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Fender Strap Blocks


Different Strap Lock system

  • Easy and reliable
  • Existing strap buttons do not need to be removed or replaced
  • Set of 4 Pieces- 2x Black, 2x Red
Type Straplock
Item number 317124
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Nice idea
Thonk 06.01.2020

I'm a pro musican of 30 years playing bass, double bass, guitar.

I picked these up to try out, as I usually use strap locks on all my gear. (BTW just moved from Shcaller's to Harley Benton's version after many many years, they're great & 1/3 rd the price!)

I've found these to be nice, & have put then on my daughter's strap.

I'm not going to swop over to these for me however as I move around quite vigorously at times and have been able to pop these off. I was purposely trying to do this BTW to see if I could.

To summarise
- I think these would do you fine if you're no to full-on when playing.
- If you are a bit of a rocker I'd recommend Harley Benton's Strap Locks, extremely good value.


These are amazing!
Anonymous 17.08.2016
With the addition of a new guitar in the family, I wanted to feel safe knowing that my brand new guitar won't be falling when I pick it up or while I play! I did not want pull out the strap buttons and just screw in a new pair with the locking mechanism. Since that would cause some wear and tear, I'll be it not much, but I'm picky like that so what can you do!

I bought this going "Hey at this price point, even if they're useless I'll be fine" Well... blew me away. Ever since I'm using this my guitar strap won't come off unless I cut it with knife or something. Because it's round like that and fits so snug, it prevents the guitar strap(using a leather one btw) from bending at all from it's weight. So the guitar strap just sits there without it bending at all and there's no way it will ever come off unless you maybe get 2 guys to tug on it.

Brilliant little product from Fender, hat's down!

I recommend this as an alternative to anybody not wanting to screw in new strap lock. Brilliant product!


Not really the security I needed.
Agent81 07.10.2021
I got these cause the top strap kept coming off, especially when I would play standing up and had to lift the neck towards me.
The top block would still come off. so I just don't use it anymore. The bottom one stays just fine, but then again that one wasn't the problem to begin with.
All in all, maybe these do help secure the strap but only for slight (I mean Slight) lifts. If you wanna go for some flashy poses or whatever, do not by this. May bad I guess cause I didn't research long enough but it does make me wonder what for are these things in the market.

-They look cool


Les Julais 03.11.2020
I give 2 starts in case you REALLY need to block your strap, which this product does. Problem is that it blocks it so tight, that the strap doesn't spin freely around the strap button, which with regular movement (at least for me) starts to unscrew the button, causing the button to eventually fall off. Mine did after perhaps 10-15 uses of the guitar. Not good. I screw the button back and I think will be fine, but definitely removing the blocks now. I guess the experience may be different depending if your buttons are screwed or not, or if your style is different than mine and doesn't cause the strap to spin that much around the button. But for me I think is going to be a waste of money. Quality not great either as the plastic is easy to wear off while removing the blocks


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