Ernie Ball Power Slinky 2220


String set for electric guitars

  • Power Slinky
  • Gauges: 011, 014, 018, 028, 038, 048
  • Nickel-plated steel
  • Bright treble
  • Rich bass
Available since August 2000
Item number 143956
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Gauge 011 - 048
Strength of the strings 0,011" – 0,048"
Material Steel, nickel plated
G-String Wound No
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From the inventor of guitar strings

Strings made by Ernie Ball - the proverbial icing on the cake for a powerful sound with plenty of sustain. Since the early 1960s, the US company has been making strings for almost every stringed instrument. This vast wealth of experience is clearly demonstrated in every product, and it is not by chance that Ernie Ball remains one of the market's leading manufacturers to this day. The product range has expanded immensely over the course of several decades and now includes many accessories such as effect pedals, cables, straps, and high-quality picks alongside the company's extensive selection of strings. However, Ernie Ball's core business is and remains the production of all manner of strings, which set standards in terms of sound, tuning stability, and durability - and the company is still based in Indio, California.

Perfect for Blues and Rock & Roll

The Ernie Ball 2220 Power Slinky strings are the perfect strings for those who love a rich Rock & Roll or Blues sound. The wound strings feature a hexagonal steel core beneath nickel-plated steel windings. The plain strings, on the other hand, are made from a specially hardened and tin-plated high-tensile carbon steel. With gauges of .011, .014, .018p, .028, .038, and .048, the 2220 Power Slinky strings offer top-notch performance, especially for lead guitarists, while still delivering a full, warm sound which not even Metal guitarists can resist.

Traditionally reliable

Thanks to its long playing life, loud and well-balanced sound, precise intonation, and high tuning stability from the moment the strings are put on, the 2220 Power Slinky string set is particularly recommended as a reliable companion for ambitious guitarists who want great playability, for example when playing solos, but still don't want to go without a powerful sound for chunky riffs and precise chord work. The combined power of over 50 years of experience in string development at Ernie Ball also makes the 2220 Power Slinky strings the first choice for electric guitars - and at a very fair price.

About Ernie Ball

The Ernie Ball company was named after its founder and has its headquarters in San Luis Opisbo, California. Being a guitarist himself, Ernie Ball knew their needs very well. A major problem for him in the 1950s and 1960s was the lack of high-quality guitar and bass strings. In 1962, Ernie Ball invented the “Slinky”, a very flexible and therefore much more comfortable string, which also sounded better and was more durable. He specifically brought individual string gauges onto the market for a young clientele and touring musicians. The company’s success was unstoppable, and today Ernie Ball is the world's largest manufacturer of guitar and bass strings. Over the years, the range has expanded and now includes accessories such as cables, picks, straps, etc. Ernie Ball is also known in connection with the instrument manufacturer Music Man, which the company bought in 1984, but which continues to operate as an independent brand.

Bright, full sound and reliable tuning

The Ernie Ball 2220 Power Slinky string set offers a rich, balanced sound that brings out the best in your electric guitar. The strings' precise intonation means that chords, riffs, and solos will always sound bright and clear anywhere on the fingerboard. In addition, these strings deliver excellent tuning stability as well as a direct tonal response, all of which will be helpful in getting your timing as precise as possible. Whether you are playing powerful high-gain riffs, crystal-clear clean parts, or expressive solos, the Ernie Ball 2220 Power Slinky strings offer the perfect balance between playing feel, durability, and a full sound.

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636 Reviews

A set of great string
Anonymous 01.03.2017
Ernie Ball's .11 - .48 is definitely one of my favorite guitar string sets. I've always enjoyed having the high E string a bit thicker while the bottom E medium. The purity in the sound of the strings last a long time, so I highly suggest these.

1. Long lasting sound purity. Like I said in the beginning the sound lasts a good amount of time. When doing shows and having rehearsals, a single set lasted me about solid 3 months before I started to notice that the sounds purity is wearing down.
2. Comfortable. Definitely comfortable and plays well. As a guy with thick fingers, these played really well and really comfortably.
3. Durable. I used to play in a Glam Metal band with these, so solo's with intensive bends was an everyday thing. I am still surprised that not once any of these strings broke while playing and doing high bends.

1. I don't seem to have any, haha.

Overall, definitely a great set of strings. Ernie Ball strings is my personal "Go To" string manufacturer, if I do not found my personal favorites in a guitar store. If you are trying out different types of strings, try these as well.


After 20 years, I have settled for those.
Kostas76 31.01.2021
Let me start with the one complain that I have from Ernieball: Their strings do not last. I actually have to change strings more often when I use Ernieball compared to any other brand.
Having said, no other brand has the Ernieball sound, when it comes to vintage rock at least, so not only I m stuck with those, but I am grateful that they are still being made the same way they were made when most of my favorite recordings were produced.
I first tried these because of David Grissom and it really is a great set, especially if you tune down to Eb. The lighter bass strings do not produce the scratching sound of heavier gauges and the heavier treble strings give a nice Tele-like aggression to my Gibsons & PRSi


Ready to rock and roll!
nidzaliman 13.03.2018
If you are into rock and roll, punk, metal, blues and similar styles where you need powerful and punchy tone Ernie Ball Power Slinky Electric Strings will do the job.

I have used these strings on various guitars over the years and I can say that Ernie Ball have been on of the most consistent in quality of their products. You literally can't go wrong with a pack of Power Slinky's...

My favorite string gauge is 0.11 but I have used Power Slinky 0.10 strings and I am pleased with them as well.

A lot of my friends and band mates use them as well, and everybody is pleased for the most part. We all know that guitar strings will eventually break at some point, loose their initial bright sound, but I am very pleased at the time it takes to break or muffle Ernie Ball Power Slinky strings.

Ernie Ball Power Slinky's have been my allies in rocking out for years and will remain so in the future!


Good for Eb Tuning
R.Napier 09.11.2020
Use Power Slinkies on my Telecaster for EFlat tuning and they work great.


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