Fender Hot Noiseless Set


Pickup SetThe Fender Vintage Hot Noiseless Set is the ideal solution for all humming plagued Stratists who want a full, warm sound that still has all the characteristic Strat features, but would like to forgo the typical single coil-hum.

And that the master Jeff Beck has these pickups in his new signature Strat can only be regarded as the best recommendation!

  • Vintage Hot Noiseless
  • Jeff Beck Style
  • Clean and full, warm and bluesy
  • In the bridge with lots of attack
  • Consisting of 3-single coil pickups
available since November 2003
Item number 163117
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Aktive Circuit No
Wiring 2-Conductor
Pickup Output Vintage
Cap Yes
Colour White
Position Bridge, Middle, Neck
Stacked - hum free Yes
Telecaster No
Stratocaster Yes
Other No
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Replacing stock pickups on Squier Bulletstrat
Anonymous 24.10.2016
The pickups sound great which is the most important thing here, I think. I've replaced the stock pickups on my Squier and they sound very good and have a really high output!

One thing I'm not so satisfied with is that one of the caps didn't fit the pickup so well. The screw holes weren't aligned well so I had to bend the plastic cap to fit the screw through both holes. And that was only on one pickup. I guess that's manufacture "bug". But I don't get so bummed about it. I managed to fit everything so I don't care, but I expected a bit more since it's not so cheap. And one of the "titles" that says noiseless on the pickups almost completely washed out. So if you care about those things keep in mind it can wash out.

The diagram is a bit too straight forward I think. Everything is clear, and I assume that is how a diagram is suppose to look, but I think a small explanation or tips on how to install the pickups could be there.

Also, there is a bit of noise on really high gain but it's totally negligible, and also it may be due to shielding, well, not having shielding (one thing I am planing on doing) in the body cavity.

All in all, since I mostly care about the sound, this is a great product!


Different but worth it
GF. Big 25.11.2020
I bought these for a Thomann Ltd. Ed. Strat I bought here in 2014 that came with Tex-Mexes, which I didn't really care for, but the guitar has a great neck and fretboard, professionally setup, and I figured better new pups than to sell the guitar. I am glad I chose this path.
First, a Strat without the hum is a little strange, takes a little getting used to, lol.
Second, I don't find the pups as 'quacky' as normal Fender single coils.

Installation was straightforward.

The tone is...precise, clear, excellent dynamic responsiveness, and once you play with them long enough not to get weirded out by no hum, you understand their versatility and the tonal bliss. Makes this guitar sound a lot more than a €499 guitar!
This was an excellent investment. My Strat will be spending a lot less time under the bed.
I play blues/progressive style rock, and these are magic!


Nice and noiseless
RLX111 27.11.2020
They are noiseless,even with no shielding, no pick guard etc.
The sound is stratocaster. The build quality is excellent. All good.


Yes it's the sound I had in my mine.
Menelaos 03.12.2013
It's very good quality it was in perfect condition from the store and when I installed them the sound was just like this I have in my mine. Thank you very much for the perfect service thomman.


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