Fender Squier Classic Vibe 70s P-Bass

Electric Bass

  • Body: basswood
  • Neck: maple
  • Neck profile: modern "C" profile
  • Fretboard: maple
  • 20 Vintage style frets
  • Black block inlays
  • Scale: 864 mm (34 ")
  • Nut width: 42 mm (1,650 ")
  • Pickup: 1 vintage style precision bass split single coil
  • 4-Saddles bridge
  • Original stringing: Fender 7250ML, 045-100
  • Colour: black
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Audio Examples

  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Rock

Further Information

Colour Black
Soundboard Basswood
Neck Maple
Fretboard Maple
Frets 20
Scale Long Scale
Pickup System P
Elektronic Passive
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No

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Almost unbelievable quality for the price!
TrEr, 19.09.2018
I needed a cheap touring bass because many of my other basses are either too old/unique to let airlines smash them to bits or they contain rosewood which is too much hassle to cross international borders with these days (CITES).

So I decided to try this cheap Squier as an alternative for gigs where air travel or crossing borders are required. I own lots of different basses but P-basses have always been my favourites. I currently own seven other P-basses, including an ultra-cheap Squire Affinity from the late 90s, two American Vintage RI (57+63), a 2012 MIM Standard, a late 90s American Standard, a vintage one from '73 and finally an almost brand new American Professional. A quick review of the lot: The Affinity and the MIM Standard are decent for their respective price points, the AVRIs are excellent by ANY standard and the rest are simply good solid instruments.

So where does the Classic Vibe fit into this picture? Price wise it fits right between the Affinity and the MIM Standard. Quality wise? Well, here's the surprise: With the exception of the two AVRIs it's just as good or better than anything on my list. And certainly a HUGE step above the Affinity and the MIM Standard.

It almost sounds too good to be true but here's the details:

- The neck: Well, is made from QUARTERSAWN MAPLE! This is a feature you won't find in ANY other current Fender production model. In fact, you have to pay over 3000 EUR for a Custom Shop instrument if you want a quartersawn neck these days. Or you can simply get this Squire... I have no idea if this is a standard feature on these CVs (it seems too good to be true) or if I got extremely lucky. In any case the neck feels and plays wonderfully. There's no sharp edges and no buzzing anywhere. The action can be set very low without any problems. The neck is slightly on the chunky side so it might not be everyones favourite though. It's not that it's wide like a '57 AVRI. It's more that it has a slightly deeper profile than say a Standard. I absolutely love it, but if you prefer a slimmer neck it might not be the best choice.

-The body: It's made of basswood which is sometimes criticized for being a bit soft and easily dinged. Personally I've never found this to be a huge problem with basswood instruments and the people complaing about this are often the same people that pay $$$ for thrashed "relic'ed" instruments... go figure. And in any case basswood is an excellent choice tone wise. Easily just as good as the typical alder/ash used in more expensive Fender basses. It's not like Leo Fender chose alder/ash for their superior tonal qualities anyway. He chose them because they were cheap and readily available. Basswood is just as good IMO. Or possibly even better.

The finish: Flawless, looks great. The neck is very glossy which might not be to everyones liking but it feels great to me.

The hardware: Tuners, bridge... everything is fine. Nothing fancy but everything works great and feels sturdy. On some cheap instruments you just KNOW that stuff is going to break. Not so on this one. Everything feels rock solid. They have even included a bridge cover, but no pickup cover. A bit strange if you ask me. I mean, it looks great and it's a really nice bonus to have the bridge cover included but if I was going to use only ONE of the covers it would have been the pickup cover. The bridge cover can be a real hassle if you've only brought one bass to a gig and break a string. But still, it looks sweet and it's amazing to have it included at this price.

- The electronics: The pots seems to be decent quality. They have a nice "feel" and there's no crackling. The tone pot has a REALLY nice range, which is often not the case on cheap instruments. And the best part: The pickups are simply amazing! They are honestly one of the best P-bass pickups I've every used, which includes Fender's own top models + a several more expensive aftermarket brands/models, like Fralin, Nordstrand, Seymour Duncan Antiquity, etc. I normally replace the pickups in cheaper instruments but the ones in this Squier CV will NEVER need to be replaced. They sound absolutely amazing. They have those big, fat, punchy lows/low mids that can normally only be found in the most expesive boutique P-bass pickps. They can be set to sound really smooth or quite aggressive, as required. I suspect they may be slightly overwound. They have a VERY healthy output. Excellent pickups! In fact, if Squire sold these pickups as replacement parts I would seriously consider getting them as replacements for some of my more expensive Fenders. They are really THAT good! I'm almost shocked by how great they sound. This is serious quality and a HUGE step above anything I've hear from other Squier P-basses (or any other cheap basses for that matter).

So what's negative about this bass then? I can't really think of anything to be honest. Perhaps that it's only available in black which might not be everyones first choice. And of course there's no bag/case included but you really can't complain about that at this price.

To sum it up: This is not just a good instrument for the price. This is an excellent instrument by ANY standards! You would have to move towards the 2000 EUR price range to find anything noticably better than this.

I don't think I've ever been this positively surprised by an instruments before, ever! I can easily see this cheap Chinese model being shut down by Fender because it almost outperforms their 4-5x more expensive American ones. So get one before it's too late (or before they deliberately "cheapen" the production in some way to make it less attractive). I really can't see Fender keeping this in production for much longer, but I hope I'm wrong. This bass really sets the standard as far as performance/price is concerned IMO.

Highly recommended!
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Value for money!
CaptainRock, 06.01.2018
Here we got an excellent bass that won't disappoint anyone. I play through a Fender Rumble 100 and it sounds absolutely fantastic. That 70s feeling is very prominent which is a big plus for me. Would recommend it to every bass player, beginner or advanced.
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