EQ Acoustics Classic Wedge 30 Tile grey


Absorber Tiles

  • Set of 16
  • Acoustic foam tiles improve room acoustics absorbing middle and high frequency sound waves
  • Ideal for recording studio, vocal booth, home cinema, office etc.
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.85
  • Fixing material not included in delivery (options are for example, FlexiFit, StudioTape or acoustic adhesive)
  • Dimensions (one tile) L x W x H: 300 x 300 x 50 mm
  • Colour: Grey
  • Includes set of 16 pieces
  • Suggested fixing method: Acoustic adhesive Article Nr. 177265
Material Acoustic Foam
Colour Grey
available since October 2012
Item number 298705
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Dimensions Per Piece 300 x 300 x 50 mm
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Does what I need it to do
JohnnyGuitar 19.06.2017
I used these to reduce the reverb of high frequencies in my room. If you have been reading around on the internet, you should know that these things are only good for high frequencies.

In that regard they work great. Placed on the walls at ear level and above. The room is a lot more pleasant to work in.

Do NOT get these if:
- You want your recordings to sound much better but don't want to get/make bass traps (you simply need more mass for the energy of low frequency waves)
- You want less sound to escape from your room (these don't isolate)

Get these if:
- Your room has more high frquency reverb than st paul's cathedral

A side note: playing and singing in the room definitely sounds and feels a lot better with just these installed.

Tip: You can place them on the wall using double sided tape, cardboard and strong glue. Use the cardboard from the box. Cut 4 small squares for the 4 corners of each panel. Glue those onto the foam. Then put double sided tape on the cardboard corners and just stick em to your walls.


All that you need for a small studio
Anonymous 28.02.2017
I've bougth these to dampen the reflection in my home studio and the result is fantastic. The room is significantly dryer than it was. To me price is great for the results you get. I don't see how I will get any more dampening from a more expensive product.

The quality of the wedges are great. Its made up out of audio foam and is cut to precision. Some people have complained about the faint chemical smell of the product when you first unpack it. To me I've not found that to be true. I suppose it might depend on the amount of air flow in your room. And in that case just make sure you unpack it and let it stand for a week. But I've not had any issue with that.

These foam tiles does all that I need it to do. And if the room is still too reflective I just add more tiles to it. But I have found that with these tiles I can deaden the room completely if I choose to. And so you can control the amount of reflection by just controlling how much of the tiles you add to your space.

Also its advisable to get proper tile glue to fix these to your walls. Because double sided tape does not stick well to the foam.


Excellent value for money!
David D. 133 24.06.2014
These EQ Acoustics Classic Wedge Tiles are excellent value for money, They are my first time buying acoustic treatment for my current studio, and naturally I have spent hours comparing, testing, watching videos reading reviews basically researching critically before spend a sum of money on whats going to be treating my recording studio for my own purposes and because my recording studio is quite small but reasonably empty of massive furnisher it had a lot of bass building up in the corners early reflections and some un-wanted reverberation. I soon found out it wasn't a defuser I needed.. It was absorption panels! Did alot of pricing about and for my budget these out sought everything else. bewteen these EQ Acoustics Classic Wedge Tiles 30 and their bigger brother the EQ Acoustics Classic Wedge Tiles 60's I spent 200 euro and it was money well spent! the sound in my studio is exactly how I've wanted it, and I had some of these panels left over which I made a isolation cabinet with.

Thanks Thomann, for your usual reliable and trustworthy services!


Think twice before buying these
EmilP 04.10.2014
I know the price is attractive, but I really can´t say these would be worth a penny. Maybe if You just want to fool Your granpa thinking You have a nice little studio, this product might do the trick, but in my eyes these even look too cheap to put on my walls. The pictures on this website gave me the impression they looked awesome, but when I first opened the package I got an massive facepalm immediately, the material just looks/is the very cheapest money can buy :

If You want to improve your monitoring, this product will not do it, it will just mess it up even more.
The density of these has to be something like only 0-3 kg/m3 (not kidding) wich is totally rubbish, they won´t absorb anything except for the absolutely highest frequencies and absorbing only those will let all the rest bouncing all over the room making Your monitoring just more imbalanced.

so in short:

if Your only after the look: think twice, might not look as pro in live as You think.
if Your after better monitoring: stay away.

instead of buying a lot of these, buy less of something better. A set of 16-20 this size of panels are enough to do wonders for Your monitoring when placing just in the critical spots, so it´s better to buy a set of better panels and later buy more if You want. Better one´s should look better too when made of decent material :)
That´s what I´m gonna do..