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Fender CS60Jazz Set


Jazz Pickup SetTo introduce the jazz bass pickup is no longer necessary. Since the introduction in the 50's the bass and its pickups really became classics.

With the CS60 Jazz Lead Fenders' custom shop provides a version with alnico 5 magnets and an increased number of coils, which can offer higher output and more power in the mids. The typical jazz bass character, however, can not be denied, why should it?!

Set (neck and bridge pickup).

  • For electric bass
  • Bridge & neck position
  • Custom shop 60 jazz
  • Sound characteristics: Slightly over wound vintage style J pickup for a richer, more punchy J-bass sound
Active Pickup System No
Wiring 2-Conductor
Colour Black
Position Bridge, Neck
available since May 2002
Item number 152408
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Available immediately

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Good Pickup Upgrade!
Baker69 21.03.2019
I bought my CS60's as a replacement for the stock pickups in my Fender MIM Jazz Bass. Although the MIM pickups aren't bad, as I have previously owned a USA Jazz Bass I know there is a difference. I wanted a more vintage and classic Jazz sound I know these pickups will deliver.

The pickups come nicely packaged in a plastic case with foam infill and a shaped cut-out for each pickup, and the case is perfect for keeping the old pickups in once you have removed them from your bass.

I didn't use the enclosed fitting instructions, as they really are a straight swap with a Jazz Bass.

I found the 2 No. brass cavity plates to be very light and thin, and are fairly loose in the cavities until they have the weight of the pickups on them to hold them down in position. The exposed wire ends have solder on them and soldering them on the back of the pots was very easy. They are fitted with a piece of black sponge on them which helps to let the pickups move when you are adjusting their height, although from past experience I knew that the sponge is not deep enough to raise the pickups to a usable position. I put some more sponge on mine to make sure but even then the pickups only raise just enough to the correct height. I would recommend using springs under the screws in addition to the sponge.

The wiring on the pickups and brass shielding plates is very good, the length of wire on the shielding plates is just about right but I decided to cut a couple of inches off all of the pickup wires as they are quite long.

The difference between the CS60's and the MIM pickups isn't 'night and day', but they are a definitely a worthwhile upgrade, they are slightly louder, have more depth and sustain, and I think they just give a nicer and richer sound (to my ears anyway).

As with my USA bass, I still find the bridge pickups on Jazz basses to be slightly quieter than the neck pickup, but I understand this is normal and subjective anyway. Once the pickup heights had been properly set to Fender's recommended heights I think I got them set to the optimum position. I haven't played the bass live yet, if I need to tweak anything I might decide to lower the neck pickup slightly to allow the bridge pickup to have a bit more edge.

Overall I am pleased with the pickups and would recommend them as a very good upgrade to the stock MIM pickups.


Great but not high output for me
MacFurax 23.03.2018
Reading the previous reviews I select this set to update pickups on my Fender (Squier) Vintage Modified Jazz Bass 70, hopping for more output.

But look's like the stock pickups of the Vintage modified Jazz Bass are already hot.

This pickup didn't give me more juce, but a small bit less.
To my ear they sound more detailed and singing compared to stock ones.

So not a big change for me, which is good concerning Squier stock quality :-)

I will expriment with other pickups later.

- quality
- sound
- hotter output is not there
- expensive

UPDATE : 06 August 2018

I have compared these with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Jazz bass Set, on the same instrument. And finally keep the CS60Jazz, they are less hot but wider and more detailed on my bass.

The quarter pound was really great, Lot of output, but sound dry and bite narrow on my bass.


fantastic couple with a but
Deflesher 22.06.2021
I I bought this fantastic pair of pick ups to give some power to a Squire bass that had a very poor dull tone. Goal achieved! Now sounds very good on par with its older brothers. Why did I put a "but" and two stars? When I opened the package, I noticed some problems. A fixing screw was missing and, worst of all, one of the wires connecting the bridge pickup! Are you kidding? I can accept the absence of the screw, but the lack of a connection cable between the coil and the rest of the electronics is definitely unacceptable. Unfortunately I discovered the problem after 3 months from the purchase and I recovered by taking the cable and screw from the old pickups, with a couple of more welds. A shame because the product is really good, the sound is full and present, but damn, wouldn't a little attention to detail be better?


Classic Fender, old school jazz sound
aZu 12.11.2020
Classic Fender, old school jazz sound, with an excellent lows component, balanced mids and clear, well defined trebles (but not too crackling).

Mellow and balanced sound, good output level and dynamic responsive.
Fender 60s jazz bass, what else? If you know it and like it, go for it and enjoy!


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