Elektron Model:Samples


6 Track Groovebox and Sampler

  • 6 Audio tracks (can also be used as MIDI tracks)
  • 6 Velocity sensitive pads
  • 96 Projects
  • 96 Patterns per project
  • Sample playback engine
  • Multimode filter
  • Freely assignable LFO and sequencer (up to 64 steps) per track
  • Delay and Reverb
  • Real-time and Step input of notes and parameters
  • 64 MB sample memory
  • 1 GB of memory
  • 1x 6.3 mm jack headphone output
  • 2x 6.3 mm TRS jack output
  • 3.5 mm standard audio minijack (TRS) for MIDI In
  • 3.5 mm standard audio minijack (TRS) for MIDI Out / Thru
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 270 x 180 x 40 mm (including buttons and rubber feet)
  • Weight: approx. 0.814 kg
  • Includes PSU-4 power adapter, USB cable and MIDI adapter (5-pin to 3.5 mm TRS mini-jack)
  • Suitable case: Art.492899 (not included)
Available since January 2019
Item number 457085
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Sound Synthesis Digital
Pads 6
Effects Yes
Bass No
Display Yes
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru
Number of analog outputs 2
Headphone Connector Yes
Mains Operation Yes
Battery Operation No
Footswitch connection 0
Extras None
Shape Desktop
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106 Reviews

Love this thing. Swapped my DT for this. No regerts.
allandbyallo 27.11.2020
I love my M:S!

- closer to one knob per function than DT
- easy to use out the box
- i'm far more productive with it than i was with the DT
- smells like success
- is not a horse (little known fact: horses are not good drum machines)
- not made for long form samples, but i've had some fun doing weird things to disco loops (just gotta keep the tempo the same as how you bounce em out the DAW, though)

- tiny screen. when you transfer folders of sample over it's impossible to see the date of the transfer folder, so you just have to count and guess...
- i miss the 2 extra audio channels that the DT has
- no individual outs so i have to hard pan kick/the rest and work in mono to use my outboard compressor w/sidechain
- midi control is not amazing but i don't use it for that.

People say the pads are not that responsive and they're not wrong, but I am perfectly fine with how they... respond.

Anyway I think it's amazing for the price and a great introduction to Elektron sequencer/workflow.


ptr 11.03.2019
I was looking for a small but powerful groovebox that was easy to use, and this fits the bill perfectly.

6 tracks that can each either handle audio (samples) or midi output, 64 step sequencer with unique length and scale settings per track. Knob for every function, parameter locks, per-track or ctrl-all parameters. Chance parameters. Far from being a "toy", there's a lot of powerful stuff in here - but it's all accessible. It's missing the Sample Locks of the Digitakt and Octatrack, but that can be worked around with sample chains, as the Sample Start and Length parameters can be locked per step.

It comes with 300 factory samples preloaded, and you can load sample packs or your own sounds - this needs to be done from a Mac/PC as you can't record direct. The class-compliant USB connection has stereo-out - pity it's not 6 tracks out - but you can easily mute tracks if you need to record each separately.

Super-light (800g!) and smaller than a 12" laptop - very easy to carry around (you'd probably want to put it in a sleeve, as it is plastic with knobs sticking out).

Very happy with my choice.

Edit: a recent firmware update added Sample Locks! Fantastic! Extra star for features for that.


Great sampler!
AndreaCic 07.04.2022
I really like my Elektron devices. The combination of Model:Samples with Digitakt is super creative. The great thing is that, even with basic knowledge of the two, you can already come far in creating interesting drums and melodies. However, I also notice that, once you get deeper into programming, you can get even more fun out of them. It invites you to do something new instead of always programming the same thing you are used to. Every time, I'm surprised by what can come out of it and by how all-round the machines are.

Lately, I really started to like Model:Samples for creating melodies. I record samples from my modular synth or from the arturia_official V collection, which I then sample into new melodies. The downside is that the pads are not that nice as the Digitakt, but you can adjust them in velocity. But for the price you get a really nice machine!


Well done Elektron
Winkelkerre 10.04.2020
I've been wanting to get hands on with Elektron gear for a long time and a while ago it finally happened, I bought a Digitakt. After months of research I was sure that was going to be the perfect Elektron machine to start with. Unfortunately I was wrong. Although I liked it, it was a bit too much menu diving and too little playing for me and in the end I ended up selling it again.

But then came the model:samples (a simpler version of the digitakt), could that be the one?

YES! For now this is exactly the Elektron device I was looking for.
Parameter locks, Sample locks, CTRL ALL function for happy accidents.

And waaaay deeper than it appears to be!

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