Electro Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb

Effect Pedal

  • 11 Different types of reverb: Hall, Spring, Plate, Reverse, Echo, Trem, Mod, Dyna, Auro-INF, Shim and Poly
  • Tails switch: determines whether the reverb will fade out naturally or stop immediately when the pedal is set to bypass
  • Easy access to powerful 'hidden' parameters through secondary controller mode
  • Able to create an infinite reverb that can be played in most settings
  • Controls: EFX Level - Time - Tone
  • Mode switches
  • Reverb type switch
  • LED
  • Effect bypass
  • Connections: Input (6.3mm jack) - Output (6.3mm jack) - Infinite foot switch Input (6.3mm stereo jack) - 9 V DC power supply connector (hollow plug socket 5.5 x 2.1 mm - negative pole inside)
  • Includes 9 V DC power supply unit
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 114 x 70 x 53 mm

Note: Battery operation is not possible

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Audio Examples

  • Hazey Off/On
  • Blues Off/On
  • Bluesbass Off/On
  • Country Off/On
  • E-Piano Off/On
  • Fretless Off/On
  • Funk Off/On
  • Jazz Off/On
  • Progressive Off/On
  • Rockabilly Off/On
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Further Information

Analog No
Battery Operation No
PSU included Yes
Ki- / bemeneti konfiguráció Stereo be / stereo ki
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A great all around reverb
Shejv, 16.08.2019
I bought this pedal after reading a lot of about it online and hearing that it's the best new thing, and honestly, it didn't disappoint.
It is my first standalone reverb so obviously I can't say it sounds better or worse than some other offerings, but it offers so much at this price point.
The plate and room reverbs sound great, and are what I mostly use. The secondary controls stay the same when set so you can set those ahead of time and just change the dial when you need a different setup (as well as the level, time and tone which can be easily adjusted). Here, though, is where you realize the drawback. If you want multiple types of reverb in one song, it can be a bit impractical to have to crouch down and change the mode via the selector, even more so if you have to change secondary parameters.
Thankfully, for some options which have heavily customizable parameters there are a few modes which all store their settings, so you can cycle between them if you need "hand presets" on the fly.
Shimmer verb also sounds great, can be a bit overpowering but it's all in the way you use it. Dyna modes are great for auto-swelling and some other niche uses. Echo is nice to stack with another delay. Poly is also really interesting but I think it's a "set up and use maybe once per set" type of thing. Mod stuff is also nice as an option for people who aren't huge fans of modulation (such as myself).
The auto infinite mode as well as the "hold for infinite reverb" switch is really great, I can totally see myself using it in a live context for some textures or song transitions. Great inclusion.
I'm mostly using it in a home studio setting currently, so I'm pretty blown away by the quality of the sound and the features.
However, I am concerned that if/when I start gigging, the usability will pose a bit of a problem. A secondary footswitch for a "favorite" setting like the Harley Benton D-Seed delay would be amazing. I do believe the best option will be to set up a few most used sounds and just switch between them on song breaks.
Overall, very impressed with this package, and blown away that you get so much for not that much money (compared to some other reverbs). It's probably my favorite pedal currently for inspiration and jamming. If you're looking for an all around great sounding reverb and can forgive it's awkward usability, I would definitely recommend trying it out.
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A toy ? Maybe, but an honestly good one!
padh, 01.02.2020
This one has bad critics around me. "A toy for newbies" or so they say. Well I have been playing guitar for 40 years ans if it might sound true for many EHX products, I still find this Ocean 11 a really fun one, sometimes spectacular, and always enjoyable. And it is very good for the price tag (a quarter of the Strymon Big Sky's price)
I use this manly for shimmer and dripping spring reverb but find the other sound less usable with a clean guitar mainly because of some unnatural end tails. I sometimes use this with a second almost quiet hall or plate reverb after this one, to blur successfully some harshness in the sound.
They are also some unique types of reverb, the kind seldom found elsewhere and I must confess I still can't master the wealth of multi function controls without keeping the manual close.
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Great little powerful reverb
Graziano P, 25.05.2020
Eleven (11) types of reverb (many of which also have alternative modes) in a compact pedal.
The quality of the reverbs is very good, as is the general build quality.
The pedal has 4 potentiometers, but in reality, it is possible to access secondary "hidden" functions, as if it had 6 knobs.
The pedal requires 150mA to be powered (it is sold with a power supply) and has an input for a switch capable of activating infinite reverberation (which can also be activated with the integrated switch).
In this price range, a valid alternative could be the TC Electronics Hall of Fame 2 which is stereo. But the EHX Oceans 11 offers more possibilities for experimenting with reverbs.
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Great sounding and versatile pedal
Archion, 17.05.2020
As the name says it has 11 different reverbs, 2 of them are combinations with other effects (delay and tremolo). The latter one I have used quite a lot. The spring reverb sounds really drippy, although doublestomping the footswitch to make a sound of a kicked sptring tank is quite fimmicky. The shimmer reverb sounds also very good, not too sharp, not too dull.
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