Eventide Blackhole Effectpedal


Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar & Bass

  • 5 Presets can be called up directly via foot switch and lots of other sounds via the Eventide Device Manager (EDM) software
  • Variable room dimensions from the size of a cardboard box to a limitless universe
  • Pre Delay to delay the use of the reverb tail
  • Adjust the timbre with bass controls
  • Treble and Resonance (Q)
  • Controlling the EQ controls by mapping via an expression pedal
  • Freeze foot switch to "freeze" the sound image immediately
  • Active foot switch with double function for latch and momentary operation
  • Rear guitar / line level switch for operation with guitars, synthesisers, in loop-through paths or on the audio interface of a DAW
  • Map any combination of parameters to an expression pedal
  • Aux switch for the tap tempo function or triple aux switch for easy preset changes (up / down / load)
  • MIDI capability via TRS (with a MIDI-TRS adapter cable or converter)
  • Multiple bypass options: buffered
  • Relay
  • DSP + FX or Kill Dry
  • Catch-up mode for easier setting of the sounds when changing presets and parameters
  • Eventide Device Manager software for PC or Mac for updates, system settings and for creating and saving presets
  • Unique "gravity control" for tailor-made tuning of the reverb tail in two areas - normal or with inverted decay
  • Creation of interesting threshold effects
  • With longer decay times, Blackhole allows the articulation to be retained without affecting the reverb tail
  • Controls: Mix, Gravity / Delay, Feedback / Q, Size / Depth, Lo / Rate,
  • Hi / Out Lvl
  • Switches: Mono / Stereo Switch, I / O Level Switch
  • LED: Active, Freeze
  • Button: Preset
  • Foot switch: Active / Bypass, Freeze / Preset
  • 6.3 mm Jack input
  • 2 x 6.3 mm Jack outputs
  • 6.3 mm Expression connector
  • USB connection
  • Power supply connection: barrel connector socket 5.5 x 2.1 mm (negative polarity inside)
  • Current consumption: 200 mA
  • Power supply with a 9 V DC power adapter (included)
  • Suitable replacement power supply: Art.409939 (not included)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 102 x 121 x 57 mm

Note: Battery operation is not supported

Available since September 2020
Item number 503207
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Analog No
Battery Operation No
PSU included Yes
input/output configuration Mono in / stereo out
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19 Reviews

More than a one trick pony.
Bernard6076 17.10.2021
This pedal is astonishing. Stepping on it make you realise that it’s not your typical reverb pedal. It’s just huge, powerful and atmospheric. The pedal itself makes adjusting the parameters quite simple. Connecting the pedal to your computer, which is a good idea, allows you access to other presets. These presets demonstrate the versatility of the algorithm. Although you can configure the pedal without the app, like setting tails after switching the pedal off or turning the buffer on and off, it’s just simpler to do so here.
The only downside for me is accessing the midi and this is just because I’m not used to midi. I’m trying to daisy chain it with other midi comparable pedals and I’m just finding it difficult to select the exact connections I need. I just wish the pedal that midi in and through 5 pin dins. Its just a bit more awkward but totally possible.
I’m absolutely delighted with this reverb.


IvanaL 27.03.2021
Amazing effect! I use it with my Korg MicroS and it sounds absolutely amazing!!! The deepest possible sound, like in a big big concert hall with a lot od possibilities


shoegaze in a box +
Kapser 22.02.2023
Andy Bell from Ride advised this as a shoegaze pedal on youtube. I didn't see it that much though in shoegaze rigs on you tube, so I had my doubts. But it really is that good to put in front of some dirt. Andy Bell was right. It is a Slö , an Afterneath, a reverse reverb, ... at the same time,.... Very fast dialed in, very intuitive. The tone control almost can get you in shimmer like regions.
To be clear; I am writing this review from a shoegaze point of view.

The modulation is beautifull and can be controlled with rate and depth. It goes well with dirt.

The sound is clear but not sterile, not too cheesy; it stays mysterious. The big advantage is that it can carry a lot of dirt without losing sound caracteristics. Many other reverb pedals aren't capable to carry that much noise and still have this ambient vibe. They get muddy to soon.

Very user friendly. The secondary modes are an exemple fot other manufacturers like EHX. A led knob opens the wel written down secondary modes.

The Gravity knob gives that reverse and wet mix effect - hazy - sound in many forms, so essential for shoegaze. Off course nothing beats a Lexicon reverse reverb if you just want that pure sound.

It goes just as long as you want it to go.

It is a very simple pedal if you understand the knobs. Not like a H9, or a Space or a Bigsky. A Space Pedal would give you this and also other top reverbs. But because you have to menu dive, it won't rock that hard as this one simple box.

I think the price is good for the value. It is 100 euro more then another categorie of reverb pedals. But it has the same power as the 'Big Reverbs' and overclasses that categorie under 300 euro.

Off course, it goes 100 % wet

You've got to have some experience with effect on reverb before really understanding the possibilities of this pedal. I have been exploring reverse reverb, delay based reverb, modulated reverb, ... in other pedals for shoegaze sounds , with dirt (Slo, Afterneath, Context, ... ) for a while. Before this investigations, this pedal would have been too much for me because I didn't understand al this things.


just one sound
pulseimpulse 29.07.2021
sounds good, but not like H9. I like that it is compact and durable,
expression pedal does not work well, very rude! for this reason I sent it back, I will take BigSky..


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