Epiphone Casino Worn Olive Drab

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Electric Guitar

  • Design: Semi-hollow body
  • Body: Laminated maple
  • Top: Laminated maple
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Indian Laurel
  • Mini trapezoid fingerboard inlays
  • Classic sloped dove wing headstock shape
  • Cream binding
  • Scale length: 628 mm (24.724")
  • Nut width: 43 mm (1.693")
  • Graphtech NuBone nut
  • 22 Frets
  • Pickup 2 Epiphone Pro P 90 single coils
  • LockTone Tuneomatic bridge
  • Colour: Worn Olive Drab
Available since November 2020
Item number 502021
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Green
Body Maple
Top Maple
Neck Mahogany
Fretboard Indian Laurel
Frets 22
Scale 628 mm
Pickups P90, P90
Tremolo No
Incl. Case No
Incl. Bag No
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In stock
In stock

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14 Reviews

Nice, but...
Eran 08.02.2022
The Epiphone Casino is a classic instrument and to get one in this price range is really cool. It is very light and well balanced and in spite the big body, it doesn't feel big due to its weight. Sonically it has acoustic qualities from its hollow body and unplugged it is loud, but don't expect an acoustic guitar sound. Unplugged it gives a round sound with more emphasis on the bass and mids. Plugged in, it has very nice pickups. I was afraid of the quality of the pickups and although you can get better, they are solid, without much noise and very versatile. In my ears, the neck pickup is the more usable one. To get nice sounds from the bridge pickup you have to roll off the tone knob at least to 7 or 6. If you roll off the tone knob completely in both pickups you get a very dull muddy sound, so it's not very usable in this position, but you can dial in some nice tones. Again, very little noise which is really cool. If you play with low gains, feedback is not really an issue either.

What I didn't like?
Well, first of all, the build quality is poor. I was surprised since a lot of reviews praised the build quality. My guitar was unplayable out of the box - it had a buzzing D string and the 12th fret on the high E string was muted due to a higher 13th fret. Removing the strings and using a string rocker I found that each fret was in a different height (!) and I had to level all frets and recrown them to get to a playable state. This eliminated both the buzzing and the problem with the 12th fret. The fret edges are sharp and the frets were not nicely polished. In addition, both the strings and the neck were extremely dry. I know this is a low cost instrument but if I compare it to a Sire U5 bass I have that costs a bit less and made in Indonesia, it is in a totally different level. If I was a beginner and this was my first guitar it would discourage me. New guitars should be playable, period!
There was also a rattle noise in the body and after shaking it upright, a piece of wood fell out of the f-holes. Hope this wasn't something important :-)

The neck itself is straight which is good but it is not a C shaped neck. Towards the 12th fret it is more a D shape than a C shape. The finish on the neck feels satin-like and the neck is comfortable.

As for hardware, the tuners are solid, the bridge looks good and the guitar intonates nicely. The toggle is a bit of a low quality and can shift positions unintentionally easily. The knobs look nice although they are made of cheap plastic and have some rough edges. Same goes for the pickguard which is not sanded enough and has some rough edges.

The finish on the guitar is a matter of taste. The body looks okay I suppose but the neck feels plastically with a thick layer of wood filler plus the paint coat. It has a satin-like feel, but doesn't look that good. You can mistake this for being made out of plastic.

To summarize, after fixing the neck I think I have a guitar that I will enjoy for years. It is a cool guitar and has its own vibe. Although this is a low cost instrument I think I should have gotten a better assembled one. There are definitely better quality instruments at this price point. I wish Epiphone would have an in-between line between the cheap Chinese instruments and the pricey USA made ones (like Fender has).


Great player with nothing to be ashamed of
Mattblues 01.03.2021
I own a home studio. As of this moment I have 49 guitars. I bought this one to see if I'd enjoy the 330/Casino format. I like to buy a lot of mid-range guitars so that I can easily recommend a great instrument to people on various budgets.

I have had 7 Epiphones in total. Before the re-make of the brand in 2020, they were more miss than hit. Just wasn't really satisfied with any of their products, especially the Les Pauls. I have an ES-335 pro by them which is a wall-hanger because it's so bad.

These 2020 onwards ones? WOW! Just absolutely mind-blowing.

So on to the new Casino - First of all - it's LOUD unplugged. It can overpower a Martin D-18 while soloing unplugged!
Playability is flawless. No sharp frets, no quality issues, not a single issue anywhere on the entire instrument.
Beautiful P90 sound, and the guitar truly sings.

You might have issues controlling the feedback as is to be expected with a hollowbody.

Very balanced, lightweight guitar, no dive at all. The satin finish is obviously a preference - feels great and the neck is comfortable. Very good for fingerstyle playing, but also a good straight up rocker.

Overall this guitar has become one of my main ones in 3 months. I play it more often than many high-end guitars, Gibsons included.
Highly recommend this guitar.


Great value
Exiile 02.01.2023
I have previously owned an Epiphone Riviera (sadly involved in a headstock snapping accident) and a Gretsch Streamliner both of which performed well but both of which left something to be desired either in weight/comfort or in the limited sound palate.

This hollow bodied guitar takes care of the first as it is very light and also is sufficiently loud enough to be played acoustically on the sofa. The "worn" finish is not for everyone and the olive drab is not a colour you would normally associate with guitars but it is striking and the worn aspect means that the odd marks from playing or small accidents simply blend into a vintage feel.

The guitar arrived pretty well set up with Gibson strings, frets nicely finished and the general construction was excellent.

Playing set up takes some effort though. The two P90's deliver strong output with separate tone/volume controls but, no matter where I set them on a clean channel, there was a slight bass led muffling of the sound. It was only when I altered settings on my Spark amp that started to get some really excellent clear and defined notes.

After that, the guitar delivers everything from acoustic, through light jazz and rockabilly into a whole palate of distortion led rock sounds. Incidentally, I did not experience any of the feedback issues I had been warned about although I was only playing this at home through the Spark.

For the price I found the guitar to over achieve on its promise and, once you spend some time finding the right settings for your output, you will find it a versatile, comfortable and powerful guitar for your collection


B.Col 04.04.2022
After all the hype I thought it was going to be great, sadly for me it didn’t live up to expectations.. there was a fault with the binding but that aside it just felt and looked cheap… it was returned…


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