Fender Custom Shop Tool Kit


Tool Kit

  • The CruzTools contains everything required for changing strings, as well as for adjusting the truss rod, string height and intonation
  • The set is suitable for guitars and basses (with the exception of the string winder)

Set comprises:

  • 4 Allen keys - 0.050", 1/16", 1/8", 3/16"
  • String cutter
  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • String winder
  • Capo
  • Ruler
available since September 2013
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Not what it looks like (actually Groovetech tools)
NotInterested 30.11.2021
This is basically the exact same kit as the GrooveTech guitar tools set (item #248750 on Thomann), minus most the allen keys plus the jack adapter for the screwdriver.
And when I say "exact same", the tools are actually branded GrooveTech, and so is the pouch.

So you're paying a premium to have Fender embroidered on the pouch (and the embroidery isn't even as neat as the photo would suggest) and getting less tools.

Moreover the jack adapter is 1/2 inch size, and only fit my Fender Telecaster (which makes sense).
All my other guitars (Epiphone, ESP, Greco, Ibanez and even Squier) are mounted with a 12mm jack, which is slightly smaller than the 1/2 inch one so the adapter doesn't fit very well.

The tools themselves seem to be of decent quality, but if you don't care about the branding I'd just recommend to buy the GrooveTech set with which you'll get more bang for your buck and have the exact same quality.


I have Fender but only 3 of 11 items are useful ....
varsenev 09.08.2019
Useful items: wire cutter, string winder, screwdriver.
Screwdriver isn't most suitable for Mustang bridge which I have, but apparently this toolkit isn't for Mustangs. Cause both hexahwedrons are too small for dealing with Mustang bridge height screws. Other instruments maybe great but I didn't need it yet.

Almost forgot to say that I have these knobs on my Fender Jazz Tele
These knobs have little screws on the sides to take them off. And this Fender crosshead screwdriver doesn't fit...

Quality is pretty good though but missing tools (or not enough universal usage tools) are part of quality too.


Excellent piece of kit
Anonymous 01.06.2014
This Fender tool kit contains everything you need to tune up your guitar. All the pieces are well made and the overall quality is excellent. I found the feeler gauges were a little oily and therefore fiddly, but I guess that's necessary to keep them in good shape and ensure they last a long time. The capo is useful for general playing too, not just for making adjustments. There is good information on the Fender website that talks you through the guitar set up and adjustment process, so that's a sensible place to start if you have any questions about how to use the materials in this kit. Overall, I think it's a neat package for a good price and I'm happy to recommend it.


Does the trick, but is quite lacking
Rogerius S 02.05.2022
I bought this kit to service my Fender Stratocaster and it has most tools necessary to do the main adjustments (adjust spring tension, turn screws, adjust trussrod, adjust action and intonation, change strings). However, I do find the tools to be of average quality/convencience.

1) The screwdriver is very basic, lacks ratchet function and is not long enough to coveniently adjust tremolo spring tension. It can do it, but it's a bit of a struggle.
2) The ruler has very basic granularity and is not really useful for setting action height. It lacks clear markings for both inch and mm scale to accurately and easily measure string height.
3) The 1/4 inch socket is not something I would need often. I'd rather have 10mm socket to tighten tuner peg bushings that can come loose more frequently
4) The small allan keys for adjusting action height, but since one should make really small adjustments to string saddles at a time (1/8-1/4 turns), a L-shaped allan key is much easier to use for such small adjustments.
5) The Capo works but is off poor quality an annoying to use.

Other tools are decent for the job. In summary - this kit does the trick and it has most things one needs, but I strongly believe that the price is too high for what you get.


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