “Virtual Jeff”, the company soon developed the “Virtual Jeff Pro”, an enhanced version that comes with extra features including MIDI, wireless communication between the whammy controller and the controller box, and footswitch connections for generating effects and switching between presets.

The entire scope of delivery of the Virtual Jeff Pro whammy bar with controller and cables

A breath of fresh air

Whether you want to use the FOMOfx Virtual Jeff Pro for subtle "flutter" effects or go all out with 80s style "dive-bombs", the system will always bring out every nuance with zero latency and is guaranteed to return to pitch perfectly. At the same time, the adjustable whammy bar itself provides a physical playing feel that is every bit as comfortable as that of conventional systems, and the Pro Controller's high-quality buffer ensures a consistently high level of signal quality. The system is also true bypass, so the signal is completely unaffected when the Virtual Jeff Pro is deactivated, and the Hold and Blend functions and the virtual capo open up a range of additional options for musicians to expand their creativity.

Best ever
Anonymous 14.02.2022
This piece of gear is without doubt given me the most fun and innovative ideas I’ve had for many years. It is one of those gadgets that actually does do what they say and, more. I’ve tried it on my six string electric and, now, want to fit it to my Yamaha solid electric twelve string(imagine a twelve string with whammy?). I also have a short scale bass that is sitting in the corner, begging to try it. I’ll keep you posted.


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not a toy! 23.02.2022
It's fun, it's useful, it's original, it's a great piece of gear.

The only minus point goes to the mounting system which is a very tight fit. Their support is first class.
Don't forget to get enough spare brackets so you can use on all your instruments.


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